Cov 2019/20 Predicted Finish – Poll Results

This is the crossing at the main intersection,
Up is were we go from here,
Finest selection,
This can take us anywhere…

No turns now,
We’re going straight,
You better hold on tight,

The Saturdays – Up

Below are the results of Monday’s poll:

It’s worth bearing in mind that the original poll, conducted in mid-July, asked readers to predict where they thought Coventry Rugby Club SHOULD finish in April given its performance last season, back in the Championship for the first time in 8 years, and the many changes that the club had made both on the playing front and behind the scenes over the summer months.

The latest poll asked readers to predict where they think Cov WILL finish this season, based on  its performances in the pre-season and Championship Cup, together with everything else that has been happening in and around the BPA in the last few months.

If anyone from Cov gets to see the results, I imagine they’ll be pretty chuffed.

Even back in July most supporters felt Cov should be looking at a top 6 finish but with all that has happened since, 92% now believe they’ll finish in the top 5 and an impressive 71% in the top 4. Cov’s excellent performance against Ealing last Friday won’t have done anything to dampen expectations either.

Over a third of supporters taking part believe Cov will finish in the top 3.

Neither players or management will go into Saturday’s game needing any sort of a lift but were they to ever have a wobble in terms of confidence those kinds of stats show the faith that many Cov supporters have in the club right now.

No one  who took part in the poll believes Cov will finish lower than 7th, one place higher than the club achieved last season.

Whilst at the top end supporters are still pretty unanimous that a top two finish remains out of Cov’s reach this season.

(For the record, originally I plumped for a 5th place finish but amended that to 4th this week.)

Position %Vote (July)      %Vote (Oct)  
1st           2                              0 ↓2    
2nd         5                              4 ↓1
3rd          17                            31 +14
4th          25                            36 +11
5th          22                            21 +1
6th          25                            5 ↓20
7th          4                               3 ↓1
8th          0                              0 =
9th          0                              0 =
10th        0                              0 =
11th         0                              0
12th        0                              0 =

I appreciate it’s not that accurate given that the same voters aren’t involved in each of the two polls but I do think it probably captures the current mood of expectation amongst supporters.

I fly over to St Helier tomorrow, minus Sam, and look forward to meeting up with some familiar faces – a trip to watch Jersey Reds is so much more than just a game of rugby to most of the Cov travelling supporter these days.

Whatever the result, it’s always one of the most enjoyable games on the Cov rugby calendar. There’s a bit of rain forecast for Saturday, although the temperature doesn’t look too bad, so here’s hoping it holds off until the game is over as there’s not a lot of shelter around the ground.

With Jersey still very much old school and playing on grass :), I wonder if Cov have been training away from the BPA this week just to ensure they are fully prepared for a grass surface.

RW and Nick Walshe are so thorough in their preparations as a rule that I’m sure that they have some sessions on grass?


I’ve read one or two comments made about the lack of tweets coming out of the Cov camp on a match day…

..try @CowshedTim if you’d like a rather fuller, somewhat rambling and occasionally confusing run down of the game.

Oh, and the odd typo that defies any explanation.



Up is were we go from here,
Finest selection,
This can take us anywhere

Judging form the poll results, it does, indeed, seem as if up is where we go from here and I await the team selection with real interest. I’m sure there’ll be several notably changes from the side that faced Ealing, despite the performance and a couple of injuries, although Rowland Winter has already hinted that Niles Dacres will keep his place.

Apologies, I have used this song before…but, well, it is The Saturdays…

Author: Tim

2 thoughts on “Cov 2019/20 Predicted Finish – Poll Results

  1. Hi Phil – If there are less than 75 Cov supporters there I’d be very surprised. How many were there back in April – a couple of hundred at least and that’s being conservative. Looking forward to meeting up at the ground. Speak soon!

  2. There were 8 fans that I know of on the 12.15 flight out of brum today and I know there are 2 already here, that makes a minimum of 10, I think it is safe to say that number will be added to over the next few days👍👍😎😎

Any thoughts:

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