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So, with thanks once again to Roy Thompson, without whom neither this post or the previous one would be possible, here are the highlights of the 1974 RFU Knockout Cup Final.

This time Coventry’s opponents were London Scottish.

And again, it’s in colour.

Coventry were somewhat disadvantaged for this game through the absence of two of their British Lions representatives.

Once again, I’ll avoid any comments about the game itself, although I would just flag up Nigel Starmer-Smith’s shirt (those collars were all the fashion back then!) and the Rugby Special opening/closing theme tune which, even now, stirs up such strong memories.

Having beaten Bristol in the Final the previous year As once we were, so will we be…  , the Coventry side that faced London Scottish was noticeably different…

  1. P Rossborough
  2. D Duckham
  3. B Corless
  4. D Foulks
  5. T Barnwell
  6. A Cowman
  7. W Gittings
  8. J Broderick
  9. J Gallagher
  10. K Fairbrother
  11. B Ninnes
  12. I Darnell
  13. R Walker
  14. L Rolinson
  15. R Cardwell

I think it was Cardwell who used to always stand on the touchline and cross his fingers every time Cov had an attempt at goal or a conversion…

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By Tim

8 thought on “The RFU Knockout Cup Final 1974 – Coventry v London Scottish”
  1. Glad that’d sorted. Good to hear from you, James. I’d completely forgotten about the numbering so it came as a surprise to me as well. Just didn’t look right, did it?

  2. I just love Bill McLaren’s closing words about Coventry RFC, “One of the great English rugby clubs”

  3. This has answered a riddle from my childhood. My Dad gave me a match- worn shirt that Keith Fairbrother had given him. I always assumed it belonged to the Fly Half and that Keith had just gifted whatever was available… but now I know that the numbers were worn in reverse back then, I realise it was actually his after all.

  4. Lol…it’s down to Roy, not me. Yours was the first name that came to mind when I posted, I thought you’d be pleased! Hope it lives up to the anticipation!

  5. Tim, I’ve been waiting to see this again for over 40 years – I’ve mentioned the fact on here and on the forum but drawn a blank… I obviously don’t know the right contacts!

    As you know, I was at the final and remember subsequently watching it in colour on Rugby Special – I thought the colour footage must since have been lost to posterity…

    I plan to settle down and watch this tomorrow. Thanks again.


  6. Wow. Again in colour and much better than the awful black and white, few minutes long offering I’ve seen on Youtube.
    Tim, you’re a star.

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