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Boy, you gotta carry that weight
Carry that weight a long time
Boy, you gonna carry that weight
Carry that weight a long time

I never give you my pillow
I only send you my invitation
And in the middle of the celebrations
I break down

Boy, you gotta carry that weight
Carry that weight a long time
Boy, you gotta carry that weight
You’re gonna carry that weight along time

The Beatles – Carry That Weight

I have to say, I’ve been caught a little unawares by the degree of optimism expressed by those Cov supporters who took part in the blog poll earlier this week.

(A pre-pre-season poll…Where SHOULD Cov finish next season?)

Expectations are running high to say the least and whilst there are many ways of interpreting the table below, one thing it does seem to confirm is that supporters believe that this squad, under the directorship of Rowland Winter and this coaching staff, is definitely moving in the right direction.

The results indicate that of those supporters taking part, 96% felt that the club should be finishing in the top six this season, with an impressive 49% opting for a top 4 spot.

That is a huge increase on last season’s poll (also below) which was also conducted well before pre-season started.

For the record, I opted for 5th.

(In a spirit of goodwill and reconciliation, the more observant will notice that despite being somewhat indifferent to the new club badge and having been fairly vocal about it, I have opted for red and green as the two central colours. Still not a fan of it though!).


2018/19 2019/20
Position % Position %
1st 0 1st 2
2nd 0 2nd 5
3rd 0 3rd 17
4th 16 4th 25
5th 10 5th 22
6th 26 6th 25
7th 13 7th 4
8th 11 8th 0
9th 9 9th 0
10th 10 10th 0
11th 5 11th 0
12th 0 12th 0

Now there’s an obvious caveat to the above…

Supporters were asked to vote on where they feel Cov ‘should’ finish this season.

And ‘should‘ isn’t necessarily the same as ‘will‘. Those self same supporters who were kind enough to take part in the poll might well have opted for a lower position when considering where Cov are most likely to finish, had they been asked to so to do.

Even so…

The other thing to bear in mind is that this is a fairly small sample. In terms of numbers, just under 10% of Coventry’s average attendance last season took part in the poll. However, I’m reliably informed by Sue who is a mathematician by trade, that this constitutes an effective sample in these circumstances so I’m fairly confident that this is reflective-ish  of the general feeling amongst most supporters pre-season.

It seems that I’m not alone in thinking that despite some pretty mediocre performances at times last season, there were also several games where the team looked extremely competitive and with the added depth and experience to the squad, further improvements in the areas of strength and conditioning/medical support, and with a season in the Championship now under its belt, the club is  a strong position to push  towards that top 2/3 goal in the next couple of seasons or so.

Just how the players, both individually and as a team, will respond to the new playing surface is something of an unknown, but it looks as if there’s a general feeling at the moment that a synthetic surface will work in our favour given the coaches wish to continue with a fast-paced, expansive approach once again.

I know Winter was slightly disappointed by so many supporters believing this time last season that we were heading for a finish somewhere in the bottom half of the table. Had a couple of results gone our way, we might well moved into the top half but in the end 8th was a pretty fair reflection of the season, although the two massive wins against Doncaster and Jersey away from home in April suggested that the squad were getting stronger even without the addition of the new recruits over the summer.

Were Winter to be shown the results of this similar poll 12 months on, I’m sure he’d feel far happier.

Whatever else it shows, the underlying message from supporters would appear to be one of confidence and belief in both the players and coaches.

However, if the level of expectation represented in this poll is truly reflective of that felt by the majority of supporters, then with that comes an additional level of pressure on Winter that I’d tentatively suggest he won’t have felt since his arrival back in 2016 (incidentally, I see he now has an entry in Wikipedia 🙂 ….).

No one really new what to expect in 2016/17, promotion came a season earlier than was expected in 2017/18 and last season for most of us it was about ensuring that Cov remained in the Championship in 2019/20. Pressure of course, but this poll suggests that there is a high percentage of supporters genuinely expecting a top 4 finish…just about half of those who took part in fact.

And that’s a big ask.

Of course, demanding targets should always be set and this one certainly falls into the category marked TOUGH.

However, it is attainable and I’m guessing such a finish would be pretty much in line with where the club would be setting its own targets for the season ahead, were it ever to admit to so doing .

In order for us to finish amongst the Championship elite, we would need a strong start and dominant performances at home throughout the season. Throw the artificial surface into the mix and it all adds for an exciting few weeks once the Championship gets under way.

How would the players and coaches respond should we struggle in our opening games, or indeed how would the supporters react given the current levels of anticipation?

Hopefully, such questions are purely academic but even if Cov continues to show improvements on a par with those towards the end of last season, then the pressure will continue to build. Effectively managing that pressure is where Rowland Winter and his team will really show their pedigree and, if successful, doubtless that’s when clubs in the Premiership will start to take more than just a passing interest in what’s happening in and around CV1.

This really is a big season for everyone concerned at Cov for so many reasons and every one involved has to carry that weight of expectation.






By Tim

4 thought on “Poll Results – Boy You’ve Got To Carry That Weight”
  1. Thanks Pils. I’m definitely not a fan but am doing my best to embrace it. I’ve tinkered round with the design and have found a few options I didn’t know existed. Given me renewed enthusiasm for when the season commences 😂😂😂 or not as the case maybe. Thank you for your kind comments though

  2. Tim, had to smile, whilst not apparently a fan of the new colours I see the new layout espouses green & red in proliferation. However, may I congratulate you on the new layout, very impressive.

  3. Good spot re: GP. Always been a big fan – that pub rock, Squeeze, Brinsley Schwartz, Rockpile, Nick Lowe era that I’m still living in!

  4. Another good effort Tim, I was one of the 25% and feel it is attainable and in reach this season.
    Btw, nice use of the GP photo. Will we survive the Howling Wind? Looking forward to a fantastic season. Jersey already booked!

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