‘Men of the Match’ poll v Saracens (a) – results

First of all, a big thank you to everyone who took part in the poll. I was expecting far fewer to get involved but I’ve been (very pleasantly) surprised by the numbers  – less than on a normal match day but not by a great deal which speaks volumes for the interest the game generated amongst Cov supporters.

With three votes per person on offer, I thought they’d be spread a little more evenly across the match day squad and whilst to an extent this was the case, 4 players still managed to attract the majority of votes.

The results were as follows:

1st Ryan Burrows – 18%

2nd Nic Dolly – 17%

3rd Kieran Wilkinson – 15%

4th Nile Dacres  –12%

(with a special mention in despatches to Luc Jeannot and Tom Emery).

Burrows seems to appear at, or near, the top of every poll he appears in, with Dacres not too far behind.

That said, it is particularly heartening to see how Dolly and Wilkinson, two of the younger squad members, appear to have already impressed so early on in the season and whilst we might not see them much beyond May, they are already making their mark which bodes well for when the Championship kicks off on the 6th March against Bedford.

However, this poll shouldn’t take anything away from the fact that Saturday’s performance against Saracens was very much a team effort and although the above players clearly stood out for many, every player wearing the Cov shirt gave it their all that day. If we can take the same commitment and work rates into the season proper, we should prove to be a hard team to beat, no matter who the opposition is.

Once again…many, many thanks to all those who polled.

Tim S.


Any thoughts:

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