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Following on from Alan’s request regarding a possible ‘Man of the Match’ league table, I’ve had a play around with the results and come up with something that I hope provides a quick and ready overview of this season’s polls. I’ll update the ‘tables’ after every home game from now on until the last home game, against Hull Ionians.

I did miss the second game of the season at the BPA, against Blackheath but I have included the Moseley away fixture as the fantastic travelling support at the game meant there was a very sizeable contingent of Cov supporters there that day and the numbers voting following the game were close to the highest all season.

If I go AWOL for any future games, I’ll endeavour to set a poll up so that those present at the game will still have the opportunity to vote should they so wish and I’ll also provide some sort of trophy for the player who heads the table once the Hull resulted has been added.

I’m really pleased Alan suggested the idea of formalising the awards a little more as currently once announced that week, the results are then quickly forgotten. The data below should add further interest to the weekly polls, given they’ll now be part of a season long competition. It will also gives some further evidence of  supporters’ perceptions of the impact certain players have both on individual games and on the season as a whole.

So far numbers taking part in the polls have ranged from between 12-21% of the gate for that game, so the sample should be enough to give a pretty fair reflection of how everyone might have voted had they been asked.

However, a word of caution –  those percentages don’t take into account supporters who use multiple votes (using different IP addresses) or those who weren’t at the game and listened to it via the radio or followed it on Twitter. It’s not possible to tell how many supporters fall into those categories, but I’m guessing not too many.

Sue (my wife) is a mathematician and when I asked her about what makes a statistically viable sample size she lost me in the first minute when she started talking about sample sizes and confidence levels. However, from the little I gleaned from her before I lost the will to live, the numbers involved here should suffice.

Once again, apologies this isn’t tabulated – it’s just one of the problems of using a hosted platform. I could have put a link in that would have taken you to a table produced in Word but I’d rather keep all the information on the one page.


It’s probably best to start off by reminding ourselves who the top three players voted for in each of the home games so far this season are.


Game 1: Moseley – 1. Stokes 2. Narraway 3. Makaafi (Sponsors’ MotM – )

Game 2: Blackheath – not available (Sponsors’ MotM – )

Game 3: Bishops’ Stortford – 1. Stokes 2. Narraway 3. Tuitupou (Sponsors’ MotM – )

Game 4: Loughborough – 1. Daynes 2. Makaafi 3. Preece (Sponsors’ MotM – )

Game 5: Caldy – 1. Dacres 2. Matoto 3. Tolmie (Sponsors’ MotM – )

Game 6: Plymouth – 1. Tolmie 2. Preece 3. Oram (Sponsors’ MotM – )

Game 7: Ampthill – 1. Preece 2. Kessell 3. Tolmie (Sponsors’ MotM – )

Game 8: Moseley (a) – 1. Trimble 2. Knox 3. Makaafi (Sponsors’ MotM – )

Game 9: Old Albanian – 1. Daynes 2. Povoas 3. Makaafi (Sponsors’ MotM – )

Apologies – I couldn’t find anywhere on the Cov website that listed the Sponsors’ choices by game. Not all the individual match reports include the winner (nor should they, I hasten to add) so I stopped reading through them after the first couple – I’ll contact the club in the week and see if anyone has a copy of the definitive list.

A table based simple on the number of appearances in the top three would look like this:

Makaafi – 4
Tolmie – 3
Preece – 3
Daynes – 2
Stokes – 2
Narraway – 2
Tuitupou – 2
Dacres – 1
Matoto – 1
Oram – 1
Kessel – 1
Trimble – 1
Knox – 1
Povoas – 1

However, to give some weighting to the relative positions, I’ve given 3 points for a first place in the poll, 2 for a second and 1 for a third. As Alan implies, clearly coming first in a weekly poll is more of an achievement than coming second.

I did experiment with Alan’s suggestion of 5, 3 and 1 but decided it favoured the winner rather too much which is ok, but given in most games it’s a really close call , in the end I went with 3, 2 and 1.

By applying the weighting, the table looks very different…

(Latu Makaafi, for instance, has a second and three thirds which under the system I’ve opted to use gives him 5 points (2+1+1+1). 

Stokes – 6
Daynes – 6
Preece – 6
Makaafi – 5
Tolmie – 5
Narraway – 4
Dacres – 3
Trimble – 3
Matoto – 2
Knox – 2
Povoas – 2
Kessell – 2
Oram – 1
Tuitupou – 1

I’m not sure which is the better way of determining the league – by appearances in the top three of the polls or weighted points? James Stokes and Brett Daynes have appeared just twice and are top, Latu Makaafi four times and is 4th= with Jack Preece who has appeared three times…

Brett Daynes has two MofM awards in just 7 starts (against 15 for James S and 12 for Jack P), so maybe that suggests  is he is playing some very consistent rugby at the moment, too

14 players have featured altogether in the 16 games so far played. With no yardstick to go on, it’s hard to know what to read into that but I would tentatively suggest that it’s indicative of the strength of the squad and the ability of all players to influence a game.

