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Man of the Match Award –  Nottingham (Championship Round 7)

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6 thoughts on “Man of the Match v Nottingham

  1. Love the Reggie Perrin reference! The shirts didn’t look great under the lights, but then I was very much in favour of the Cov pink shirt that never was! I’d no idea about the cricket either, wouldn’t fancying bowling to the shorter boundaries – was a leggy in my day and I could well have been taken to the cleaners on a pitch that size, although might have got a bit of turn!
    3rd place is a great effort and puts us in a good place once we hit the New Year. Onwards and, hopefully, even further upwards. Happy Christmas, Trevor!

  2. He was streets ahead of everyone else, Peter. Don’t have Sky so I’ve not seen the game but I can imagine he would have caught the eye! Happy Xmas to you and Jackie!

  3. I’m with you Warren, but Burrows did have an absolute stormer and whilst much of what he did was clear for all to see, that’s not the case with the likes of Gibbons and Boulton. The scrum was phenomenal on Saturday though. Happy Christmas to you and yours.

  4. With the scrum so strong I’d be amazed if someone from the front row wasn’t named MOTM.

  5. Just watched the recording of the game, confirmed my vote for the man of the match as Brian Burrows. Two might runs resulting in tries.

  6. sitting in cottage here in Ryde ( thunder and lightening heavy storms down here).watching game this afternoon on sky fantastic performance,tried so very hard to get bonus point try final five minutes & 5 minutes overtime were superb, that was only part of game Notts played keepball well ,even so we drove them back fair couple of times, i dont know why Notts seemed so poor up until then,some good shows on our side Scott Tolmie coming on was a masterly move.i poppped current table and two games tomorrow and final match round 7 boxing day bedfordshire derby on twitter.Since season started do not think anybody could believe COV would be sitting tickety booh at number two in league.If tomorrows CP game goes our way 2ND POSITION tomorrow night would be fantastic achievement,superb attendance 3117, not quite 4k but still another record.Executive director interviewed half time mentioned multi use pitch schools ,junior kids also,soccer and ladies,rugby l, and bit i did not realise cricket in summer limited over dashes clashes, praised current owner for his huge generosity and mentioned would love an immediate return to premiership,but stressed it has to be slow steady growth hand in hand with business partners, to a plan.think its great the club opening up to the whole community the pitch is fantastic attribute.Dont know if you can catch that interview worth a watch.I wish you and your family well have nice xmas and new year.
    agree not too good those shirts knobby green colour shirts to go with your turkey and stuffing!
    I remember BBC Reggie Perrin the grot shop loggo -,some of our shirts are good some are puce,It does not matter what our team wears they always of no use.

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