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CoventryNot a post as such, more an ‘aide memoire’.

There have been occasions in the past when I’ve maybe just wanted to check on the team for a particular game by position or on the official ‘Man of the Match’, or perhaps just check on who the ref was…

More often than not, it’s meant a search game by game – a painstaking process often repeated several times over the course of a season.

I’m not aware of a complete season’s information being readily available in an easily accessible format, so I’ve just created a basic table to cover most of the key data for the 2016/17 season – Rowland Winter’s first season and the one which saw the beginnings of the journey we are now well and truly on.

It’s a fairly simple and rather crude affair but it is, hopefully, another useful source of reference should anyone wish to use it.

It might well prove an ‘interesting read’  for some as well as jogging a few memories. It comes with a warning though – not all of them will be pleasant ones, especially in the first half of the season and those trips down south.

It’s as accurate as it can be given it’s dependent pretty much on The Rugby Paper listings for each game and my ability or otherwise to copy data across onto a spreadsheet (which is probably the least reliable of the two). I’ve had to fill in the blanks where appropriate (and oddly there were one or two) but I think it’s pretty much all there.

If there are any grave errors, please do let me know…

I’ll probably do something similar with 2017/18 and I will certainly keep an on-going record of the 2018/19 Championship campaign which I’ll pin to the homepage of the blog.

I’ve had to abbreviate certain names/key words, but they should all be recognisable.

Unfortunately the table is too large for WordPress to cope with, so I’ve saved it to PDF file which you can open with the link below:

Season 2016/17 – an overview

I’ve included the opening four games below so you can see what it looks like – a ‘try before you buy‘ tempter, as it were…PDF has the same info but for all 30 games.

You can enlarge the size of the document to make it easier to read by clicking on the large + sign (found either at the bottom of the page or, if not, by clicking anywhere on the page it should appear at the top of the screen)


Date 03-Sep 10-Sep 17-Sep 24-Sep
Versus Lough Mose Macc Black’th
Score 54-14 19-14 61-14 42-6
H/T 35-0 14-0 54-7 15-5
Venue Home Away Home Away
Result L W L
Attend 983 1232 1089 914
Team Team Team Team
15 Stokes Stokes Stokes Stokes 
14 Pritch Pritch Rundle Hircock
13 Hircock Hircock Knox Knox
12 W’croft Maisey MacB Fenner
11 Trimble Trimble Hircock Rundle
10 Fenner Fenner Maisey Maisey
9 Grasso Grasso Adam’n Adam’n
8 Bone Bone Dyer Dyer
7 Grace Grace Grace Grace
6 Dyer Daynes Daynes Daynes
5 Snyman Snyman Snyman Poole
4 Jubb Jubb Poole Conquest
3 Boulton Litchf’d Boulton Boulton
2 Tolmie Price Tolmie Tolmie
1 Litchf’d Stank’ch Brown Stank’ch
Reps Reps Reps Reps
16 Price Tolmie Price 57 (2) Price
17 Stank’ch Boulton Litchf’d  49 (3) Litchf’d
18 Daynes Dyer Povoas 52 (4) Bone
19 Adam’n Adam’n Smit 59 (9) Smit
20 Maisey Knox Burke 75 (15) Harry
Tries Tries Tries Tries
Pritch 10 Snyman 53 Tolmie 3, 32 Dyer 16
Litchf’d 14, 23 Fenner 58 Grace 11
Trimble 16, 45 PT 16
Hircock, 75 Daynes 18
Stokes 78 Hircock 22
Dyer 34
Knox 40
Stokes 62
Cons Cons Cons  Cons
Fenner, 11, 15, 18, 23, 35 Fenner 54, 59 Maisey 4, 16, 19, 23, 33, 35, 40, 63
Maisey 76, 79
Ref Ref Ref Ref
 Leal Bos’wen Garnage Turvey
Star Man Star Man Star Man
Grace Dyer

By Tim

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