Thu. Mar 4th, 2021

Rant n’ rave, don’t give a toss, show the XXXXX next who’s boss
Turn the volume to size ten, they ‘ll never speak to you again
Sod the Sod the Sod the
Sod the Sod the Sod the

Sod the neighbours, we’re not proud,
turn it up loud, turn it up loud
Sod the neighbours, don’t pack it in,
drive ’em mad with the bleedin’ din

Toy Dolls – Sod The Neighbours

We’re off to visit the neighbours today…swapping presents, too.

Hoping for another 5 points again this year from them…

In return, we’ve got them  a further 12 months’ subscription to National One, with an additional 6 months minimum as an added gesture.

We’re generous like that.

Might also take round a cracker or two – with the usual Christmas joke (sorry, used this one before but it still makes me laugh)

Q. What’s the similarity between Moseley Rugby Club and a turkey?

A. Both get stuffed at Christmas…

Out of character for me, this – but when it comes to Moseley at Christmas, well, I reckon it’s fair game.

For the other 28 games of the season, I wish them well, but old rivalries die hard and us Cov supporters have been on the receiving end a fair few times.

As I said in yesterday’s post – time for Coventry supporters to ratchet up the stakes. A win today and that’s a 23 game unbeaten run, with 15 on the bounce this season.

10 more wins after Christmas and I reckon we could even be home and hosed.

A win today sets us up very nicely for the new year, thank you very much.

The supporters know it, the coaches know it and the players know it. Every game is important, but to win today, against Moseley on the eve of the eve of Christmas…it doesn’t get much better than that.

Will Coventry ever have made up as high a percentage of the crowd at a Moseley away game as they will today? It’s going to be fantastic to see and hear that first united Cov response to the  team, our team, as it leaves the field in those final minutes before the game.

It needs to be a statement not just to the players, but to the Moseley supporters as well.

We are Cov – all of us, whether playing or supporting.

Today, we are as one.

To beat the team, you’ll have to beat us as well – and that just isn’t going to happen.

We will make some noise today…

Turn the volume to size ten, they ‘ll never speak to you again
Sod the Sod the Sod the
Sod the Sod the Sod the

Sod the neighbours, we’re not proud,
turn it up loud, turn it up loud
Sod the neighbours, don’t pack it in,
drive “em mad with the bleedin’ din

Just as the players have been immense at times this season, so have the supporters and today, on the last rugby-Saturday of the year, it’s time for us all to show why Cov, above all the other teams in National One, deserve a place in the Championship. Too often for Cov, the talk has been of sleeping giants and of a club with the potential to be so much more – well, maybe today should be about proving that some of that potential is already being realised.

Moseley had 6 additional years on us in the Championship to prove their worth. They fell short in the end. And whilst they were floundering in the league above, we showed for far  too long we just weren’t good enough to be with them.

All too soon we were running with the wolves and learning how to howl.

Changes of late have ensured that Cov is now rising to the top of  National One  and proving itself to be a serious  promotion contender, whether it be this season, or next.

There’s little interest on the Moseley Forum as far as today’s game is concerned, but there is something on the game posted by a moderator and whilst there’s nothing contentious in it at all, it does show one of the misconceptions amongst other clubs about what is happening at Cov at the moment. The writer makes the comment that:

Coventry are throwing everything into a push to return to the league they last took part in during the 2009/10 season

which is an entirely understandable observation from the viewpoint of an outsider looking in.

But it misses the point somewhat…what we are seeing at Cov at the moment is a sustained move towards Championship rugby that isn’t dependent on just one season, or even two. There’s no throwing anything at anyone and the really scary thing for clubs in National One over the next couple of seasons is that if we don’t go up this year, in will come another 7 or 8 players of the calibre we’ve seen join us this campaign and we’ll just get stronger and stronger.

Make no mistake, we will go up. This year, next year or even the year after…but we will go up.

