Thu. Mar 4th, 2021

Gonna build a mountain From a little hill
Gonna build a mountain Least I hope I will
Gonna build a mountain Gonna build it high
I don’t know how I’m gonna do it I only know I’m gonna try

Matt Munroe – Gonna Build A Mountain



I’d love to take credit for coming up with such a great hashtag, but sadly I can’t.

That has to go to Peter Redhead and Warren Low (?) …

…and it’s already started to catch on.

Even Rowland Winter referred to it at last week’s training when asked if the club would be releasing information news on signings, both those retained and recruited, every Tuesday.

The answer to that, by the way, was something along the lines of ‘until we run out of players’, which seems fair enough in the circumstances.

I defy any Cov supporter not to get a little excited about these weekly announcements. Whether or not you’ve bought into all the changes that have been made over the past 9 months or so is immaterial, new players coming into the club should always create an interest, engendering emotions ranging from outright euphoria to positive disappointment and anti-climax.

And the club has been pretty canny about the releasing of information this time around, with little news leaking out and weekly announcements to prevent too much rumour and speculation. Regular updates keep everyone interested and build up increasing interest in the season ahead.

Good for season ticket sales and early bird offers I would imagine…?

So far, it’s been very encouraging – 4 quality signings (including Heath Stevens) all of whom are known players, as well as a number of players retained with, as yet, only one player released since the announcements started, although I’m sure there will be others in the weeks to come.

I have to admit to eagerly awaiting John Wilkinson’s Tuesdays’ posts on the messageboard – it takes me back to my childhood and the expectation of opening up a Christmas card and finding something of value inside. In the previous seasons, often the anticipation as been greater than the delivery…

…but not so this season.

‘Gonna Build A Mountain’ seems a particularly apt song to accompany this post, given that sadly Cov is indeed something of a ‘small hill’ these days, despite all its history and tradition. It’s merely one of a number of such hillocks in the foothills that lead to the heights we aspire to reach in the coming years.

Days like today are important because they provide us with the hope that ‘we’ll push that daydream up the mountain slope’.

Gonna build a daydream Gonna see it through
Gonna build a mountain and a daydream
Gonna make ’em both come true

That ‘daydream’ centres around a belief in Jon Sharp’s vision.

As we see results improve, as they have done this season, so that hope grows…or should grow, anyway. The players announced today will be either joining us on our journey for the first time or continuing to travel with us…in a sense, they become the physical embodiment of our own dreams.

As ever though, I have to try and curb my natural optimism…there’s always the possibility, some would say probability, that this is all a bit too chimerical, the product of an overactive imagination.

Remember Sisyphus, the chap who was condemned by Zeus to roll a huge stone up to the top of a hill? In order to teach him a lesson, Zeus had ensured that it would forever roll away from the disgraced king before reaching the top, thus ensuring that Sisyphus spent eternity trying to complete an impossible task.

Sounds all too familiar, really.

Over the years, supporting Cov has felt a bit like that on occasions. For a while it all looks promising only for things to run away from us and we find ourselves standing at the foot of that mountain once again looking up to the promised land  with only hope remaining.

Only there’s no promise that we’ll ever get there.

But maybe things really are different this time around. Maybe, just maybe, the gods of the oval ball are looking benignly upon us for a change and success is at the moment very much in our own hands…

Personally, I can’t wait to see who’ll be joining us next season…ideally, there will be a couple of new players announced as well as some retained.

If those players coming in can help those already here progress to the same extent that we’ve already improved this season, then we will be certainly have reached base camp come next April, if not have made further progress towards second base.


One of the real pleasures for me last Saturday was the chance to listen to The Two Johnnies…Messrs Butler and Wilkinson…reminisce  about previous eras in Coventry’s illustrious past.

Having arrived at the ground a couple of hours before kick off, we settled in the clubhouse, seated alongside JB and JW.

Talk initially was about the game and the journey up the day before, but it soon turned to less mundane matters – past players, amusing anecdotes and interesting, but little known, facts about the club. It made for fascinating listening and, in truth, I’ve watched games that have been far less entertaining (none this season, of course…! ;)).

