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cliff4Plenty of Cov coverage in The Rugby Paper again this week, a sure sign that the club’s progress is continuing to create national interest as it looks to strengthen its position in the second tier of English rugby.

Cov were also represented heavily in the paper’s weekly ‘Dream Team’ feature in which a player is selected to pick his own team made up of the best players he has either played against, or alongside.

In Sunday’s edition it was the turn of former Cov favourite, Cliffie Hodgson, now playing his rugby at Birmingham Moseley but formerly of Broadstreet, Rotherham and, of course, Coventry where he spent 5 very successful seasons from 2012-2017

It’s hardly surprising, therefore, that Cliffie would select a number of Cov players.

6 in total.

So during those 5 years, who impressed him most at Cov?

Who would he want in his dream team..?


No real surprises, I guess.

Good to see Will Hurrell get the nod, in fairness I wouldn’t  have remembered that Cliffie’s spell at Cov overlapped that of Will’s.

And Rob Knox appeared in Phil Boulton’s dream team in the same paper not so long ago, with both he and Cliffie emphasising just how much potential Rob has.

Interesting comments about both Andy Brown and Tom Poole, too – both might well have featured heavily in Rowland Winter’s  Championship squads if not for work commitments in Andy B’s case and injury in Tom P’s.

Anyway. just thought I’d include this in the blog as not everyone has access to The Rugby Paper.

It’s always interesting to see how players view their peers; I do wonder if this has been a topic of conversation amongst those Cov players who featured alongside Cliffie at Cov!



From Statbunker…

Cliffie’s playing stats speak for themselves.

When he was fit and playing at his best, his kicking was as good as anyone’s and several years on I can still recall several games where he won us the game with his boot. The Rugby Paper describe him as a ‘utility back’, which indeed he was in the latter stages of his time with Cov, but I always felt he was at his best at 15 or 10 and with 31 tries to his name, he was a real threat in attack too.

The clip from YouTube below, from 2015, is a well worth a watch.

Nothing like a bit of nostalgia…



By Tim

3 thought on “Cliffie Hodgson’s ‘dream team’ – The Rugby Paper”
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    Where is this dream of your youth…
    Strawbs 1970 from just a collection of antiques and curios mostly live album…upwards and onwards!
    looking ahead to next game 21st Dec early xmas present good performance and hopefully a good win.best wishes

  2. Hi Trev…remember Tim Barnwell very well, but I’m afraid I don’t recall Phillip at all, but I’m sure you’re right. I was only 13 or 14 at the time but I will put some feelers out with people that do know these things. hopefully someone will know the answer.

  3. very good article, a huge human natural scoring machine Cliffie,with break from Championship games for couple of weeks until SAT 21 Dec ..big game there Ealing v Newcastle Falcons 3pm….just highlight how well the club has made great steady progress, will be too see how that match ends up pans out..certainly the club is doing really well on and off field. looking back in retrospect many years ago my brother and mom were great family friends of the Barnwell family ,Tim as we know went on to great things with Cov Leicester untill that near fatal injury on the pitch.Think his brother Phillip possibly did not make the grade but sure both players were on COV’S playing staff,Have you any further info Tim? this was our heyday 73 74 seasons old John Player cup winning year! Thanks Tim

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