The good thing is there doesn’t seem to be a reliance on the same players performing each week and that is definitely a positive and should there be another couple of injuries along the way, there’s always going to be someone who can step up.

The only glaring omission is Will Maisey, but I’m sure his day will come sooner rather than later.

Anyway – that’s how it’s looking at the moment – if anyone wants any different information, then please just ask.


I did mention in Sunday’s post that I’d include some more of John Coles’ photos from the OA game – a number of people have commented on their quality and I can only reiterate how grateful I am to be able to use them.


Tony F
Welcome back, Tony Fenner!
Tony F1
I’ve included this simply because it is such a good action photo…poetry in motion
One of the great sights for any Cov supporter – James Stokes isn’t one for just dotting the ball down- and there’s that scoring face again!

And the following sequence of photos show Pete’s opening try – from the rebound Pete grabs possession, spots the gap and off he goes with eyes only for the line…Pete 3Pete4Peteface

The final photo of the sequence (above) shows that James Stokes is not alone in having a ‘scoring face’, Pete has his own, repeated when he scores the second of his tries (below):

Pete 5

Pete 5

All very tongue-in-cheek…or not in this case.

I love the way Pete plays his rugby and whilst we’ll miss Tom Kessell for sure, I’m more than happy to have Pete and Dave Brazier back.  We weren’t doing too badly with them before Tom’s arrival, after all…

The next sequence of 6 photos shows the reason why Max Trimble’s first ‘try’ was disallowed – to me, he doesn’t seem to have control of the ball and I’m not convinced his hands are even actually in contact with it – whichever way you look at it, you can see why there was some doubt in the referee’s mind. The assistant referee, to be fair, was in the right place but the ball was shielded from his sight by Max’s body.

Max2Max1Max 3Max 4Max 5Max6

Luc1Luc Jeannot makes sure the OA player has absolutely no chance of going anywhere, as Brett Daynes moves in to support him

Dacres - LO
Having George Oram and Brett Daynes lifting Dacres must give him an advantage… Cov caused all sorts of problems for the OA lineout, not helped by the hooker struggling to throw the ball in straight…
Crowd 1
Nothing to do with the lineout this time, just good to see the side opposite the main stand so well populated.
Great reaction from Luc Jeannot there as he watches Rob Knox (corrected – sorry Rob) race to the line – exactly what you want to see from your players, especially so late on in the game and when you’re 40 plus points to the good..
And over Olly goes…!

Sometimes stills can be just as interesting as the moving image and John C’s photos have certainly captured moments in the game that are well worth a second look.

Thanks again, John.



By Tim

16 thought on “Man of the Match awards…another scoring face and a few more photos from the game”
  1. Hi Richard…thanks for this – I’ll have a play with this and for the next Mom award have a go with one or other of the suggestions, Prefer to mine to be honest!

  2. Hi Anne. I think we’re both right and wrong! The first is obviously Rob, but he then went on to score unimpeded…?

    But I think the last is Olly going over for the final try! See what you think?
    Got my photos muddled up…have corrected the first and will wait for confirmation on the second! Sorry…!!!

  3. I’m really not sure that’s Olly in the last 2 photos… 😉

  4. Photos are amazing and really need no commentary from me. Very luck to have such access to them…

  5. Regarding the MoM table…one of the stats I use in similar areas is to multiply the number of occurrences by the total points. Based on Tim’s 3,2,1 data Latu would score 20 (4 apps * 5 points), followed by Jack (18) and Scott (15). (Based on a 5,3,1 system Latu and Jack would swap places)

    But as we all know, 78% of all stats are made up to suit the answer required – as long as we continue to play well and entertain big crowds I’m happy.

  6. Well done Tim. A good selection of photographs ,which paint an interesting picture of the game and players reactions, and also seems to show the current fantastic atmosphere at our home games.

  7. Yes it was. There’s nothing in law about control, only downward pressure. The officials were appropriately picked up on this post match by their assessors.

  8. Thanks for that, Akan….Will see what I can do! Didn’t realise the MofM results were in the programme…Will have to start buying one now 😂😂😂

  9. Thanks, Peter…I mentioned his hands because it’s hard to be in control of the ball without using your hands; that’s all. I’m sure you’re right with regards to the law itself!

  10. Great read as normal but I am not sure of your reasoning regarding disallowing Max’s try. I think the law states in control and downward pressure. The ball seems to be in his arms and downward pressure applied by his body. I may be corrected but I don’t recall the law saying downward pressure by the hands. Always ready to be corrected.

  11. Thanks for taking the time to compile the MOM league tables. I also appreciate your insights and analysis of the figures. The two tables you have prepared are interesting to compare. One way to enhance them might be to have a second column with amount of top three nominations. So Stokes 6. 2. Makaafi. 5. 4. You could start with number of games played as that can put an interesting spin on interpreting the figures Ares you illustrated. Sponsors MoM awards are always in the following weeks programme so hopefully the blanks can be filled in.

    Thank again.

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