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Right here, right now
Right here, right now
Right here, right now
Right here, right now

Fatboy Slim – Right Here, Right Now

Many thanks to everyone who took part in the Man of the Match poll for the game against Doncaster Knights last weekend.

Right here, right now, these are the results:

Name                  %
James Voss        28
Niles Dacres     15
Ryan Burrows  14
Adam Peters     13

CRFC-head-shots-WEBSITE13-James-VossThe results appear to be a pretty accurate reflection of how influential the forwards were in Cov’s win on Saturday. And if further evidence is needed, well  the backs, from 9-15, only polled 6% of the total vote.

The Sponsors’ award went to Joe Buckle, understandably in a way given he scored his debut try for the club in a game that was decided to some extent by the power of the forwards rather than the guile of the backs.

Somewhere under the pile of bodies, Sponsors’ MofM Joe Buckle has just grounded the ball to score his first try for Cov (photo courtesy of John Coles)

However, as is so often the case, those who voted in the poll saw things slightly differently and gave James Voss the nod, although the votes were pretty evenly spread amongst the top 4.

And just to obfuscate things still further, The Rugby Paper named Niles Dacres as its MofM.

It was one of those games.

James Voss (5) takes clean ball against Doncaster on Saturday (photo courtesy of John Coles)

Dacres and Peters have both featured strongly in previous polls this season, but this is a first appearance for Voss and a much deserved one at that.

Despite the lineouts misfiring at times against Doncaster, with 3 lost on our own throw, both second rows put in a strong shift and defensively Voss was particularly prominent. The tackle he made in front of the main stand in the second half drew a gasp from the crowd, half in admiration of the hit and half in sympathy for the Doncaster player who was rocked backwards. It was a tackle of Sammy Tuitupou proportions – and praise doesn’t come much higher than that.

In the pre-match warm ups, Voss always appears very focussed, often working independently of others and seldom exchanging any banter with those around him. He’s probably the nicest of blokes off the pitch, but on it he’s a fairly abrasive character and indeed he got stuck in a couple of times against Donny:

DSC_2983 (2)Voss2

James Voss (5) very much at the heart of the action in these two photos (courtesy of John Coles)

It’s no surprise that Leicester Tigers showed an interest in him last season and their decision to release him is very much our gain. Having players of the calibre of Voss, Dacres, Woolford, Russell and Oram competing for places in the second row is a luxury we just haven’t had for a long, long time.

I’m not sure we had that sort of depth in previous spells in the Championship (or at least the equivalent thereof) including the Mark Tinnock or Andy Blackmore eras, although others might prove me wrong on that one.

So congratulations to James Voss.

Sometimes awards voted for by supporters are just as meaningful, if not more so, than those given by sponsors (taking nothing away from Joe Buckle’s accolade, of course – or from the sponsors!).


And talking of meaningful votes, this season sees the return of the blog’s Christmas MVP poll – a poll designed to determine the player readers of this blog think is most valuable to Coventry Rugby.

It’s not meant to be taken too seriously and with little else happening rugby-wise over the festive break, it will hopefully be a talking point on the blog, if nowhere else.

The poll has always been popular amongst those reading the blog and with stronger squad than ever from which to choose, the final outcome is going to be even  harder to predict this year.

Voting lasts for a week and ends on Christmas Eve.

giphy1Then, during the 12 days of Christmas, starting on Christmas Day, I’ll publish in order, from the 12th place up, the players who have amassed the most votes, culminating in the choice of Coventry’s MPV on the 12th and final day.

The winner will receive a hugely inexpensive trophy courtesy of the blog which will, I’m sure, take pride of place in the trophy cabinet of the proud winner…

Previous MVP winners are:

2015 – Jacques Le Roux

2016 – James Stokes

2017 – Jack Preece

More about the MVP poll nearer the time.


Just a thought concerning the Max Trimble try on Saturday…

…the one that came from a moment of White magic when his beautifully weighted chip bounced perfectly for the flying winger to collect and score.

