Live Streaming – 2021/22 Season?

And love is such a small word
For something that is so vast
But in it lies the future
The present and the past

And speaking now of changes
I sometimes feel the fear
That the reason for the meaning
Will even disappear

I need you to help me carry on
You need me need you need him need everyone…

Lindisfarne – The January Song

I just wanted to take this opportunity to acknowledge Coventry Rugby Club’s generous decision to offer free live streaming of its pre-season  games to supporters as ‘a gesture of thanks from us for the support you showed over the summer by booking a Season Ticket back in June at a time when the club was in a serious predicament‘.

And a time when Cov’s finances must still be precarious in the extreme, I had fully expected the club to charge a fee to live stream these games direct to a home computer or web-connected TV and I certainly wouldn’t have quibbled had it done so.

Supporters are well aware of the pressures placed on all Championship Clubs at the moment and whilst many have already helped Cov through the purchase of season tickets, lottery tickets and club merchandise, I think most assumed there would be some cost involved in watching the Jersey/Saracens games (I’m presuming the Jersey game will be streamed???).

I know these are tough times for all of us and there will be many supporters who have suffered financially and/or otherwise as a result of the pandemic, but Cov supporters have always dug deep when needs must, so for the club to make this available free of charge to those who have pre-purchased Season Tickets is greatly appreciated.

Probably of greater significance is the fact that it now seems that the technology to live stream games is available to all Championship clubs, so I was wondering if Cov was considering a ‘Season Ticket Plus’ option?  For, say, an extra £80 on top of the cost of a Season Ticket, would it be possible to include live streaming of all away games (or a percentage thereof if some clubs weren’t in a position to offer it). The additional payment over and above the cost of the standard Season Ticket payment could then be shared amongst those teams offering the streaming service.

There are a lot of supporters for whom the cost of travel, entrance to the ground and additional costs incurred (food, drink, programme etc) make away games prohibitive, so this would be a much cheaper way of following the team away from the BPA without actually attending the games. For those who travel to some, but not all, of the away games there could even be an option to buy a pack of 3/5/7 games…

There will always be a strong contingent of away support, so I don’t think this would impact negatively on the great work done by the CRSC, although I appreciate it might affect numbers tuning in to CWR to listen to Alec Blackman and co.

If the club is looking to develop its funding streams, this could be one way of so doing – maybe not the most lucrative idea on the table admittedly, but one that might well prove popular with supporters, particularly those who can’t commit themselves to regular Saturday afternoons but who have time  elsewhere in the week to sit down and supporter their team.

Just a thought…

And besides, it’s a chance to get back to the blog, even if it is just a one-off.

Wishing everyone health and happiness in these most testing of times.



I need you to help me carry on
You need me need you need him need everyone…

Lindisfarne – January Song (LIVE 1987) – YouTube


6 thoughts on “Live Streaming – 2021/22 Season?

  1. Hi Richard…agree that gates shouldn’t be affected too much and those who prefer to watch from home would still be contributing, albeit not quite so much. Uptake for away games could be significant I guess?

    Thank you for your kind words. Under lockdown I’ve listened to so much more music…spoiled for choice at the moment!

    Hope you are getting through this ok…

  2. Hi Tim – Welcome back! Albeit in one-off mode at present. You’ve been missed. Like others, I welcome the live streaming and agree with you that many supporters would be willing to pay the extra. If all matches were streamed on a pay per view basis it could become an important extra source of income. Hopefully gates would not be affected too much, as most supporters prefer the live action and atmosphere. I know I do. Current resources must be stretched to the limit.
    As ever, your musical inspiration is impressive!
    Thanks Richard

  3. Hi Trev….good to hear from you, too. Hope all is well with you and yours. Easter certainly seems to be a time of hope…how ironic is that? To be honest, I probably wouldn’t want to mix too often in larger crowds until the start of next season just to give time for more folk to have had the vaccine and the virus to have died back rather more than it will have done by then. Still, at least they’ll be some rugby to watch….

  4. Good to hear from you again after all the torrid time for your family at the New Year.Great News, to be able to read your blog again certainly a nice gesture from club to live show the friendlies later in February live.
    Probably not bad idea too possibly much safer sitting indoors away at age of 66 virus has certainly not fizzed out.Surely the nation will be free to some normality near Easter! Thats surely when supporters will be able to mix a lot safer, well lets all hope so.
    Wishing you well stay safe,best wishes

  5. Yes, I do appreciate some of us are in a better position than others but at least this idea would allow some supporters the chance to watch away games when otherwise they might be excluded.

  6. Great to hear from you Tim, and I agree with your sentiments about streaming of matches. I’d said I would pay but I appreciate not everyone is on my position. Keep safe and let’s look forward with excitement… wishes to you and yours!

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