Sun. Mar 7th, 2021

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By Tim

One thought on “Ampthill v Coventry Rugby – the snaps”
  1. table (1) Falcons 37.(2).Ealing 25.(3) Jersey 25.(4) CP 24.(5).COV 23.(6). Ampthill 20.(7) LS 18.(8).Hartpury 17.(9).Nott 15.(10) Doncaster 13.(11).Bedford 12. (13) YC 1.. CP V YC tomorrow…..very disappointed Tim we could have gone second today sad game from your blow by blow commentary in the text twitter log could see either a DG or conv PEN at anytime in last 2-3 minutes was going to happen..pity on a bally cold freezing blowing day down record slip sliding away by Paul Simon lyrics come to mind.Perhaps we were out thought and underestimated opposition .They seem geared up for kicking game .looking for final kick last few minutes to steal,..cannot also get over other game 92 min Jersey try to win ..perhaps its the omens day everything conspires against you outlook.well nearly made it to 2nd in league but now we down to 5th.wish you well thanks for commentary aand hope you never got frost bite on your i-phone fingers,even my lady surprised we lost to these guys today..Better show four next Saturday hopefully.!Cheers again Tim

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