The Cov Blog Player of the Season Award – 2019/20

With the season now officially at a close, I thought it would be a good idea to tie up a few loose ends on the playing front over the next few days, starting with a poll to determine the Cov Blog’s Unofficial ‘Player of the Season‘.

With things coming to such an abrupt halt, at the moment it seems unlikely the club will be running its own supporters’ award, but if it does, then it will have to be in a form different to that of previous years when supporters have had the chance to vote through the CRSC or via a paper ballot during the last home game of the season.

And with there being no prospect of an Awards’ Dinner now being held for months rather than weeks, this is at least an opportunity for readers of the blog to cast their votes online. I have checked with the CRSC to make sure there are no immediate plans for anything similar so, as far as I’m aware, I’m not treading on any toes with this.

Whilst the result of the poll will be very much an unofficial one, it will give an indication of sorts as to the player supporters feel has been the most influential this season. And unlike the MVP Christmas poll, this one is very much about performances out on the pitch in the Championship during the 2019/20 campaign and nothing else.

Any player who has played at least one game in the Championship this season can be nominated for the award and the winner will be announced via the blog a week today.

A number of Cov players have impressed this me this season, whether it be new faces like Rory Jennings and Ryan Burrows, one of the youngsters making his mark in the first team like Dan Lewis and Luc Jeannot, or even one of the senior pros such as Phil Boulton or Ben Nutley. However, how you choose to vote is entirely up to you.

Just as a reminder, last season George Oram scooped the CRSC Supporters’ Club Award for Player of the Season and Jack Ram won the Players’ Player of the Season Award.

As is always the case with polls on this blog, all you need to do is scroll down the list of players until you reach the one you are voting for, click the circle against his name and then confirm your choice by clicking on VOTE at the bottom of the list.

Players should appear in a random order each time the poll is viewed as I didn’t want to be seen to be favouring one player over another.

Unlike the MVP poll, you only have one choice, so please use it wisely!

Very many thanks for taking part, as always.

Stay safe…

Tim S

(The list of players below includes only those players credited by Statbunker with having made at least one appearance, full or otherwise, for Coventry Rugby this season.)


Any thoughts:

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