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  1. Hi Tim,
    I thought there were about 600-700 watching – what do you reckon? Had a quick chat with Phil Maynard – he seemed quite pleased with the turnout.

    I’m not a football expert (nor indeed a rugby expert) – I thought the game was played with lots of enthusiasm and commitment.

    Pitch seemed to be OK – ball bounced true most of the time – it’ll be interesting to see what happens during January when the pitch becomes “a little heavy”!!


    • I thought it was about 500 ish, but I’m useless at trying to guess the crowd size so you are probably much closer to the actual figure than I am. Very enjoyable game…thought the pitch held up brilliant, even in some adverse conditions. I’m no expert either, but I certainly enjoyed watching the match and will almost certainly be back at some stage this season…


      • It will certainly be interesting to see what happens in say January, when the pitch gets a little “heavy”!


      • Might need a very heavy roller after the Saturday Cov games to iron out all the divots ready for the following week’s footy! – Still think it will be the rugby that causes the problems, if there are any, and not the football…?!


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