Sat. May 15th, 2021

Dear all

I’m putting the blog aside for a while. Initially a couple of weeks and then I’ll see how things are…

…the enthusiasm isn’t as it was and a break will do me some good, I’m sure.

Sometimes the hassle just isn’t worth it.

Many thanks to everyone for your kind comments…

I leave the final words with Elvis…

History repeats the old conceits
The glib replies, the same defeats
Keep your finger on important issues
With crocodile tears and a pocketful of tissues
I’m just the oily slick
On the windup world of the nervous tick
In a very fashionable hovel
I hang around dying to be tortured
You’ll never be alone in the bone orchard
This battle…is nothing so novel

I’ve got a feeling
I’m going to get a lot of grief
Once this seemed so appealing
Now I am beyond belief

Elvis Costello – Beyond Belief


By Tim

35 thought on “Quick update on the blog…”
  1. Tim, I’m devastated ‘cos have only just found your blog ! i’ve only just begun my support again of Cov travelling from Cheltenham for some home games. i first wayched at Coundon Rd as a kid with my dad but left the city aged 20 and been a good many places since. i was very sad that with the advent of the professional game Cov’s fortunes fell so low. so imagine my delight now being able to follow the team from my present home Cov seem on the up. it’s clear from your posts this last few days that your blog has been much appreciated and i’m sad i’ve missed out. i’ll be on the look out though for more from you some time again.
    Bill Rumball

  2. Ditto to all the sentiments already posted, I’m going to miss your blog as part of my daily routine, many thanks for being a BIG part of my reinvigorated following of this fantastic club over the last few seasons.
    Come back to it when you are ready (please!)

    …….and thanks for some great ‘Tunes’ too.

  3. Hi Tim,i’m at the other end of the day to most of your readers.Get home around six,shower,grab a beer,then sit down to read your blog.Couldn’t believe it!Avid reader of your blog,and always follow your match day tweets when I can’t make it for an away game.The speeling mistooks make it even more fun to read.Have a good break,but be nice if you put the odd blog forward,it would keep a lot of people happy.

  4. Sorry to see you’ve felt the need to take this decision Tim. I have an inkling why but I hope the comments here will make you see it is worth the hassle!

    I’m astounded that you’ve managed to keep your daily musings so interesting, relevant and witty. It’s a testament to your personality and great love of our club.

    Here’s hoping you feel revitalised after a couple of weeks rest and come back all guns blazing!

  5. Enjoy your break Tim and I sure hope that it is just a break. Your daily blog is informative, witty and appreciated by so many people who can’t wait to read it every morning.

  6. Nothing to add, it’s all been written and said previously……many thanks for your time and effort.
    I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting you, but hope to someday.
    Not sure of the exact saying, but, old dogs and keeping them down spring to mind, love to see the blog return someday but only when it’s right for you…….
    Once again many thanks,and hope to meet you one day.

  7. Tim, I’m very sorry that you have retired your pen for (hopefully) a bit. I’m a teacher and avid Cov RFC fan and loved my break time read of your musings. I’m appreciative of the time it takes to write and edit so I dod hope it comes back, in some form or another.
    Please tell me that you will continue to Tweet…

    Kind regards,

  8. Going to have to add my regret at your decision here as well, Tim. There’s always one who spoils it, and those who have derived so much pleasure and information from your blog as well as gaining a thought provoking insight into what happens at the club will sorely miss their daily read, as will I.

    As has already been said (many times below), your page was one of my first stops on the internet, and I really hope you feel re-enthused soon. There’s too much going on for you to not be telling us about it!!

    See you on Saturday.

  9. Tim, others before have said it all, your blog is part of my daily routine and will be sorely missed. But you have to do what is right for you and your family. Hopefully you will continue your Twitter feed on matches to keep those who cannot attend them for one reason or another and possibly in the near future resume your blog. Hopefully will see you on Saturday and if you feel like it we can have a quick chat.
    On the bright side I surpose it will leave me more time to chat to my darling wife, but a huge part of our daily conversation will be missing.
    Remember Always look on the bright side of life.

  10. Hi Tim

    you have and always will have my full respect for what you have achieved in this blog, i do hope your “break” will see a rejuvenated Tim, return sometime soon.

    Love the Elvis Costello analogy…..

  11. I’m a man of few words Tim and what I truly feel has already been expressed here far better than I could have done. It’s obvious that your blog has given so much pleasure to so many people as well as greatly enhancing the whole “Cov” experience. Another plus for me is that because of the blog I’ve got to meet you and shake your hand each week, (which I hope to continue to do). So Tim, very many thanks for what’s gone and also for what may hopefully come in the future.

