Tue. May 11th, 2021

By Tim

2 thought on “Ealing Trailfinders v Coventry (the snaps)”
  1. Hi Trev….thank you for the comment! Yesterday’s performance was the best I’ve seen under this management and a good few years before that too. Better than the win away to Darlington for me, but more of that in a post later! As you say, I’m sure Ealing were expecting an easy ride but they got anything but that. Top 4 finish must be the aim now, momentum is with us and confidence will be high. Doncaster at home next weekend won’t be easy and a potential banana skin after Ealing, but even so….

    Many thanks for your support of the blog!

  2. they are really doing well this season fantastic four games never say die attitude brilliant, looks good for top three or four finish .you travel to all games sure you must appreciate the huge change in away form this season playing really well. must say thanks for text commentary each match cheers Tim.That must of hurt Ealings pride today they probably ticked it off as an easy home win! Not to be, onwards and upwards come on COV best wishes Trev

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