Coventry Rugby to become a model club…

They laugh at me, these fellas,
Just because I am small
They laugh at me because I’m not hundred feet tall!
I tell ’em there’s a lot to learn down here on the ground
The world is big, but little people turn it around!

Les Miserables – Little People

In a week where good news is at something of a premium, I thought I’d share with you details of how to obtain a memento of the current 2019/20 season which would make an ideal present for any supporter of Coventry Rugby, big or small.


Purely by chance , I happened to come across a similar design for the Coventry City strip on Twitter a few weeks ago, so I took a punt and got in touch with a lovely chap called Martin and asked whether it would be possible to have something similar done – only for Cov Rugby.

A kind of one off commission.

He asked me to forward some photos of the two strips, together with any other requests I might have and to leave the rest with him. I guess if I’d wanted it, I could have had the home strip, back and front rather than the home and away, for instance.

And this is what he came up with, although I should add Martin is the one who oversees the orders and not the person who actually creates them as far as I understand it.

DSC06259The replicas of the current home and away kit (2019/20) are incredibly detailed, even down to the Cov badge which has been painstakenly recreated.  The boots would come in black as standard, but I asked for two different colours as that seems to be the way in the modern game.

The frame measures just 19 cms by 19 cms, so it is relatively small and it comes with a hook attached to the reverse should you want to hand it on a wall, as I have mine.

And to say I’m delighted with the end result would be an understatement.

It looks great and everyone who has seen it has, without exception, made extremely positive comments.

The more eagle-eyed amongst you will notice that the ‘K’ of ‘Skins’ isn’t quite as it should be in this prototype, but this is something of a test sample – any future purchases will see that corrected. (I love the uniqueness of mine –  a collector’s collector’s item so-to-speak.)

And yes, the person who created this is more than happy to take more orders should there be any demand.

DSC06260At £35, I thought it was really good value given the work that has gone in to it. It takes about 6 weeks from the placing of the order, but with Father’s Day in June and presumably the odd birthday in between, it might be something that would appeal as a gift to anyone who regards themselves as a genuine Cov supporter.

UPDATE: I have spoken to Martin since writing this – he confirms he can post to anywhere in the UK for £4. However, the cost for the display unit is £38; I bought 3 but sadly my maths wasn’t up to the challenge.

Delivery is by hand direct from Martin  – he lives in the Eastern Green area of Coventry, so he’ll be local to most. If there is a problem, I could pick them up and post them on should you live further afield and not want to miss out.

If you would like to know more, just direct message me via twitter (@Cowshedtim) or via email ( and I’ll forward to you Martin’s contact details.

And before anyone asks, no I’m not taking any sort of cut!!!

I just a) think it’s a lovely looking thing and b) want to support someone locally who is showing a bit of enterprise.

It’s also something that I imagine would sell well in the club shop…had I seen it them I’m sure would have bought at least one as a Christmas gift, probably more (and dropped a fair few hints about wanting one for myself ;)).

I know a number of people collect Cov memorabilia so this might be something that one or two might want to add to their collections.

And there you have it – I just thought I share it with you and test the waters, as it were.

Up the Cov.



I’ve actually read Les Miserables (under duress I have to say) and the stage production is the only West End musical I’ve ever seen  – and stunning it was too.

In some respects, stuck in National One a couple of years back, Coventry Rugby was one of the little people…

…which does indeed show what the little people can do.

Goliath was a bruiser who was tall as the sky.
But David threw a right and gave him one in the eye.
I never read the Bible but I know that it’s true
It only goes to show what little people can do!




































3 thoughts on “Coventry Rugby to become a model club…

  1. heres the legal hoo hah that upset Newcasle Falcons this is todays news which has brought a solemn response from Falcons…………-
    Newcastle Falcons notes with disappointment the comments of Ealing Trailfinders director of rugby Ben Ward, in which he raised the prospect of a legal challenge to the outcome of the ongoing RFU review into promotion from the Greene King IPA Championship.

    With Newcastle currently 18 points clear at the top of the table and having won all 15 of their games, the RFU on Friday announced the remainder of the league season would be cancelled in light of the Covid-19 pandemic.

    The RFU committed to ‘a thorough process to ensure fair and balanced outcomes for the game’ which intends to conclude by mid-April, but in a front-page article in Sunday’s Rugby Paper, Ward said: “We are taking counsel at the moment from a legal perspective as to what our position is.”

    Newcastle Falcons director of rugby Dean Richards said: “At a time of national crisis we should be focusing all our attention on helping the most vulnerable, both within our own organisations and in wider society, rather than instructing legal representation.

