Sun. Mar 7th, 2021

There are some games that live long in the memory…

…yesterday’s will stay with me for ever.

Even the growing distance we had put between ourselves and the chasing pack in the intervening weeks since the original fixture was postponed back in December had done little to dispel the one real concern that lurked in the back of the mind  – that Darlington Mowden Park could be the potential dream breakers.

With two games against us in the final 8 weeks of the season, the team from the north-east could yet have been the party poopers.

Unbeaten at home and comfortably ahead of Plymouth Albion and Ampthill, they’d done enough to justify the belief until their defeat down at The Brickfields the week before that there were still a few twists and turns left in the season before the title was finally decided.

But after the win yesterday, Cov now appear to be in the home straight with the finishing line in sight and the rest of the teams yet to hit the final bend.


As the players warmed up I don’t think anyone expected the performance that was to follow

Mowden’s defeat away to Plymouth had shifted a lot of the pressure on to the home side, with yesterday’s game very much a ‘must win’ for them.

Talk coming out of the north-east during the days leading up to the game had become centred around the race for second place rather than any potential title-decider and those who travelled up on the Supporters’ Coach yesterday left the BPA in a mood of quiet optimism for the most part.

Everyone seemed to be of the opinion that Cov could win, most that we would win, with one or two fearing a close defeat, although believing that in the end it still wouldn’t be enough to derail Cov over the remaining weeks.

No one, but no one, expected Cov to win in the manner they did.

I’m not sure what the equivalent in rugby is of the 180 checkout in darts, the perfect 10 in figure-skating or the 147 break in snooker…

…but what we were privileged to watch yesterday at the Northern Echo Arena must have been as close to perfection as I have seen from any Coventry side over the last 50 years or so.

There wasn’t an area of the game in which we weren’t dominant and a passionate and enthusiastic home crowd left the ground at the end of the game shell-shocked and in disbelief.

‘Nilled’ at home having been unbeaten in their 11 previous games.

What had been unthinkable beforehand was all too real by the end of the game.

In fact there were a number of the crowd who left well before then, unable to watch their team forced to play second, and at times even third, fiddle and having to dance to the tune of what is increasingly looking like the champions-elect.

Cov have had some big wins before, some strong performances, but not against such a high-fling side, in such a pressured situation and in such a dominant manner.

The Newcastle win was special, very special, against a side packed with internationals, but we hardly dominated to quite the extent we did yesterday.

Almost everything we did came off.

For atmosphere and excitement nothing will ever beat the Newcastle game.

For the quality of the rugby, yesterday’s performance is going to be difficult to surpass. Never mind that it was a league lower, within the context of the game and the opposition, yesterday was special.

Those of us who had witnessed Coventry’s capitulation at the hands of Blackheath just a few weeks ago and who have  suffered the odd nightmare or two since, were able to sleep somewhat easier in our beds last night.


As we watched the players warm up and the crowd started to grow, there was a definite buzz to the place, even with over 23000 empty seats in the ground (that sounds so wrong)…

Not even the man on the PA could silence the Coventry support – hard as he tried.

Supporters were seated in a relatively small area of the main stand and, sitting amongst the Mowden fans, you could tell that they were confident of the win – not of winning the league by any means – but of definitely making some sort of statement.

The PA did his best to drown out the cheers of the Coventry crowd who clapped and cheered as the Coventry squad left the field for the final time prior to kick off.

And when the players re-emerged, the atmosphere was as good as at any away ground all season.

Despite being outnumbered, the Coventry support was awesome. As Phil Boulton led the team out, the response from the Cov fans was huge and seemed as loud as anything you’d hear at the BPA. Many home supporters looked around initially to see where it was coming from and then at one another and it was clear they’d not seen anything like it before…

…which is pretty much what several would  be saying when commenting on Cov’s performance an hour and a half or so later.

I had a quick word with Rowland Winter after the game and asked him if anything in training midweek had suggested that this kind of performance was on  the cards. His response was that you never really know how the team will react on the Saturday – it had gone well, the players and coaches had worked hard in their preparation, but until that first whistle, you can never tell.

But from the moment Coventry kicked off, they were a side possessed.

Possessed by a total self-belief in their own abilities.

It’s probably wrong to be talking about the Man of the Match having got no further than the kick off, but come the end of the game there wasn’t a Coventry supporter, not a solitary one, prepared to single out any player as MofM.

Too often we talk somewhat generically  about a ‘team performance’, but in this case there arguably wasn’t one out of the match day squad of 20 who didn’t have his best performance in a Cov shirt this season.

They all played their hearts out.


Cov had scored by the end of the second minute.

We kicked off, Mowden cleared the ball to half way, Cov moved the ball directly into the Mowden 22, won a penalty which was taken quickly ( a sign perhaps of the intensity in Cov’s play that was follow), and took play to within 10m, then 5m…

…and then Jubby was over.

No desire to kick to the corner. The tap ensured Mowden had no time to regroup.

It was efficient and clinical. Under the posts…

Will Maisey duly did the honours and Mowden were 7-0 down without even having touched the ball.

The perfect start.

