Coventry’s Most Valuable Player and ‘Man of the Match’ v Moseley

By way of a bit of light relief over the Christmas period last year, I asked readers of the blog to vote for the player they felt was currently Coventry’s ‘Most Valuable Player’, the club’s MVP. With little else happening over the festive break, it was a talking point on the blog, if nowhere else. After a week of voting, Jacques Le Roux ended up as the readers’ choice and he received a modest trophy as recognition of his award.

Jacques with the MVP 2015 trophy

It clearly meant a lot to Jacques and in his YouTube ‘best of’ clips, he mentioned the MVP award as part of his profile…

With the MVP poll proving such a success last season, I’ve decided to re-award it this year in the hope it generates the same amount of interest.

It’s not meant as anything other than a bit of fun and, hopefully, won’t incur the wrath of anyone, as was the case with another recent poll, although in fairness that was just the one dissenter (…a poll in which I have it on good authority that RW took part….!).

The Most Valuable Player Award simply asks readers to consider who they think are the players who have had the most impact on the pitch over the last 15 games. It’s not necessarily going to be the biggest points scorers, nor will it be the most charismatic players in the team. In fact, it might very well  be those players who go unnoticed for much of the game but actually do the hard graft  to provide other players with the platform they need to show off their skills.

You have up to 4 votes…please just tick against the appropriate name(s). You don’t have to use all 4, but by using them you open the vote up to more players which adds a bit more interest.

The players will appear in the poll in a random order, not one that I’ve come up with. If the software works, you should only be allowed to have just one set of 4 votes and once you’ve voted you won’t be able to revote  on a different day or through a different post. That’s the theory anyway.

If you’re struggling to reach to a decision, it might help to think of it this way:

  • Ten years from now, who will be the first player from this season that pops into your head?
  • If two Cov Supporters were forced to pick sides and their lives depended on the outcome of the game, who would be the first player picked based on the way everyone played over the first half of the season?


  • If there was an open transfer market, which players in the present squad would command the most value?

Your choices, your decisions…but you only have up to four selections. The winner at the end of the week is the player with the most votes.

If everyone who reads the daily posts votes, it will be fine. If no one votes, then it obviously won’t work! Please make it happens. I’m sure there will be a few surprises in the final reckoning, but please do vote on the basis of a player’s contribution on the pitch only.

Voting ends on Christmas Eve…I’ll repeat the poll at the end of any future posts before then to give everyone the opportunity to cast their vote.

During the 12 days of Christmas, I’ll publish in order, from the 12th place up, the players who accumulated the most votes, culminating in the choice of Coventry’s MPV on the 12th and final day. Provided that is, enough of you take the trouble to vote!

I’ve included everyone in the current squad, but not those who are dual registered.

A reminder: you have up to 4 votes…please just tick against the appropriate name(s) but you don’t have to use all 4 if you don’t wish to.

If I have neglected to include someone, please let me know and I’ll add it to the list asap.

Many thanks in advance for your involvement…


brettVery many thanks to everyone who took part in the Coventry v Moseley ‘Man of the Match’ poll over the weekend.

The results of the votes are as follows:

  1. Brett Daynes – 27%
  2. Darrel Dyer – 18%
  3. Tom Jubb – 12 %
  4. Andy Brown – 10%

So for the third time out (of the six polls in total – had a recount!) those who took part in the poll took a different view to that of the sponsors’ choice  – James Stokes.

Well done, Brett!!

Saturday’s win was once again very much a team effort, as it always is, but this week Brett was a clear winner in terms of the number of votes cast, with fellow back rower Darrel Dyer coming a not too close second. And whilst James Stokes was the sponsors’ choice given some electrifying runs from deep which is fast becoming his trademark, I’m pleased that Brett got the nod from the supporters as I felt he made a real difference to a back row that looked like it might be under-strength with the absence of Jack Willis and Freddie Tuilangi – although Willis hasn’t played for a while now.

Brett has a phenomenal work rate and put in a hell of a shift yesterday and on his return from the bench in the final  minutes he showed exactly why he is such a crowd favourite, putting in a number of important tackles…like Dyer, he covers a hell of a lot of yards during the course of the game and the back row, including Sam Harry, all contributed greatly to the win. Despite Moseley’s strength lying in their back row, we matched them and nullified their threat for much of the game. Le Roux saw a fair bit of the ball, but other than one break down the left wing in the first half, he wasn’t able to break a resolute defence and although Brightwell came more into the game the longer it went on, Moseley certainly didn’t get the better of our back row. Thank goodness Sam Pailor didn’t get on any earlier!

Darrel Dyer features regularly in the top 3 of the MoM awards and is Mr Consistent…he’s really beginning to show the form that saw Rowland Winter bring him to Cov at the end of last season.

That said, this poll was all about Brett Daynes and his eye-catching display…

Any thoughts:

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