Sat. May 15th, 2021

Day 11 of the ‘Coventry’s Most Valuable Player’ poll results and this time it’s the 2nd place that’s published.

And you voted for:

Brendon Snyman…

img_0797Brendon was always going to feature strongly in the poll given his huge presence on the pitch and the influence he and Boris had been having in the set pieces as forwards’ coaches.

The saddest thing about his departure from the club is that at 32, he still had perhaps 3 or even 4 years of playing at this level or above, more than enough time for him to become a key member of a promotion winning side.

With players of the calibre of Jubb, Conquest and Poole able to take some of the playing pressure off him, if needed, Brendon’s impact on the club over the coming seasons could, and should, have been immense.

Sadly, that is not to be and we are all left wondering what it was that caused the club to  take such unprecedented action  and what his impact might have been had he seen Project Coventry through to the next stage.

I’m racking my brains to think of other players who have been summarily dismissed in this way – there were a couple of players who had tested positive in the not too distant past, but that is very different from the Snyman scenario. Otherwise I can’t remember it happening before.

It was Synman’s defensive abilities that originally caught my eye, but increasingly he’d showed himself to be an attacking force as well and I wouldn’t be surprised if he was second behind Scott Tolmie in ‘the most metres carried in the forwards’ category, were it to exist. It would certainly be close between him and Tom Jubb…

Knowing Rowling ‘Stato’ Winter’s affinity for such data, they probably already do and accessible from his mobile phone at any moment – although probably committed to memory as well…

Despite Brendon Snyman’s sharp vicissitude’s of fortune, he gave the supporters’ much pleasure and when we watched him we knew we were watching someone special. We’ve had a few second rows come to Cov towards the end of their careers, Andy Blackmore, Mark Tinnock and Scott Morgan spring to mind; players who have dropped down a level (or two even), all good players hoping to bring their experience to bear on a club that is in need of it.

I would put Brendon Snyman right up there with the best of them and given Blackmore is on the list, that puts him in pretty exalted company for me…

I only hope that if and when the events surrounding Brendon Snyman’s departure do come into the public domain, they don’t detract from what he had achieved in his short time with us.

For that reason, perhaps it is better if they don’t…

As it is, we are still only left with little more than a few memories…

and a lot of ‘what ifs and if onlys’…

Such a shame, really…

National One 16/17 Coventry Season appearances – Brendon Snyman

Players Total Start CO Sub Off Points
Brendon Michael Snyman 13 13 3 5


By Tim

2 thought on “On the eleventh day of Christmas…”
  1. Hi and Happy New Year! Whilst appreciating the reason behind the question, it’s not one I am able to answer. Suffice I to say I’m not aware of any problems…Looking forward to reading of a good performance against Macclesfield!!!

  2. Goes to show how highly he was rated and what a big miss he’ll be. Of the player- coaching staff he was the youngest and most able to put in an 80 minute shift at an excellent level. As you mention, we should have expected that for a few seasons to come.

    I hope we find out what happened. As a supporter, it’s good to know what your club regards as an offence worthy of such strong and immediate action. With results having been mixed, my fear is some sort of split in the dressing room.

    Tim, having watched so much training, did Rowland and Brendon appear close?

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