We’ve scene the ‘sh!t or bust’ scenario at Cov on too many occasions in the recent past – but we’ve learned our lessons, or at the least the Board has, and the foundations that are in place are now solid enough to sustain not just a National One club, but a Championship one as well.

Ours is a relentless climb to the next level  and if clubs are expecting us to falter, then they’re going to be disappointed.

We’ll lose a game or two between now and the end of April, but not five, not playing as we are. At least I can’t see us doing that, not on the evidence of the past 14 games.

The post on the Moseley Forum also states:

Tolmie’s success at try scoring possibly suggests a very effective catch and drive, unless he has developed an exceptional turn of speed since his days at the Common.

Well, now that’s interesting. We’ve seen some exceptional running from Scott Tolmie over the 18 months he’s been with us and he’s left the odd centre trailing in his wake before now. There aren’t many finer sights than Scott on the charge and running 30, 40, 50m or more to set up a try or two, or watching him appear from nowhere on the shoulder of one backs to take a try scoring pass.

But yes, he’s not bad on the back end of a rolling-maul either.

We are blessed with two top quality hookers in Phil Nilsen and Scott Tolmie and whilst it’s a shame Phil will miss out on a start today, Scott knows what these derby games are all about and he’ll surely be as up for it as anyone.

And Rowland Winter looks to have picked a pretty strong starting XV, and with a bench oozing experience, Coventry should end the game with as strong a side as they start it. Personally, despite Moseley’s indifferent form this season and Coventry’s convincing display against them back in September, I’m not expecting it to be anything other than a close game and unless Moseley lack the fight, it won’t be until the last 15 or 20 minutes that we really should pull clear.

Having Phil Boulton start, rather than come off the bench as he has on occasions this season, makes sense as Moseley’s scrum will be fairly strong and Coventry haven’t always dominated the set piece in quite the way they did last season. Jack Higgins will cause some damage when he comes on and he has impressed everyone since he arrived at Cov, as has Titchard-jones who travels. But Boulton to start is a good move. Captain Fantastic returns.

Normally, we only take a couple of travelling reserves but RW has opted to include 4, recognition I expect of the contributions that players like Turkish, Povoas, Emery and Dingwall have made to the team in the first half of the season. RW hinted that Tom Emery will get some more game time after Christmas, and rightly the dual regs are very much still in his plans. If they’re the best option, then they should be playing, especially if it means you can rest some of the more senior players who might otherwise be starting every game. Including 4 traveling reserves also suggests this is a close-knit squad and the coaches want everyone to feel a part of what is being achieved – and that is good man management to me.

We know that Kessell is playing his last game for Cov for the time being at least and whilst he has shown what it takes to be even a reserve Premiership scrum half (although he has made 22 appearance for Saints, of which 8 have been starts),  there is something rather reassuring seeing Pete White’s name on the squad list. There might be some elements of his game that don’t quite as yet match those of Kessell, but his presence on the pitch always creates problems for the opposition. Welcome back, Pete.

Congratulations, too, should go to the club for making the decision to open up the bar at Cov after the game – with three coaches heading back to the ground, I’d imagine one or two supporters will want to either continue their celebrations or drown their sorrows on home territory. Hopefully, the players and other supporters will make their way back there as well and with the right result behind them, it could make for a very enjoyable evening.

For Cov to win though, everyone has to play their part…supporters included. We need to drown out the Moseley crowd just as the players must try to silence them early on by forcing Moseley on to the back-foot. Cov’s defence has been resolute at times –  this afternoon it must be again.

If Cov play as we know they can, then Moseley are going to struggle, but if they aren’t focused and if their discipline is lacking, then it could be a tough afternoon for us. Despite all the earlier rhetoric, Moseley at home will be a threat – but Coventry away from home these days are causing teams a fair few problems as well.

