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Suggestion Box….

I thought long and hard about posting this, but having read and re-read what I’ve written several times, I don’t think it can be construed in any way as being critical of […]

Mid-week musing

Scott Morgan’s comments in yesterday’s Coventry Evening Telegraph following the London Welsh game  (Coventry Evening Telegraph) suggest he was very pleased with much of Coventry’s performance on Saturday, citing the only real difference […]

Fan or Fanatic?

It’s interesting how supporters can become obsessive about their team, whatever the sport. I don’t mean that in an unhealthy, neurotic sort of way, but rather in an addictive, habit forming sense, […]

New blinds show vision

An interesting and informative Fans Forum was well attended yesterday evening, with some 120 supporters present. Jon Sharp, Phil Maynard, Scott Morgan and Cliffie Hodgson all spoke, together with Tom Little who gave […]