Here comes the sun, it feels like years since it’s been here…and that really is all folks!

Little darling, it’s been a long cold lonely winter
Little darling, it feels like years since it’s been here
Here comes the sun
Here comes the sun, and I say
It’s all right

Little darling, the smiles returning to the faces
Little darling, it seems like years since it’s been here
Here comes the sun
Here comes the sun, and I say
It’s all right

Beatles – Here Comes The Sun

Here comes the sun, indeed.

Not just the summer sun, either.

If Cov starts next season’s National One campaign as it ended this one, then we might all be benefitting from a bit of Winter sun as well…

…sorry, I couldn’t resist it.

The season is all but over, other than the Annual Awards’ Evening on Friday and after that players and coaches can all take a well-earned break in readiness for a return in mid-June.

Not so, of course, for the likes of Lara and Jo and everyone else in the office and behind the scenes who will be running the show as usual – they’ve played their part this season and deserve our thanks.

I know the players won’t be around over the early part of the summer, but it would be good if on the website John W could maybe still feature other aspects of the club during the close season, perhaps focusing on key people outside of the coaches and players – the likes of Phil Maynard, Lara, Jo, Eric, Gully.

Their roles must have changed over the last 12 months, or if not changed then become more demanding. I remain embarrassed to admit I know nothing of what goes on at the club outside of the rugby and I guess there must be others like me, too, who would be interested in finding out a little more about the thoughts of some of those who do so much and yet hardly get a mention.

It would maintain a level of interest in Cov at a time when there is little happening as far as supporters are concerned, as well as give some well-deserved recognition to those who we seldom get to hear about.

For instance, I’d love to know a bit about the gentleman who oversees the turnstiles on a match day – he’s a lovely chap who  always passes the time of day. He quickly learned our names, is always welcoming and has been doing the job for a few seasons now.

Yet, I don’t even know his name.

Rather like the ‘Supporter’s Perspective’ feature in the match day programme, why not have something similar on the website during the close season to celebrate the great work done by some of the less well-known names behind Coventry’s success this season?

If success comes as a result of a team effort, then it’s the whole team that should enjoy the recognition.

Everyone has played their part, no matter how big or small.

Anyway, just a thought…


To everyone involved with Cov this season…a big thank you.

This is the final post for this season at least…

A few thanks you before I go, though.

I’m indebted to everyone who has followed the blog, whether it be just the occasional post or the whole kit and caboodle. Special thanks must go to those who have left comments or come over to say hello at matches and given me the encouragement to go on.

Also, a word of gratitude must go to Rowland Winter for giving me some background on occasions into what is happening at the club and to the players for putting up with me snapping away  before and after games.  The pre and post match photos prove very popular…

…and thanks, too, to Paul Smith for his support as well.

Those who have read every post since August 2015 will have consumed over three-quarters of a million words, so to them I can only express appreciation of their stamina and concern for their mental health.

As the success on the pitch has grown, so has the blog’s popularity and last month proved to be its most popular, with 3048 different ‘viewers’ logging on at least once  during April – or put another way, getting on for two and a half times the average weekly attendance this season. It’s been read in 104 countries, including China where there is at least one regular reader.

I mention this only because it shows just how much the club is loved, even by those who have moved abroad and, as ex-pats, still hanker for news about all things blue ‘n white. Indeed it’s not just ex-pats, but also the families and friends of ex-players as well.

There is a whole world out there that follows Cov – and there’s no doubt that the change in Cov’s fortunes has been well received by those who still retain an interest in the club, despite being separated by great distances.


And finally…I promise…

Anyone who has followed the club over a number of years will have heard reference to what is arguably the most memorable game Cov has been involved in over the last quarter of a century…

Coventry v Newcastle – Nov 2, 1996

7000 people crammed into Coundon Road to watch Cov take on the Courage Division 2 leaders. A team of stars bought in or retained to ensure immediate promotion, a team that was made up almost entirely of internationals, packed full of stars including the likes of  Underwood, Andrew, Weir, Armstrong, Popplewell, Archer and Ryan…

For those not familiar with the game, or just wanting to indulge in a bit of nostalgia, the following two posts detail the events that day, together with significant footage of the game itself:

Coventry v Newcastle: Nov 2 1996 – watch it as the story is retold…

Coventry v Newcastle: Nov 2 1996 – watch it as the story is retold (Part 2)

It’s relevance here, though, is that that game is proof of the potential that this club has to attract attendances well beyond anything we have seen in recent years. 2712 v Moseley would be doubled, tripled even, if in three or four years time Cov were to be pushing for promotion to the Premiership.