  12. Hi Tim, I rarely respond to your blog but feel it essential you’re aware how much your blog will be missed. I can only guess and marvel at the hours of thought and effort you put into what clearly comes across as a labour of love. From a very sellfish viewpoint it would be really great to see your blog back up and running again soonest.
    Not sure what your readership will do without you!
    All the best.

  13. I would just like to add my thanks. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog which became essential reading shortly after coming across it.

  14. Well that’s exactly what I was thinking too, Mark, but as I’m not a writer I left it at just the one line. I too hope to see Tim back on his blog soon but do respect his wish to have a break.

  15. Tim,
    Thank you for all your blogs over the past few years. They have been most informative and most enjoyable to read. Where you found the time to compose on such a regular basis, heaven only knows.
    Travelling to the ground on training nights and keeping all of informed on all the latest developments has been praiseworthy indeed. You earned the confidence of the management, coaching staff and players with your articles and earned their trust into the bargain.
    Your match day reports on away days have been brilliant (not too many cold fingers in evidence either) and have kept me up to the minute with our teams progress.
    Pizzas and pies apart, I always looked forward to following the game through your up to date comments.
    You have always written from the heart and in an inoffensive, but personal manner. Your passionate love for our Rugby Club has always been evident and as a long standing supporter you have expressed you own heartfelt views fairly.
    I sincerely hope that no person or persons have caused you to “take a rest” Hopefully also you remain in good health and that your fingers will once again do the talking in the not too distant future.

  16. Tim I am sad to read this. But as others have written take care of yourselve and your family. I also will miss the blog each day. But will have the pleasure of being with Sam and your good self at BPA.

  17. Tim, the comments and expressions of regret from supporters amount to more than just a lot – it’s an avalanche! Your blog is mandatory reading first thing each morning. And consider how much it has complemented the fresh impetus of open, honest and frank information coming out of the club – the two elements have been commensurate. Please reconsider.
    I’m going to send you an email……………

  18. Very sorry to you are suspending your blog. As others have said it’s the first thing I read in the morning, often before I have got out of bed, and always find it interesting and thought provoking. When I remember how sparse news of the club was before you started, the virual torrent of information, interviews etc. coming from the official club site , to my mind , is a tribute to the effect of all your hints and promptings. well done. Hope to hear from you again in the future if you fee like it and thank you, Cheers! Up the Cov!!

  19. Morning Tim,
    My twopennorth – and take a seat 😉
    You have to do what you feel is right for you. That’s the top and tail of it.
    But, and here’s the rub.
    You’ve enjoyed writing the blog. It shows through your writing.
    I should know. As a journalist I’ve written hundreds of thousands of stories, I’ve edited hundreds and thousands of stories. Not saying I’ve ever been good, but I was trusted to get things right for a start.
    Then I helped teach, or at least guide in some cases, people how to write ‘colour’ pieces, stuff with emotion in it. I see the enjoyment in your words, for your club and your subject matter.
    I’m not alone in checking out your blog on my daily round of websites. It’s been part of my morning routine, along with shouting at the kids, munching on too many biscuits and spilling my tea.
    So, if you’ve received criticism, then let me tell you – some people are never happy. When I left the Coventry Evening Telegraph to move on to bigger things, I remember an appraisal that made me some kind of Golden Warrior. I was proud, surprised, but ever humble, it was later that day I had a reader telling me I wouldn’t be able to write a nursery rhyme.
    The first time my byline – my name – went on a story I was so proud and I thought I was some kind of big man. Hours later, after watching a game at Coundon Road, my name was on the newspaper around my bag of chips from the chippie along the road.
    I write an occasional blog when I fancy. Some stuff I write is average, some good, some poor. I tend to get more views for the rubbish and sometimes less than 10 when I’ve put my heart and soul out there in the ether.
    As you know I wrote a blog about Cov Rugby the other day, with the caveat I didn’t want to step on your toes, and I had a couple of hundred views.
    Yet not one response. No-one agreeing, no-one disagreeing.
    I remember when I made it as a writer, on a paper still selling 100,000 copies a day with a following wind and knowing that people had read my stuff. I had praise, I had abuse. Not now. A sign of the times.
    I love the fact that Cov have taken on John Wilkinson, a man who has the club at heart and has dramatically changed the media offering, but you give us fans something different. Especially for people like me so far out of the loop it’s untrue.
    It’s been that case for years, since I left Coventry, moved abroad, went to war as a soldier – I’ve followed Cov RFC from afar. Just results. Just a league table.
    Since I found you on Twitter, with your match feeds and blog, I’ve felt closer to the action, closer to my club. If you don’t know how that feels, let me tell, it’s brilliant.
    So, take a break. Enjoy life. Don’t let the blog get you down.
    But realise why you started it, accept what you get out of writing it on a personal level. Don’t be put off by the naysayers.
    Whatever you choose to do in the future, you’ve my thanks for putting me more in touch with the club I adore. Down here in Cornwall, it’s agony not being able to get to the BPA, having only missed about six games between December 2012 and December 2016.
    All the best, squire.
    You can have that well deserved cuppa now.

