Tue. May 11th, 2021

Last night I dreamt
That somebody loved me
No hope – but no harm
Just another false alarm

This story is old – I KNOW
But it goes on
This story is old – I KNOW
But it goes on

The Smiths – Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me



The Supporters are now running TWO coaches to Cambridge…yes, TWO coaches!!!

Such is the demand, there are now only 7 places on the second coach still available – please contact the CRSC (CRSC1874@gmail.com) should you wish to book a seat; it’s not too late.

If these places are filled, there is still the option of increasing the size of the second coach, but that can’t be guaranteed, so far better to book now than later, only to find there are no more spaces available.

Many thanks to those who have already booked and a massive ‘well done’ to Quent Melhuish who has worked tirelessly behind the scenes to get that second coach up and running.



…if you had the chance to pick a Cov side made up of players who have made at least 14 appearances for Coventry over the seven years the club has been in National One, who would be in it?

Just remembering the players who have played for Cov during that period is difficult enough, but to select a side…well that’s tough.

But that’s what I’m asking you to do – but to make it that much easier, I’ve listed every player, by position, who has made 14 or more  appearances for Cov since we were relegated to National One back in 2010.

There’s a caveat though, that being I’ve also included the key signings made by Rowland Winter over the course of the summer as well. I know they haven’t as yet qualified under the 14 appearance rule, but it is more than likely that they will and to exclude them would inevitably weaken one or two positions in the eyes of some supporters.

And besides, do you go for Alex Nash or Jack Preece, Alex Grove or Heath Stevens,  Luke Narraway or Darrel Dyer or Jacques Le Roux and so on? It just makes it that much more of an interesting exercise, really.

14 appearances is something of an arbitrary cut-off point, but my reasoning was that to have completed 14 appearances would probably have meant a player would have been at the club for the best part of a season and that seems a fair starting point. Less than 13 and I’d question just how much influence they would have had whilst here.

I haven’t selected any dual registered or on-loan players for obvious reasons, although in fairness I’m not sure any qualified other than Ethan Waller. Unfortunately, though, by setting the minimum number of appearances (and not starts) as high as 14, a number of big name players didn’t qualify for selection, including Boris Stankovich (9), Brendan Snyman (13) and Gaston Mieres (11).

A shame, but it is as it is…to include them would have meant a lot of additional players would have had to have been added to the lists.

Where relevant, decisions should be on the basis of their performances with Cov, not their reputations either before they came to us or after they left.

You only need to vote for two players per position – so four props (two tight heads and two loose heads), four flankers (two open-side and two-blind side), two hookers and so on. I’ll then produce a single team to include the player receiving the most votes in each position – as well as a squad of 35 players, just for the interest factor.

If anyone is brave enough to post their team under the comments section below this post for others to have a gander at, please feel free to do so.

If you show me yours, I’ll show you mine… 🙂 🙂 🙂

Given it’s a task that involves rather more thinking time than the usual polls, I’ll leave it open for a week so that there’s no rush to get it done.

I did wonder it it might fill in the time in between the bed baths and enemas for Peter Redhead.

A cup of  coffee and a couple of positions one day, the same the next…it doesn’t have to be done all in one go. Just remembering some of the names is interesting in itself  – there’s still one player, Nathan MacDonald, that I just I can’t recall at all, even though everyone I’ve spoken to can clearly remember him.

Apologies if I’ve missed anyone, there should be a space available to add players if you think I’ve neglected to include someone, but remember the 14 appearance rule.

If you have only been watching the team for a couple of seasons, that should preclude you from voting – I’d like to think anyone who has watched Cov for at last two seasons could have a go.

If players have played in several positions, I’ve included them in the one they’re most remembered for or their primary position, so Darrel Dyer I’ve included as a No 8, even though he also played as a blind-side, Cliffie Hodgson as a full back, rather than a fly half and so on.

As with all the blog polls, check on the heading of each of the positions to see how many votes are required, click on the circle against each name you want to be included and press ‘Vote’ for that position when you’re happy with your choices. Once you have voted, your choices can’t be changed. The software ensures that names in each list are in a different order each time the post is opened up to avoid influencing the decision.

Repeat voting is blocked by cookie, not IP address, so if you’re using a phone and a tablet, you could vote twice – but only once on each device.

Please do give it a go. It doesn’t matter if it’s a quick gut reaction or a more measured response, whichever route you choose, I’m sure it will bring back some happy memories of the not so distant past.

Just how close will the squad you’ve selected be to that of the one published in a week’s time.

Here’s hoping this works!



The Smiths – strangely not a band I every really got into despite all the accolades they’ve received over the years. I always found their music a bit depressing really and I certainly never warmed to Morrissey. I tried to read his autobiography a few years ago, but I found it impossible to get into – the lack of punctuation didn’t help.

But if we’re talking about Dream Teams, then  ‘Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me’ partly fits the bill, even though it is a somewhat tenuous link.

Not their best known single, but if I know of it, it must have been reasonably successful.

despite the

By Tim

9 thought on “National One 2010-2017 Coventry Dream Team”
  1. Kohler is in mine but I went with Tom Warren in addition to the current 3 props, although I’m afraid I declined on Morgan and Otutaha. I had Myring in the centre, along with Grove, Stevens and Tuitupou. It’s the great thing about these sorts of polls – it’s all about personal choice. There’s never a wrong answer (fortunately!).

  2. Spent a couple of hours making my choices, and have gone down the route of, sentiment, skills, and personal preference,
    Some of my selections may raise the odd eyebrow, but I genuinely would have liked to see my squad together at full fitness.
    A lot of the current squad are obviously in there, but some names that might cause debate are……..Scott Morgan, James Otatuah, Nico Steenkamp, Liam Munro, Mark Kohler…….as stated earlier, its all about opinions…

  3. toms first on my list for consistency and effort. i would like to have put hurrel in the centres where he was very effective for cov ,as not on the wing. also had a tough call on knox, again couldnt quite chose him but he would be my 16th man.

  4. It’s going to be skewed as there will be a lot of people completing the poll who won’t have been supporters as far back as 2010. Still, good just to see some of those names again…

  5. Including Tom is definitely not case of ‘chickening out’ – most fans would have him there on merit. Great player and someone who really understand what playing for Cov is all about

  6. Feels like I have just been at the ‘ pick and mix!’ But, I have given it a shot and think a lot of others might weigh in with the same choices. But, hey, we do live in a democracy and have the often forgotten choice of a ‘ free choice.’ Good luck everybody!

  7. Hi John…if you let me know the names of players you think should be included, I’ll double check. If I’d have included players in more than one position it would have overcomplicted things; for me if no one else! Apologies if I have missed some out…

  8. Wanted to vote for Sam Pailor as a flanker but he didn’t appear. Some names there I didn’t expect but also names not there I would have expected to see – perhaps my memory is letting me down!

  9. Phew Tim. That’s a lot of homework to give us!!! And it is very difficult task. I’ve chickened out and selected one player from the forwards who has put his body on the line and played excellently over the last few seasons. He is out injured at the moment but it would be great if he could return in the spring to hopefully add to the promotion push. My choice is Tom Poole. A better club guy is hard to imagine. I’ll think about the rest later, but but but…… tough choices!

Any thoughts:

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