Coventry v Hartpury College – choose your fantasy 2016 Cov team…

The team to play Hartpury College at home on Saturday has already been selected.

Supporters don’t get to find out the make-up of the match day squad until John Wilkinson makes it public on the website, usually on a Thursday morning. For anyone who isn’t a regular reader of the blog, then it might be of interest: Continue reading “Coventry v Hartpury College – choose your fantasy 2016 Cov team…”

Back to the future…

In October of last year, long time Cov supporter Rob Moody was kind enough to lend me his collection of season tickets going all the way back to the 1960-61 season. The resulting post, ‘A man for all seasons’ was one of the most enjoyable to write and brought back many memories going back to my early childhood.

A man for all seasons…

In the final game of the pre-season, Rob handed me a rather ordinary looking  plastic bag of no great size and suggested that I might be able to make use of the contents. He had a twinkle in his eye and a smile on his face, so I knew it was going to be something of interest…and I wasn’t disappointed.

Rob is clearly something of a hoarder, as I confess I am. However, whereas I just throw things in boxes and condemn them to the loft for the rest of eternity, Rob is far more organised. In the bag were a large number of Coventry Rugby Supporters’ Club “News Sheets”, reaching as far back as the very first edition produced in September 1960.

I have to say, I’ve been rather nervous about just handling them, such is their age and, most probably, rarity. There can’t be many copies of these left and their importance to the history of the club shouldn’t be understated.

And before I share with you some of the gems that are included within these news sheets, perhaps it would be apposite here to make a serious comment, one that I hope is already in the minds of the Board of Coventry Rugby Club… Continue reading “Back to the future…”

Cov respond to the RFU’s proposed salary cap…confessionals…a ‘burger watch’

rfuLast week I posted about the RFUs plans to impose sweeping wage caps on all leagues below the Championship, with a ceiling on gross player payments for all National 1 teams of £150,000, as outlined in last week’s edition of The Rugby Paper.

Cov to suffer under proposed RFU salary caps…

Whilst these proposals appear to have remained surprisingly low on most Cov supporters’ radar, this Sunday’s TRP has a response from none other than our own Phil Maynard, under the headline ‘Frustrated Maynard vows to fight RFU ‘dictatorship”.

From what PM is suggesting in the article, it would appear that many clubs in National 1 are up in arms at the RFU working party’s recommendations, with PM branding them as ‘naïve and insulting’, presumably a fairly typical response from those clubs looking to gain promotion into the Championship and who fear that this is another RFU attempt to ring fence the top two ties of national league rugby, this time through the back door. Continue reading “Cov respond to the RFU’s proposed salary cap…confessionals…a ‘burger watch’”

Black day in Blackheath…

combustionIn one of my more prophetic posts, yesterday I suggested that ‘Cov are currently on fire and it will take a strong Blackheath performance to douse the flames this afternoon’.

Cov were certainly red-hot, but rather than Blackheath feeling the heat, it was very much a case of self-immolation, especially in the second half when I can’t recall a single occasion in which we entered their final 40m.

Maybe not even self-immolation come the final whistle…with Cov conceding two of the softest tries possible in the final few minutes, it was more a case of spontaneous combustion. Continue reading “Black day in Blackheath…”

Fanning the flames…

There are those who apparently believe that Blackheath got its name from its association with the plague, or Black Death, of 1665. The area was used to bury the dead, so the land in which the pits were dug became known as Black Heath or Blackheath, as it is now.
And after the Black Death came the Great Fire of London in 1666.
I strongly hope that Coventry will be commemorating the latter event by starting a conflagration of it’s own…following their 9 try romp last weekend, Cov are currently on fire and it will take a strong Blackheath performance to douse the flames this afternoon.
And with a coach load of supporters making their way down to Blackheath, maybe it’s a question of them ‘fan’ning those flames. (Sorry…).

Continue reading “Fanning the flames…”