    “The RFU have publicly committed to a review to decide the outcome of the league, and we had intended keeping a respectful silence to avoid any suggestion of influencing this process.

    “However, with Ealing actively choosing to use the front page of a national publication to dangle the possible threat of legal action against this review, we no longer feel able to keep quiet.”

    Richards added: “Difficult decisions have to be made in these unprecedented times, when people’s lives and livelihoods are being lost. If Ealing’s primary concern is whether they can bridge the 18-point gap between our two teams to gain promotion, then that reflects very poorly on them considering everything else going on in the world right now.

    “Instead of spending money on legal counsel we will be directing it to those who need it most, and while Ealing might point out that their game in hand is against the bottom club in Yorkshire Carnegie, it should be considered that we also have a home game against Yorkshire Carnegie as one of our seven remaining matches.

    “We have won all 15 of our league games this season, beating every single team in the division, including a bonus-point victory away to Ealing in a match which saw them gaining no points in the standings. Our players and supporters have been outstanding all season, in a huge collective effort.

    “Ealing, meanwhile, have lost two and drawn one of their 14 games in the league despite having played a game less than us, and their remaining eight fixtures would have seen them playing against the two teams who have already defeated them – ourselves and Cornish Pirates.

    “We fully appreciate that having an RFU review to decide the outcome of the season is not a perfect situation, but these are not perfect times.

    “Anyone with any sense of reason or fairness can see what should happen, but rather than using the pages of a national publication to discuss legal action we will just allow this process to reach a logical conclusion.

    “There are more important focuses for our attention and resources at this incredibly testing time, which makes Ealing’s public position all the more distasteful.”

    Trev sums up my feelings wrong time place and out of order under present circumstances.My friend in Jersey passed me the link and info please read people
    judge yourselves stay safe regards to you Tim.

  2. Hi Trev, the scenario you paint is a desperate one indeed and there must be a lot of Premiership Chairmen very worried about what lies ahead. Whatever happens, Saracens have to drop down – anything else would be a kick in the teeth to those teams who play by the rules and struggle as a result. Not sure how this is going to all pan out but I do believe the RFU has made the right decision although I imagine the likes of Ealing Rosslyn Park and so on will be awaiting an announcement with a view to consulting their solicitors if Falcons and Richmond get the nod.

    Many thanks for all your interest in the blog and your fantastic support, it is a real fillip. Take care and stay safe.

  3. slightly away from Cov games but you touched on this story Friday with one of your twitter posts.just to follow story on i retyped article from todays Dailly Mail…something you might not have picked up on is perhaps the sponsors no games beeing played,no corporate nosh dinners,wine and dining,who would honestly at this horrid time in life sposor clubs,very difficult with no corporate games meals..the prem debt also very scary stuff.Allianz pulled sponsoshiip of Saracens some time ago……anyhow here we go——Saracens could AVOID relegation in doomsday scenario as a number of clubs could go bust due to lack of income during coronavirus chaos
    The disgraced champions were fined £5.36m and docked 105 league points
    Premiership rugby clubs are facing financial meltdown with no games scheduled
    Most clubs have already ordered their staff to take blanket 25 per cent pay-cuts
    More than one top club might go to the wall in this period due to coronavirus
    Saracens might be saved from Premiership relegation in a doomsday scenario where a clutch of clubs go bust due to a lack of income during the coronavirus chaos.
    But Premiership rugby clubs are facing financial meltdown with no games scheduled for the foreseeable future, and most have already ordered their staff to take blanket 25 per cent pay-cuts.
    Well-placed club sources have expressed fears to Sportsmail that more than one top club might go to the wall in this period where matches are suspended as so many are in a precarious financial positon, with only Exeter making a small profit.

    If that happens Sarries might need to stay up to form a league next year of those that are still in business.

    Based on last year’s accounts Premiership clubs lose around £50m collectively – and that is in a completed season.
    And therefore it is understood that Saracens dropping into the second-tier is not certain yet.

    If all clubs survive this period Newcastle Falcons are set to replace Saracens next season in the Premiership as they are 18 points clear at the top of the second-tier Championship.

    With the RFU cancelling all rugby below the Premiership Newcastle have had no clarity yet over whether they will definitely be promoted – but should go up if enough clubs can ride the storm and form a league.—– that above from Daily Mail today 21st April.

    Trev, went past Fort BPA Today seemed eerie at 3pm,no game not a sole not a sausage or a dog bad luck nice day should have been bumper gate season send off but was not to be.
    can only hope the uk virus figures recede the sooner the better.
    again this just a nice little read and no way detracts away from Tims wonderful Cov coverage.
    everybody take care and hope normality returns in the Autumn if not earlier.

Any thoughts:

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