There’s no point in patronising Cov supporters by suggesting we need to get behind our team, it’s what we do week in, week out. But we do need to:

Sod the neighbours, don’t pack it in,
drive “em mad with the bleedin’ din 

And if it does end up being tense out on the pitch, we can at least do something to strengthen Cov’s nerve…

Cov…en…tree, Cov…en…tree…

I’m indebted to Denise who sent me a clip of OC’s Under 11’s giving their rendition of what I understand is a Cov City classic that has been suggested as a possible candidate for adaptation into a Cov Rugby terrace chant…(you might need to click on the link rather than just the video)

Looks like Roger P could be leading us all in a verse or two, aided and abetted by the CRSC choir led by Steve Hood and Phil Reynolds, both of whom if memory serves me correctly, were just 12 months ago singing their own version of Slade’s ‘Merry Christmas Everybody’ from the main stand after last season’s win against Mose:

If we are to lose a game or two this season, please god, don’t let one of them be this afternoon.


A reminder that voting closes for the Coventry’s Most Valuable Player (MVP) 2017 poll on Sunday…if you haven’t yet voted, please give it ago.

It remains very close at the moment and your vote could make a real difference (without giving away too much!)…

For the poll, and further details, please click on the link below:

Coventry Rugby Club – Most Valuable Player poll (2017)


As always, I’ll be tweeting updates from the first team game this afternoon.

Both Cov and Moseley have a match day Twitter feed, although mostly just the scores and the main moments in the game (Ampthill’s seems to offer far fewer updates from the game than Cov’s though).

Moseley’s  Twitter account is @MoseleyRugbyFC and Cov’s is @CoventryRugby – Moseley don’t seem to be tweeting from games which seems odd so I might have missed something there, Coventry tweet mostly the score updates.

Ig=f you’re looking for something slightly different, then I try and give a sense of the atmosphere as well and tend to tweet far more, a lot more, so if you’re at home and just surfing the net trying to find out anything you can about the game, this might be a different option. The tweets, when combined, make a crude ‘commentary’ of sorts.

Be warned though, you might get well over a 130 plus tweets during the course of the game – so if that is too much, mute me and use the two club’s official feeds!
Please bear in mind, I am a bit one-eyed when I tweet. I’ll certainly be fairly emotive I imagine, so be warned if you are tuned in!

I’m on @Cowshedtim

Apologies in advance for some of the typos that appear. For some though, deciphering my tweets adds to the occasion.

If you aren’t familiar with Twitter or don’t have an account, then on the homepage of this blog ( all the tweets will appear in real time on the far right of the page, towards the top end. Click on it to increase its size.


Toy Dolls – Sod The Neigbours

Think a mix of The Ramones, Kiss and Def Leppard…

150 seconds of high octane punk/rock.

They did a Christmas version of ‘Nellie the Elephant’ back in the early 80s that topped the Indie Charts – one of theirs you might have heard before. Never saw them live though…

This one is worth a listen, however.

And the lyrics couldn’t be more appropriate, today of all days…




By Tim

3 thought on “‘Sod the neighbours, don’t pack it in, drive ’em mad with the bleedin’ din…’”
  1. Can’t wait, leaving around 12.00, 4 of us coming in car. Come on Cov.

  2. Good commenys from MDF and cowshed Tim. But it’s still one game at a time. To do the double over Moseley is really something to get excited about (if we do it). I recall one season when we did the trebble wining a match in the cup as well. To fans of both sides I say let us support our teams today with pride and passion. I hope each and everyone be it Blue and White or Red and Black arrives safe and leaves safe to get home today.

    To all fans of rugby union I wish you all a very Merry Christmas.

    Michael Carter

  3. Given your comments about being a ‘Brummie’, it’s interesting – and good – you’re on the side of Cov. Understandable, of course, but Moseley and Aston Villa are the teams we hate losing to in both forms of football. And losing to Australia at cricket, but let’s not go there.
    I’m sure for Moseley, they won’t need any extra motivation to take it to Coventry – but as we’re the leaders, then they could be a real threat. Cov just need to remain focused. Today is all about beating Mose. Sod the title, sod promotion, today is all that counts.

Any thoughts:

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