And back Cov went from the restart.  Cov stole the first of several line-out, James Stokes kicked into the Mowden 22 and we continued to pressurise until a forward pass enabled Mowden to clear their lines.

And then Mowden began to come back into the game and we entered perhaps the most crucial period of play as Mowden found a bit of confidence after that initial Cov success and, for perhaps 8 minutes or so, they exerted real pressure on the Coventry defence.

Camped in our 22, they went through phase after phase of possession, at one point getting to within a metre of our line. Cov conceded two, perhaps three penalties in good positions, with Mowden opting to kick for the corner on each occasion.

And we knew what as to come  – the ubiquitous catch and drive. Each time though Cov were able to halt the Mowden pack, and on one occasion actually stole the lineout only to be forced back over our line for a Mowden scrum.

Cov’s tackle count must have been pretty impressive by the end of that period of Mowden pressure, but the thin red line held firm and resolute and Mowden could find no way through.

Whereas Cov’s line speed  had been a little sluggish in some of the more recent games, we were quickly up yesterday clearing out the rucks  and at the breakdown we were able to win good ball. Mowden just had no answer to our pace and power. Yes, we were a bit over zealous on occasions, but so were they and we did concede one or two penalties as a result, but playing with such pace as we did, that is always going to happen.

I can’t remember a single occasion until well in to the last 10 minutes that our defensive line was actually broken – and Mowden are no poor side either.

And after all that pressure and after yet another steal, Coventry got the ball out wide and within 20 seconds from deep within our on 22, the game was effectively over when we raced the full length of the pitch to score out wide. James Stokes touching down.

It was a killer blow.

After soaking up so much pressure, Cov were able to turn defence into attack and, as was the case all afternoon, our pace  out wide was just too much for Mowden to cope with. 14-0 down and yet Mowden had had much the better of the previous 10 minutes. It was a huge blow to the home side and one from which they never really recovered.

After that they just didn’t look like getting back into the game and try as they might, Coventry’s defence held solid and Mowden were forced into trying to run the ball  from deep which just didn’t work, with tackle after tackle limiting Mowden to sideways rather than forwards movement.

Coventry’s tactical kicking, limited in use in comparison to many away games this season, was accurate and highly effective. The Mowden defenders had a torrid time under Pete White’s box kicks, with the chasers causing panic amongst the receivers and who must have knocked on three or four times, with the young Newcastle Academy full back having a particularly difficult time of it.

The lineout became a really destructive weapon on their ball, with a number of steals and our own throw-in being watertight. The scrums, evenly matched to begin with, started to go Cov’s way after 30 minutes or so and, having conceded a penalty for the first scrum after Luc Jeannot’s arrival, we  were then totally dominant with the youngster becoming increasingly influential as they game went on.

Some of the tackling was immense, with Grove and Stevens putting in hit after hit and, as fast as Mowden got up, Cov would knock them back down. Tactically we got it spot on and  by half time we had built up a commanding 20-0 lead and the only worry was how Mowden would come out in the second half.

Whilst Coventry had dominated for the final 20 minutes, near enough, of that first 40, the scoreline was still close enough for Mowden to get something from the game. A slow start to the second half from Cov and the home side could still be back in it.

Yet it was Coventry that came out all guns blazing, with Cov scoring within 3 minutes of the restart and the bonus point secured  just 4 minutes later.

47 minutes into the game and Coventry were 32 points up – with tries from Trimble and then Stevens (another one of those training ground moves in which the opposition can’t get close enough to even lay a hand on the scorer).

Replacements came off and back on and at one point we had a back row of Dacres, Nilsen and Daynes, but even then we still dominated. Everyone, but everyone, played their part.

Within 10 minutes of the restart the first of the Mowden supporters were making a discreet exit. The crowd were silenced and it was left to the Coventry supporters to make all the noise despite the best efforts of the beleaguered PA who regularly tried to gee up support, even whilst the ball was in play (poor form in my book).

In the end, even he decided it was a futile task for a good 15 minutes until Mowden game back into it a little in the final 10 minutes, with young replacement no 8 Simon Uzokwe making a real impact when he came on – even bouncing Sam Tuitupou as he made the tackle.

And that’s not something you see very often.

By the end of the game, Mowden’s biggest crowd of the season, 1789 (barely more than Cov’s average) was left shell-shocked but those around us were full of admiration for the Coventry performance, one that they hadn’t seen the like of before at the Northern Echo Arena.

Rowland Winter acknowledges the fantastic support from the traveling fans

The scenes immediately after the whistle were great to watch, with the Coventry players enjoying the post-match celebrations and showing great appreciation for the travelling support, being more than happy to spend a few minutes shaking hands and having their photos taken.

The hugs and handshakes amongst all the Cov players and officials were enough to suggest that they thought they’d put themselves into an almost unassailable position with what was the best performance of the season, of any recent season…and well beyond.

Coventry played at a level well above anything we’ve seen this season and I don’t think there is a team in the league who could have lived with us over those 80 minutes. Plymouth in a few weeks time is going to be tough, but if we produce that kind of performance, then we’ll have too much for them even away from home.

