Tue. Apr 13th, 2021

Attached below are various YouTube/Internet links to videos of Coventry over the years. There isn’t an official library of clips, so I thought I’d try to build up at least some footage of the club for those who either want to reminisce or just simply catch up on what they might have missed…

With no rugby this afternoon, I wondered if it might while away a few minutes for those at a loss as to what to do…I’m in the odd position of having a morning to myself so it seemed an ideal opportunity to get things rolling.

There will be many, many more I’m sure, it’s just knowing where to look.

I’ll try and add to this in the coming days and weeks – if anyone has any suggestions (and/or links) I’d be more than happy to include them.

Apologies in advance if any of the links are broken or incorrect,


Cup Final: Coventry v London Scottish 1974

Cov v Moseley (Boxing Day – 2009)

Coventry v Bristol (Jan 2010)

Coventry v Moseley Playoff (Apr 2010)

Sedgely Park v Coventry 2010 (Sept 2010)

Plymouth v Coventry (Oct 2010)

Phil Maynard Pre-Season Interview – 2011

Steve Thomas/Paul Thomas Interview (Oct 2011)

Andrew Carpenter Interview (Nov 2011)

Coventry Rugby Club 2011/12 (created by Brett Daynes?)

Heath Stevens Rugby Highlights 2011/12

Fylde v Coventry (Nov 2011)

Addleton and Glackin Interview (November 2011)

Fylde v Coventry (Oct 2012)

Coventry v Northampton Wanderers (Feb 2013)

Army v Nighthawks (Feb 2013)

Coventry v Fylde (Mar 2013)

Esher v Coventry (Dec 2013)

Fight! Cov v Henley (Oct 2013)

Coventry v Esher (Mar 2014)

Samsung Try of the Month (Jan 2015)

Harry Walker Speech – Cov’s 140th Dinner (Apr 2014)

Fylde v Coventry (Apr 2015)

Coventry v Blaydon (Nov 2015)

Coventry v Loughborough (Jan 2016)

Coventry v Richmond (Jan 2016)

Coventry v DMP (April 2016)

Coventry v Ampthill (April 2016)

Coventry Pre-Season Highlights (2016)

Rugby Nats: Coventry (Oct 2017)

Coventry Crossbar Challenge (Oct 2016)

Interview With Jon Sharp

Coventry v Bishop’s Stortford (Oct 2017)

Coventry v Cambridge (Nov 2016)

Coventry v Old Albanians (Dec 2016)

Coventry v Moseley (Dec 2016)

Cov v Blackheath – Try Time (Jan 2017)

Harry Walker Presentation (April 2017)

Coventry v DMP (Apr 2017)

Old Albanians v Coventry (April 2017)

Coventry v Rosslyn Park (April 2017)

Coventry v Moseley (Sept 2017

Fylde v Coventry (Oct 2017)

Coventry v Plymouth (Nov 2017)

Blackheath v Coventry (Jan 2018)

Bishop’s Stortford v Coventry (Jan 2018)

Darlington Mowden Park v Coventry


By Tim

6 thought on “All our yesterdays…”
  1. Pleasure – enjoyed doing it, but took me twice as long as it should have done, for obvious reasons!

  2. Thanks Tim, I know someone who has the video of coventry v Bristol cup final. Also v Newcastle. Give me an contact address ,maybe he will release it to you.also the 74 cup final in colour.

  3. Thanks for that Tim, sterling work.
    I only wish there was some colour footage of the 74 cup final, I’m sure it was shown in colour on Rugby Special but has possibly been wiped. That black and white newsreel footage makes me feel so bloody old!

Any thoughts:

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