The presence of Wasps in the city would make little difference – we saw that just before Christmas. Coventry folk crave local success and this club is currently embarking on a journey that has significant implications not just for the club, but for the city itself.

Rowland Winter has done what other DoRs have probably been unable to do over the last 20 years and that is unify supporters and create a sense of belief. The energy that this is creating could, indeed should, be the springboard to further success…

The blog has brought me in contact with people I never normally would have met. One such person is Pauline Smith, a lovely lady who is Cov through and through. I am indebted to her for loaning me a series of photos from the Newcastle game which show exactly what continued success could bring to this club.

Over 20 years ago it may be, but the scenes depicted on the photos will return if, or rather when, we are back in the Championship. Supporters will come back in their hundreds, if not thousands, and the BPA will resemble Coundon Road that day. 4000 at the BPA would see the place rocking…

If you click (or tap) on the first photo you’ll be able to see them enlarged. The cowshed and the railway end were absolutely heaving on the day and you can almost feel the sense of celebration in the supporters as they run on to the pitch come that final whistle.

Remember Jez Harris’ drop gal to win the game…?

And remember Paul Ingleston’s ‘Some people think it’s all over’ comment at the end of the game…‘You can tell the Coventry players, they’re the ones without shirts.’

The past can be repeated…but for that to happen supporters, players and coaches must believe…

And there is a real sense that this time things could be different.

We’re a long way from such scenes as those  seen below at the moment, but who knows what this club, this team, these players and coaches could yet achieve…?

Nothing is guaranteed, but everyone is doing their bit, on and off the pitch, to make next season an even more successful one than this.

Have a great summer,

Up the Cov.


How many of the super group can you name?

George Harrison – Here Comes The Sun

Little darling, the smiles returning to the faces
Little darling, it seems like years since it’s been here
Here comes the sun
Here comes the sun, and I say
It’s all right


Author: Tim

10 thoughts on “Here comes the sun, it feels like years since it’s been here…and that really is all folks!

  1. Hi Tim no problems, no doubt it will be on the web site, look forward to seeing you in the new season and the blog’s 😀🏉🍻

  2. Hi Dennis…thanks for the kind words, much appreciated as is your support over the season. I’m afraid I’m not going to the Awards’ Evening…I’ll try and get hold of the winners and get them posted asap…enjoy the next few days with William…happy times!

  3. Tim, Could you please let us now the winners at club dinner tonight, Unfortunately cannot make it tonight, Babysitting with Matt’s boy William while he has a few days break in Spain cheers

  4. Many thanks for your blog’s Tim, and many many thanks for your Twitter reports on the away games, very much appreciated to everyone who cannot always get to the away games, have a good summer break and give the (fat ) fingers a rest, only joking on the fat fingers 😀🏉🏉🍻

  5. Just a simple thanks, really. Enjoyed the posts every day, and will miss them in the off season. So, enjoy the summer, and look forward to picking up again at start of new season.

  6. Tim it really is the end of season now with no more blogs. Thank you for your input over the last season. Been a great pleasure to read and view photos . Enjoy your break.

  7. Great work Tim! You will be getting a well deserved rest! It’s my 7am read here in the US. Agree – exciting times ahead. Jon Sharp and his team are doing an absolutely fantastic job (without breaking the bank) – he is a very committed fan and astute businessman – a necessary combination for owning a professional sports club! Looking forward to next season!


  8. I remember watching Rob Andrew warm up his place kicking routine. Ball at the corner, aiming for the one post sideways on. Hitting it each time! I was expecting us to struggle in this game but what a result!
    And you’ve been hitting your post regularly too Tim! Many thanks.

  9. Thanks for your posts again this season Tim, you’ve kept us all informed, educated and amused throughout.
    Here’s hoping that, after a well-deserved rest, you feel ready to re-commence come September.

  10. Who could forget the Newcastle game, I was there with 2 of my brothers. What we really want to know is what happened after the game, as Newcastle were not overly gracious in defeat. All of which will be revealed at the forthcoming Supporters’ Club ‘Two Johns” night planned for early September.

Any thoughts:

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