I’d even wager that the Hartpury of last season would have struggled to beat us had we been able to play with that degree of intensity and skill over at theirs last season.

It was a day that will be long talked about by those who were there to witness it. A great performance from a team that is on the verge now of achieving something special.

Thank you to everyone of the players and support teams who made it such a fantastic day out, and to the Supporters’ Club for providing the means to get there.

(And to Rob Moody for the loan of his coat…I’m so sorry).


Just brilliant.







By Tim

17 thought on “DMP 0 – Coventry 42 – a team performance up there with the very best in recent years”
  1. often provides updates as well. Easiest thing would be to create a Twitter account and just follow Coventry Rugby Club…
    Yep…could be a great way of advertising the OEs game. Could be a decent crowd for that one – would love to win the league on the day Dom Lespierre returns to the BPA 🙂

  2. Back in the 70s when Coundon Road was packed to the rafters people used to drift down from the main stand 10 minutes before the final whistle just to escape the traffic/congestion. Mind you…more often that not we’d had the game well won by then!

    Yes, it will be tough for DMP this week – they’ll need to refocus on ensuring 2nd place is theirs come the end of the season

  3. What a tremendous performance, unfortunately I am unable to get to many away fixtures due to other commitments, but thanks for your in depth report on proceedings, it certainly sounds like a chest sweller.
    I’ve not managed to work out how to follow your tweets, so am reliant on the message board for updates……many thanks to Kimbo for doing such a great job.
    Could be quite a crowd in the bar before the next home game,if the Darlo game is chosen for showing….

  4. The first time I have ever witnessed Rugby fans leaving before the end a game, albeit none of them from Coventry. Offside Offside Offside, Off home.
    A fantastic welcome from DMP but still bemoaning Sir at 9pm in the evening? Good bad or indifferent that Sir may have seemed, if you think the loss was down to Sir then I’m at a loss as to how DMP will move on from this result.

  5. I couldn’t get over the sheer volume of noise created by the Cov supporters, it certainly caught the Darlington fans by surprise, that’s for sure. Hard to know how many travelled up…maybe a couple of hundred I guess? Apparently the scoreboard was working but with the sun shining on it, it was impossible to make out the numbers – at least that what their supporters told us…? A fantastic game and a fantastic result in what has been a fantastic season!

  6. Thanks, Roger…always happy to tweet from a game, stops me worrying quite so much…

  7. Yep, they did a good job getting them in – as you suggest, i don’t think they’ll get many more than their average attendance at the next home game if that – the supporters were a little disillusioned to say the least

  8. Hi Richard – with the next home game not until after the visit to Caldy, it will be interesting to see which game they shown beforehand, am guessing it will be Darlington!

    The team did indeed go up on the Friday which certainly must have made a difference.

    The supporters were fantastic on the day…I would imagine there might have been one or two sore heads this morning (the players too!)

  9. Would like to know how many Coventry supporters travelled to Darlington, I think this may go a long way to the additional numbers at the game. Everywhere I looked I could see Coventry Rugby kit, fantastic achievement by the travelling supporters.

  10. It looks like the ‘Clash Of The Titans’ was marketed well by DMP, getting double their average attendance so far this season. I wonder though, after yesterday – how many of those extra Darlingtonians will be back to see them? They’ll maybe come back next season when Coventry aren’t in NL1 !

  11. There are a few games in your life which you can relive over and over again and this ranks in one of the most memorable to have witnessed.
    The roar from the Coventry supporters was astonishing and often out roared the local support, even when the chap on the microphone did his best to garner local support.
    It was also noticeable that even with the lack of a scoreboard, the announcer never once gave of the score. After I ran out of digits on hand and feet it was quite a task to recall the score, except for DMP contribution zero.

  12. Thanks for the tweets yesterday Tim, almost felt like we were there.

  13. As usual- thanks Tim. If the video of this one is shown before the next home match I predict a bumper crowd.
    I’m assuming that Cov went up on Friday. The evening’s bonding certainly paid dividends! The general consensus seems to be that they were all ‘men of the match’. Being a big Jubby fan, however, I was so pleased that he crossed the whitewash first. What a feeling that must have been! It will be difficult to drop him after his recent performances!
    A big thanks must go to you and your travelling colleagues. That support must have an impact. It’s amazing to think that the stadium could accommodate another 23000. The atmosphere with the usual 700/800 must be funereal to say the least! This result will not help their attendances.
    I’m so pleased about this result that the England debacle has been rendered meaningless!
    Thanks again,

  14. Thanks Ian, it was a marvellous occasion – I’ve always loved going up to Darlington, the stadium is such a one off in terms of rugby at our level. Really friendly folk, too!

  15. Yes, a long journey, Pauline. Hope the result has given you a bit of a buzz. The boys played really well – so pleased for everyone concerned who has worked really hard to get the team where they currently are.

  16. Tim, well done, once again a great description of the game and the surrounding ambiance. Gave me a great sense of what I had missed. Gwan Cov.

  17. This was a trip too far for us but thanks to you Tim we feel we were there. So grateful.

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