‘Men’ of the Match v Saracens (a) – 20/02/21

I thought it might be interesting to conduct a ‘Men’ of the Match poll for the Saracens game given that there will be a goodly number of Coventry supporters watching the game live today.

With few, if any, players likely to be be on the pitch for anything like the full 80 minutes, singling out just the one as a ‘man of the match’ wouldn’t be fair, so I’ve changed the format somewhat for this pre-season friendly so as to allow the opportunity to select players who impressed rather than opting for the one  outstanding ‘man of the match’.

If you’d like to take part you have up to three votes to cast for those Cov players who particularly caught your eye, three players whom you felt left their mark on the game for whatever reasons, even if they were only on for 20 minutes and making their debuts, but who did particularly well in your opinion.

Often with the more straightforward ‘man of the match’ polls, it’s fairly clear who the main contender(s) will be even as the whistle blows for full-time, but with the far less rigid guidelines here, it should become rather more open, especially with 3 nominations per supporter.

So, definitely not a ‘man of the match’ poll in the usual Cov Blog sense but a match day poll nevertheless.

Given it’s an away game, there will be far fewer supporters taking part than for a regular home league fixture, but there should be enough to make it an interesting exercise in itself.

I’ll publish the results midweek and keep it open until Monday evening.

Just click in the square box to the left of the players you are selecting, remembering you have a maximum of 3 choices. Once you’ve made your selections, scroll down to the bottom of the poll and click on ‘Vote’.

Job done.

Many thanks in advance to those taking part.

Up the Cov.

Any thoughts:

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