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11.jpgBoxing Day…and here’s hoping you had a restive, festive Christmas Day and Santa brought you all that you had hoped for.

And the leftovers get eaten up today before they get turned into turkey vol-au-vents in time for the New Year celebrations..

By 3 o’clock I’m sure I’ll be wishing Cov had organised a Boxing Day fixture, if only to escape all the washing up.

And the repeats.

And the charades.

And helping to put together all those instruction-less toys that will drive you made when you do eventually get them to work – but only after you’ve driven several miles to the nearest petrol station to buy the batteries that you thought had come with them when you’d bought them weeks ago.

And Boxing Day almost means it’s Day 2 of the great unveiling and it’s 11th place in the Cov Blog’s Most Valuable Player poll that is up for grabs today.

And this time you voted for:

Adam Peters

Congratulations, Adam.

Adam Peters v London Irish (photo credited to ‘Alarmy’)

For me, this is the first of several surprises over the next few days.

I’d had Adam down as closer to being a top 5er to be honest, such was his impact last season. He was hugely influential in many of Cov’s wins and regularly appeared in the top 4 of this blog’s Man of the Match polls and was Sky’s Man of the match when they visited us last season for the televised game against Yorkshire Carnegie.

In 2018/19, Adam played in 16 of the 22 League fixtures, starting in all but one of them, an indication of just how important he was to the team in our first season back in the Championship.

He was also out for 4 or 5 weeks with a broken hand, so he probably would have played in more had he remained uninjured.

An impressive record, that.

And this season, one in which Rowland Winter has strengthened the back row considerably with the additions of Nayalo, Wallace and Burrows, Adam Peters has still played in all 7 Championship games, starting in all but two of them.

One of the DoRs strengths is his ability to manage his players and even with such depth in the back row, Winter has been able to give plenty of game time to all of them – fortunately, so far it’s an area of the team that hasn’t picked up too many injuries.

RW has said on numerous occasions that he wants mobility in his back row and with Peters he gets that in abundance, too, and even with the likes of Wallace and Nayalo joining Cov this season, it looks like Adam Peters won’t be sidelined.

On signing him from Rotherham Titans, Rowland Winter offered us this insight:

Adam is a big, athletic forward and has regularly shown this season to be a hard-working player with a great skill set. He has played at 4, 6, and 8 and is a very good line-out technician.

He will develop further under Louis Deacon and will be another great addition to our pack.

And it would appear that Louis Deacon and co are more than happy with the progress that he has made since joining Cov, as in February Peters was given an extension of his contact, committing him to Cov until at least the end of the 20/21 campaign.

The exciting thing, or rather one of the many exciting things, about Peters is that he’s still relatively young, turning 25 back in August, so he’s still got his best years ahead of him. I’ve listened to him speak to camera several times post match, and he always comes across as very articulate and at times seems to analyse games more as a coach than as a player…

He is also very appreciative of the crowd at Cov and of the travelling fans  and without fail he always mentions how the players are grateful of their support. He always come across as a genuinely nice guy.

Here he is talking to Chris Wearmouth, I think, immediately after the Ampthil game back in September

Peters’ versatility has been a big asset to Cov since he joined the club, playing at 6, 8 and in the second row where he is a very competent exponent of the lineout.

He reminds me very much of Brett Daynes when he first arrived at Cov – physical and mobile, a player who likes to attack with ball in hand but someone who is always prepared to graft when it’s required. Both are also real assets in the lineout, too. A good clubman (but probably a little less extrovert than Daynesy!).

At one of the games when Adam P was side-lined as a result of the hand injury, I well remember watching him work with some of the minis before a game at the BPA – he was excellent with them and so patient. For some players I can imagine those sorts of obligations must be taxing at times, but AP was a natural with the youngsters.

AP working with the minis – but the more I look the less sure I’ve got the right photo!!!

And just in case you missed it, here’s 15 quick fire questions answered by AP, taken off the official Cov website back in his first season at Cov:

Adam Peters

Age: 23

Place of Birth: High Wycombe

Height: 6’4

Weight: 104kg

Where did you start playing rugby: Beaconsfield RFC

Career highlight to date: Beating Yorkshire Carnegie having lost every other game

Why did you join Coventry: It is an ambitious club with a bright future and it’s a club who are investing in quality players.

What are you most looking forward to at Coventry: Working in a successful, fun, competitive environment.

Tell me something interesting about yourself: I was kept in a prison cell for several hours when I was 12.

If you weren’t playing rugby, what would you be doing: I’d like to think I would be playing golf.

Do you follow any other sports: Yes. Darts, golf and tennis.

Favourite music artist/band: Coldplay

Favourite all time player: Lawrence Dallaglio

Favourite movie: Forrest Gump

Jonny Wilkinson or Dan Carter and why: Jonny Wilkinson for his hard work and constant seek of perfection.

And finally, here is Adam Peters’ YouTube clip for the season before he joined Cov when he was at Rotherham.


So there we have it, Adam Peters in at number 11.

Lower than I’d expected…

…which means there are some pretty interesting selections above him.

The 3rd Day of Christmas tomorrow.

Who’s your money on?

So far then:

Day 2 – Adam Peters

Day 1 – Senitiki Nayalo 

By Tim

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  1. remember years ago boxing day clash local derby was nearly always Moseley Home or Away.Masterly timing down at Bedford today put up battle of Bedfordshire on boxing day, Bed v Ampthill completely sold out on 23rd Dec.Do not turn up at gate today without a ticket.Your Sam done wonders on the stato for pllayers ratings looks like its going to be close to the wire as who will be MVP for 2019.difficult to chose when whole team performing some 60% better this season.

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