You Spin It Round…

All I know is that to me
You look like you’re lots of fun
Open up your lovin’ arms
I want some, want some

Dead or Alive – You Spin Me Round

Sad to hear of the death of Pete Burns yesterday.


If I live to be the same age as Pete,  I’ve got just ten posts left.

9 after this.

I have to say I was never the greatest fan of Stock, Aitken Waterman but they knew how to produce a hit song. Over 100 top 40 hits to be more precise.

But Burns had started in a group (The Mystery Girls) with Julian Cope who was to later form the brilliant The Teardrop Explodes, so he has that going for him at least.

And Burns’ Dead or Alive (no option available to him any more, then?) will be best remembered for their No 1 hit ‘You Spin Me Round’…SAW’s very first no 1.

…and if you’re looking for a connection with Coventry RC, however tenuous it might prove to be, then there it is. Replace ‘Me’ with ‘It’ and you’ve got Cov’s new anthem under Rowland Winter…

‘You Spin It Round’ – the new game plan that sees the ball  spun from left to right, at such a quick tempo…rugby to make you dizzy when played at its best.

Dead or alive. It’s how Cov want to play their rugby.

I want some. Want some. Continue reading “You Spin It Round…”

On playing it safe, a Titan returns and the result of Saturday’s poll…

One of the things that made Saturday’s game so enjoyable for me was the fact that, pretty much from the first whistle, Coventry were happy to run the ball from deep whenever they got the opportunity in an attempt to  play the expansive, attacking rugby that we’ve come to expect when at home – although sadly not yet on our travels!

As well as the 3 tries we scored against Plymouth, we could (and should) have had a further 3 tries from moves beginning deep into our own half had it not been for a couple of forward passes or, in one instance, no pass at all.

At home, Cov do try to play an exciting brand of rugby which is always compelling to watch; such a change from the rather lacklustre rugby we were watching this time last season, other than a couple of games in early November. Back then, if we won, we tended to have to grind out the result and the free-flowing rugby that we’re beginning to get used to at the BPA this season was noticeable by its absence. Continue reading “On playing it safe, a Titan returns and the result of Saturday’s poll…”

Coventry v Plymouth – an experience worth sharing…

Sometimes there is a fine line between winning and losing.

In yesterday’s game against Plymouth, it was pencil thin.

A 4H pencil at that.

And whilst there will rightly be lots of concerns expressed about a Coventry second half performance in which we almost contrived to lose a game that we were 26-5 up in at half time, the positives will always outweigh the negatives for me.

And the biggest positive of all…?

Having conceded a penalty in the last  2 minutes of normal time to go 31-33 down, we kept our heads and played 5 or 6 of the best minutes of rugby of its kind I’ve seen Cov play for a long time.

In past seasons, more often than not the game would have been over at that point, but there was no evidence of panic or of players unable to cope with the occasion. After another piece of individual skill from James Stokes, we worked the ball left and right around their 22, and after several phases of play Plymouth, desperate to stem the Coventry tide of possession, infringed in front of their posts and Will Maisey duly kicked us into a one point lead.

To huge cheers.

But Cov still had a bit to do. Continue reading “Coventry v Plymouth – an experience worth sharing…”

Cov’s Man of the Match vs Plymouth

Will the outcome of this blog poll to determine Cov’s Man of the Match against Plymouth agree with that of the sponsors for the second week running?

If you were at the game and would like to take part, all you need to do is click on the circle next to the player who is your choice of Man of the Match. The software only allows one vote, although you can change your mind provided you do so before clicking on the ‘Vote’ button.

The more people who participate, the more accurate an indication it is of who supporters who have voted for…

Please give it a go.

Results on Monday.

Many thanks,


The club’s website, today’s game, the ‘man of the match poll’, this afternoon’s live updates…

One of the most heartening things to result from the appointment of Rowland Winter at the BPA, outside of purely rugby matters, is the near total transformation in the way the club now interacts with its supporters.

Last night’s training session is an excellent example – not only are supporters encouraged to pop along, when they do they are always made welcome and provided with opportunities to chat to Rowland Winter and ask the questions that they’ve always wanted to ask, but have never had the opportunity to do so, other than at an annual members’ forum…presuming they are members, of course.

It might well have been that training sessions were open to supporters last season but if it that was the case, then it certainly wasn’t publicised. Continue reading “The club’s website, today’s game, the ‘man of the match poll’, this afternoon’s live updates…”