Well, given the conditions these past couple of weeks, would that have been possible on a grass pitch. Would the bounce have been as true on a wet and sodden grass surface? If there had been less bounce and more skid, Trimble would have struggled to gather the ball?


The bounce is perfect, the hands sure and the try in the bag…(photos courtesy of John Coles)_

For me, that was a clear example of how the new surface favours the more expansive game that Cov strive to play wherever possible, as opposed to the more forwards-orientated approach of, say, Jersey or Doncaster.

Whilst the weather will obvious dictate the style of play to a certain extent, the new surface still encourages sides to run at defenders in a way the grass pitch might not have done under similar conditions.

And just a word on Max Trimble – he’s looked every inch a Championship player this season and I’ve yet to see a better finisher . If Max is given just a sniff of the line, he’s off and he causes all sorts of problems for opposition defences. Once he puts the afterburners on, he’s very difficult to catch. and his pace enables him to go round defenders rather than have to rely on going through them which is what Knoxy and David Halaifonua tend to do (but well, mind!).

MT is currently top of the list of Championship try scorers – if he remains fit he has a decent chance of ending the season there, or close to it, especially given the new surface at the BPA and Cov’s inclination to play an expansive game.

Great to see him and James Stokes back in the side, too.


Right here, right now, congratulations must go to James Voss, winner of this week’s Man of the Match Award, as voted for by readers of this blog…

And its a first appearance in the blog for Fatboy Slim, aka Norman Cook.

Right Here, Right Now – I remember being impressed by the video when it first came out back in 1999.

According to Wikipedia:

The music video, created by Hammer & Tongs, is an elaborate homage to the famous opening sequence of the French educational series Once Upon a Time… Man. It shows a (very non scientifically accurate) timeline depicting the entire process of human evolution condensed into three and a half minutes. The beginning of the music video is set “350 billion years ago”, and starts with a single celled eukaryote in the ocean evolving into a jellyfish, a pufferfish, and then a predatory fish. It manages to eat a smaller fish before leaping up onto dry land. With a dinosaur visible in the background and an insect in front, it stays still for a few seconds before setting off and eating the insect. The land-fish evolves into a small alligator as it enters a forest. It sees a tall tree, which it climbs up. Its body is obscured by the tree as its hands visibly evolve until it arrives at the top as a baboon-like ape. It jumps from the tree into an icy landscape, enduring a blizzard as it evolves into a larger, gorilla-like ape. At the end of a large cliff, the ape beats its chest as the camera zooms out to show a vast desert. The ape jumps onto the ground, where it has evolved into a primate resembling an homo erectus. A large storm blows away much of its hair, turning it into a human (at this point the timer at the bottom right slows dramatically). The human runs faster and puts on some trousers and a T-shirt with the logo “I’m #1 so why try harder”. When fully clothed, it turns into a modern human with a beard. The man walks through a city environment and eats a hamburger (taken from a cardboard cutout of Fatboy Slim himself), he pulls off the beard and morphs into the obese character depicted on the cover of the album. He finally sits down on a bench at night, at which point the video ends.

So there you go.

Voted the second best dance song of all time, apparently…

Not sure how.

But never let it be said that this blog doesn’t cater for a range of musical tastes.

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  1. Divers – see the third para from the end of that first section that starts ‘I’m not sure we had…’. It should become clearer then. Kind regards, Tim

  2. Lol just saying Woolford, along with the other second rows, provides more strength in depth at 4 and 5 than I can remember for a long long time. At least that’s the point I was trying to get across. Apologies for confusing you 😟

  3. And now it is me who is confused! Where did Alex Woolford come into this thread? He didn’t feature on Saturday.

  4. Tim, I think James Voss will be well chuffed with the result of the poll, and you are spot on with your comments about him on and off the field. He always has time for a chat when you meet him, but seems to go into a zone for match days.

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