Thu. Feb 25th, 2021

As promised, here are the final outcomes from the poll many readers took part in earlier in the week…

In answer to the question:

So, half way through Rowland Winter’s first season at Coventry, how are things progressing?

the results were as follows:

5. Excellent – ahead on most targets and better then I could have hoped for   5%  

4. Good – doing well with improvements in most areas better than I’d expected – 36%  

3. Satisfactory – on track and proceeding as I’d expected – 35% 

2. Disappointing – little progress overall and well behind where we need to be at the moment – 21%  

1. Awful – most areas of the club no better, or worse even, than last season – 3%


The figures are clearly open to all sorts of different interpretations depending on the spin you want to put on them.

For me, the fact that 41% of people feel that things are going better than expected in a season where expectations have been high anyway is pleasing, as is a figure of 76% who think that things are at least where we’d expect them to be.

Almost 1 in 4 feel disappointed, but I’m sure there would have been at least as big a percentage of supporters unhappy at the way things unfolded at the end of last season and the loss of so many of last year’s squad, so I’m not altogether surprised.

What the figures seem to suggest is that in all likelihood, those who were in favour of the sweeping changes back at the end of last season remain so and those that weren’t, well probably they haven’t changed their opinions much either.

A  figure of 76% ‘satisfactory or above’ seems to represent a pretty strong vote of confidence in what’s happened so far since June, but as always I’d welcome a different viewpoint…

I had originally intended to conduct the poll next week but I did feel that such is the strength of feeling about the Moseley game, the results of any poll might have been skewed, win or lose, so soon after the result of the game.

By Tim

Any thoughts:

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