Tue. May 11th, 2021

With a season of Championship rugby now tucked firmly under our belts and talk 12 months ago from within of Cov perhaps looking to be a top 4 side within two or three seasons, I thought it might be interesting just to gauge where Cov supporters reading this post believe Cov SHOULD be aiming to finish next April.  What would be a realistic finish for the club in 10 months.

It’s no more than a bit of fun prior to any pre-season action and something designed simply to create a bit of interest – no more than that. Once we’ve seen the pre-season games we’ll probably be in a better position to form a slightly more reasoned judgement but aspirations for the coming season have already been discussed elsewhere, so this is merely another way of generating a bit of discussion.

Remember, I’m not asking where Cov WILL finish, just what you think a realistic finish might be given the calibre of players Cov have recruited, the improvements in the backroom support and on the back of a promising end to last season and a highly respectable 8th place. I guess I’m asking for pragmatism with a bit of hope tossed into the mix…

I did something similar last year so it will be interesting to see if expectations have increased over the last 12 months.

I’ll publish results in a week’s time.

As always, many thanks in advance for taking part.



So, now recruitment appears done and dusted (and I’m including Purdy in that!) and before pre-season performances can be assessed, where do you think Cov should be looking to finish in the Championship next April.

By Tim

2 thought on “A pre-pre-season poll…Where SHOULD Cov finish next season?”
  1. Hi Tony…I’ve gone for 5th in the belief we’ll be stronger and fitter early doors this season and have recruited well by all accounts. Here’s hoping

  2. Top half and win games we didn’t last season like home to Doncaster and Nottingham and away at Bedford and Nottingham.

Any thoughts:

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