  20. Tim, to me, you have been a welcome and very informative, thought provoking, extension of the information service now surrounding Coventry Rugby Club and I am very sure that a great many of supporters feel the same. I can see that it takes a great deal to construct the articles and wish that other people could have appreciated the work in the manner it was meant as I and many others have. Have a rest, but please consider some contribution in the future.

  21. I can only echo the comments above. Please don’t be offended by the suggestion that if on your return,if at all, that a big two or three times a week won’t”burn you out” . This blog has been staple reading for me since it’s inception. Be nice to read it again when you come back refreshed .CHEERs
    P.S. enjoy watching the soaps with your misses.

  22. Tim – What more to say? Your readers are never less than articulate! You’ve obviously given a great deal of pleasure to a great many. Me included. Often it wasn’t just the fascinating content of your posts but the way it was presented. Some of the prose has been exceptional. A book awaits methinks! All the best. I’ll warn you, if I spot you at the ground a hand shake will be in order! Enjoy all those early nights.
    Thanks again.

  23. I can only echo the comments above. Please don’t be offended by the suggestion that if on your return,if at all, that a big two or three times a week won’t”burn you out” . This blog has been staple reading for me since it’s inception. Be nice to read it again when you come back refreshed .CHEERS

  24. Tim, mortified to read the news this morning, right out of the blue! I echo the sentiments already written, your blog will be a big miss, my first read of the morning. Articulate and informative, thank you so much for all your time and effort it was very much appreciated. I hope that in time you will return invigorated, your public awaits!!!!

  25. Tim, I will really miss your blog. As someone else said, it is the first thing I go for in the morning. That said it takes 10 minutes to read but it must take you 3-4 hours at least. A heck of an effort. And a blog a day in January. I really hope you can return, perhaps a couple a week just before and after the match? Thank you.

  26. You will never know how much of an impact you have made in people lives as well as the players, coaches and other staff at C.R.F.C. The time and effort to sort out your blog, as well as general admin is immense. The world of social media and blogging can be one where people are misunderstood and where anyone can feel extremly frustrated by comments made.As sarcasm and the way people put over their comments does not always transfer to the written word. I have fallen foul on boths sides and it can be very disheartening.
    Tim your words and pictures have been read all around the world and you have helped spread the news of Coventrys reawakening….WELL DONE AND THANK YOU.

  27. Can only echo the other sentiments Tim. Will sadly miss my early morning read, and I have always enjoyed your insights and sometimes a different perspective. Really hope you do rediscover your mojo, as I do think your blog has enhanced the experience of supporting our great club, and I’m sure loads of us would like to thank you for all the efforts you have put into this. Come back soon and best wishes

  28. I’m sorry to hear this Tim ☹️.

    I enjoy reading your Blog and keeping up with the goings on at Coventry. Here’s hoping you get your mojo back soon .

  29. Enjoy the break but I hope Coventry’s run in will draw you back. Thanks

  30. Tim had a feeling last night this was going to happen.
    So sad.

  31. Tim – as someone living abroad and unable to attend more than one or two games a year, your blog (and twitter feed) have become indispensable to me; I will miss it tremendously. With that said I just wanted to write a note of appreciation of the (frankly) amazing levels of effort you have put into this and can only marvel at the commitment you have shown. I agree with the others above in hoping this is temporary and if an occasional column from an ex-pat supporter were to help at all then please ask!

  32. Thank You and enjoy the hiatus.

    (hope it’s not got anything to do with that old contrarian on the message board)?!

    You’ve oft pointed out that communication from the club has improved. As a supporter, your blog has been equally important in illuminating what is going on at the club from an interesting and unique perspective.

    One idea to lessen the load: guest columnists: Frustrated Author here!

  33. Really sorry you feel the need to put your excellent blog temporarily out of service. Hope you regain your enthusiasm soon

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