Both possess a wealth of knowledge about all things Cov that really should be shared…I sat there for a good 40 minutes totally absorbed in the stories they told. Some were about the players or specific games, others were about the trials and tribulations of being a local sports’ correspondent. Names that I had long been forgotten  suddenly emerged from the fog that often shrouds the dim and distant past and it was just a lovely way to spend some time before the game…

And here’s the thing…many of those stories should be shared, and both John Wilkinson and John Butler would be very happy to share them. I, for one, would love to know what really occurred after the Newcastle game, or just how close we were to being wound up in 2009/10, or who the two of them have most enjoyed watching over the years.

It would be great if the Supporters’ Club, or even the club itself, was to arrange something along the lines of the Referee’s Evenings, but with the two Johns and maybe someone like Gully, Steve Thomas or even a player or two from a more recent era, chatting amongst themselves in front of a small audience or even just answering questions from the floor.

Even if you’re fairly new to the club, it would still be of interest, especially if some of the stories pertain to more recent times – where suitable!

I know both Johns would be happy to do something along those lines…because I asked them.

An Evening with the Two Johnnies…and friends.

I’d be up for it.

As they would.


Coventry’s win against Blaydon was important not just because of its significance in terms of our away form this season, but also because it consolidated our position in the league and, better still, brings us a lot closer to the team immediately above us, Rosslyn Park.

Prior to the Blaydon game, fifth and sixth places were as follows:

4 Birmingham Moseley 23 16 7 13 77
5 Rosslyn Park 23 14 8 15 73
6 Coventry 23 13 9 13 67
7 Blackheath 23 13 9 13 67

After Saturday, it now looks like this:

4 Birmingham Moseley 24 17 7 14 82
5 Rosslyn Park 24 14 9 15 73
6 Coventry 24 14 9 13 71
7 Blackheath 24 13 10 13 67

With Coventry still to play Rosslyn Park at home, we could leapfrog them by the end of the season, although of course there’s the small matter of five other games to consider as well.

Cov has to face Ampthill to play on Saturday and that could well prove to be a really tough test against a team that is riding high in the league and boasts a set of forwards as combative as any in the league. However, Rosslyn Park has still to play Cov and Blaydon away, and Ampthill at home so there’s all to play for.

With Moseley hosting Plymouth this weekend and then Hartpury a couple of weeks later, there’s still an outside chance of  4th place….I know it’s been well documented that actually final positions aren’t of any significance this season, and of course that is true, but I’d still like to see how Coventry respond to a target of at least fifth place. It goes against what RW and the coaches have previously said but, as a spectator, positions are relevant if only when making comparisons between years. Ninth last year and sixth this year, or even possibly seventh if things don’t go to plan, doesn’t have quite the same ring to it as fifth or even fourth.

I guess the counter argument is that a good team just tries to win every game and the  final position depends on how many individual games are won…but at some stage Cov is going to have to think beyond that to  a top two or three spot and better…

However, that’s only when we approach the summit of the mountain.

For time being it’s about building:

…a mountain From a little hell
Gonna build a heaven And I know darned well…
…when (Cov) builds that heaven As (it) will some day
Gonna build a new life Throw the old away


Apologies, I couldn’t find a clip of Matt Munro actually singing; this is the best I could come up with:




By Tim

4 thought on “Gonna build a daydream Gonna see it through”
  1. If we could also arrange Harry Walker to be present, what a night, but knowing Harry how would we be able to get him to stop reminiscing.

  2. Brilliant idea Tim and i am sure that Cliff and Quent will be open to it.

  3. Hi Martin…I am meeting Cliff and Quent from the Supporters’ Club tomorrow and will see if there’s any interest on their part…it’s a really generous offer and one that you’d hope would be taken up somewhere along the lin. Personally, I think it would make for a really interesting evening, especially with a couple of ex-players too and definitely all the better for being recorded for posterity. Will get back to you anon!

  4. Tim, It’s just a thought really, but if the “Evening with the Two Johnnies” gets off the ground, it might be worth filming it for posterity? I’d be happy to consider this if there’s interest.

Any thoughts:

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