Tue. Apr 13th, 2021

And now for something completely different…

As Coventry looks to become one of the country’s top teams once again, here is a reminder of just how good we once were…

The year is 1973 and the occasion is the RFU Club Knockout Competition and the venue is Twickenham.

The final.

Coventry v Bristol.

The glory years for many.

And many of the players representing Cov that day will be familiar to supporters, young or old.

Rather than dissect the game as I might have done in the past, I invite everyone just to feast themselves on the occasion.

Hopefully there will be those who will feel willing to add a comment or two that will  perhaps lead to a discussion of sorts. Whether or not you were following Cov back then, it will be hard not to have an opinion having watched the hour of highlights – on the quality of the game, the way rugby has changed, memories of individual players back then or just the feeling it rekindles for those lucky enough to be around at the time.

For the record, the Coventry team for the final was as follows:

  1. P Rossborough
  2. D Duckham
  3. C. Wardlow
  4. G Evans
  5. P Preece
  6. A Cowman
  7. W Gittings
  8. K Fairbrother
  9. J Gray
  10. J Broderick
  11. B Ninnes
  12. I Darnell
  13. R Creed
  14. J Barton
  15. B Holt

If any of the coaches get to read this, John Gray’s injury time try might be fun to recreate in training…


And it’s in glorious technicolour as well.  

Please feel free to leave a comment.

I’m hugely indebted to Roy Thompson who took the trouble to not just get hold of a copy  (which in itself wasn’t straightforward), but also to have it put onto disk, forwarding it to me via good old snail mail.

Thanks, Roy – not only have you given me a good few hours of enjoyment since I returned from holiday, there will be others, too, who will doubtless watch it from beginning to end on more than one occasion over coming weeks/months.

And there’s more to come as Roy also included the London Scottish final the following year which I will post in the next few days or so…

I have yet to meet Roy, but if every do, it’s free beers that evening from me.

But remember:

As once we were, so will we be…

By Tim

7 thought on “As once we were, so will we be…”
  1. What a difference to the modern game, couldn’t believe the amount of loose ball bouncing around like a pinball and so many turnovers! The scrums and lineout seemed chaotic! And no replacements! Which did spoil the game after 3 mins, so fair play to Bristol for hanging in there for so long. Think I prefer to watch today’s game. Thanks Roy and Tim.

  2. “Dick” Cowman tried to teach me Maths! I knew Ian Darnell through my professional life. RIP Ian. Great to see some of those players around from time to time.

  3. Hopefully now corrected! Mea culpa…needed to change the settings. Sorry, Sam!

  4. Sadly Tim, it says the video is not available… 🙁

Any thoughts:

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