Tue. Apr 13th, 2021

Just move on up and keep on wishing
Remember your dreams are your only schemes
So keep on pushing take nothing less not even second best
And do not obey you must have your say you can pass the test
Move on up

Curtis Mayfield – Move On Up


Listen to Curtis Mayfield, he knows:

Move on up towards your destination
You may find from time to time complications

Saturday was definitely a complication but, even so, Cov continue to move on up towards their destination.

And as the mists of disappointment and uncertainty begin to clear following Cov’s disappointing showing against promoted side Ampthill last weekend, it’s worth pointing out that even after that defeat, Cov’s performance this season relative to that of last continues to improve, strange as that my seem.

In the corresponding fixture last year against Richmond, the side relegated in April and whose place Ampthill have filled, Cov lost comprehensively 22-5 in what was arguably their worst performance of the 18/19 campaign.

This time around, despite the 19-17 loss and a similarly frustrating display, Cov still picked up a bonus point, taking us 9 points clear of where we were after the equivalent games last season.

For those unfamiliar with the Points Tracker, it does as the title indicates, tracks the points scored this season against the corresponding fixtures last season, thus giving a fairer reflection of the progress, or otherwise, Cov are making in this their second season in the Championship.

Many thanks to my lad Sam for coming up with this and updating it after each game.

The table below details the points earned from each game over the last season and a half(ish)

Date Home/Away Vs 18/19 Points 19/20 Points
12/10/2019 Away Jersey 5 1
19/10/2019 Home Bedford Blues 5 5
27/10/2019 Away Yorkshire Carnegie 0 5
02/11/2019 Away Ealing Trailfinders 1 3
09/11/2019 Home Doncaster Knights 1 4
17/11/2019 Away Newcastle Falcons 0 (L. Irish) 0
21/12/2019 Home Nottingham 2 4
11/01/2020 Away Ampthill 0 (R’mond) 1
Total     14 23

and the table below indicates the points scored home and away.

Home/Away Matches 18/19 Points 19/20 Points
Home 3 8 13
Away 5 6 10
Total 8 14 23

Yes, the Ampthill result was definitely a huge disappointment and a game that we could have and should have won, taking nothing away from Ampthill – they did what they needed to do and did it well.

However, we still picked up a point against the newly promoted side away from home, whereas we failed to do so against the relegated side last season. A consolation prize I guess, but if we’re looking to see progress, 9 points ahead of where we were last season represents a decent return.

Returning home after the game on Saturday, I was as downbeat as most, but a period of reflection is never a bad thing and perhaps the bigger picture is a lot brighter than it might appear just now.

The bar chart below is probably the easiest way to show the difference over the two seasons. The loss last weekend mustn’t detract from the overall improvements being made by Coventry Rugby this season, however disappointing the performance against Ampthill was.













Just thought it would be good to focus on the positives.

Here’s hoping for a big response against London Scottish on Saturday.

Up the Cov.

By Tim

2 thought on “Points Tracker Update – Cov keep moving on up…”
  1. Hi Trevor! Sat evening wasn’t one for much singing, but a few days later and it doesn’t seem quite so bad…a blip, hopefully, and no more. With Cov at home on Sat, Joe Cocker would be an excellent choice ‘With A Little Help From My Friends’ springs to mind. As you say, the players should give a good account of themselves in front of their own fans – that’s certainly what I’m expecting!

  2. Yes spot on again with account, when you have huge aspirations on your travels,hard to take the little knocks set backs on the way.Perhaps that was the banana skin that did finally surface last Saturday.if so we can consign said item into the food garbage dispenser for rest of the season for good,.that would be fine.Points per points in comparisson still rings great news 60% higher still on last season,so you might have been singing Eric Idles always look on bright side of life coming back up M1 last Saturday evening,But if we hammer out great showing this Saturday in front of big crowd sunny afternoon no storms!.By 5 pm you could be singing..Up where we belong ,..by Joe Cocker….(if only we knew what tomorrow brings.I ..could be a lotto millionaire if i knew numbers for Satuday Draw) .should bounce big Satduray in style.wish you well.

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