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So, half way through Rowland Winter’s first season at Coventry and just how are things progressing?

The Coventry DoR has been in position almost 6 months now and with the first 15 league games completed, we will all have our own expectations as to where Coventry should be at this mid-way point.

I thought it might be interesting to determine where people’s thoughts lie in terms of the progress that has been made by the club since late July when the pre-season friendlies began; a snapshot of where we feel Cov currently is in its quest for Championship rugby.

Is the club on track only 15 games since the changes came into effect, or is it behind where we might have expected it to be at this stage?

When he arrived, RW talked about the need to make the club more professional both on and off the pitch and get the systems and structures in place to enable the club to move forward. He did say that we shouldn’t expect miracles in the first season and that it would take time for the changes to be embedded within the club and for results to reflect them.

With that firmly in mind, how successful has the club been in what they have set out to do?

The poll below is just an attempt to capture the current views of those who read the blog to get a feel of whether most readers are happy with the way things have gone, more than happy or feel a degree of disappointment.

When you make your decision, please look holistically at what has been happening at Coventry Rugby Club – not just purely at the results on the pitch, but also at the effectiveness, or otherwise, of changes that have been made off it as well as.

You will only be able to vote once and to do so all you need to do is to click against the appropriate descriptor.

Please do give it a go, the more people involved, the more accurate an indication it becomes.

Many thanks in advance for taking part.

I’ll put the results into Sunday’s post.

Kind regards, and thank you in advance for your support!



15 games gone.

15 to play.

And since we’ve reached the half way stage of the 2016/17 season, I’ve included a few statistics that illustrate what has been happening on the pitch up to, and including, the Darlington game. Most come from, so if they are inaccurate, I can only apologise…

It’s worth looking at and certainly one or two things stood out for me when I was compiling the information –  tries scored home vs away, tries conceded in the first half v second half, Tony Fenner’s kicking strike rate, the number of tries conceded at home and so on.

Anyway, a few things here to mull over whilst awaiting the announcement of the team for Saturday….

Playing Record: Played 15, Won 8, Lost 6, Drawn 1

Home Record: Played 8, Won 7, Lost 1

Away Record: Played 7, Won 1, Lost 5, Drawn 1

Wins: Macclesfield, Cambridge, Loughborough, Fylde, Old Albanian, Plymouth, Blaydon, Hull

Losses: Moseley, Hartpury, Esher, Blackheath, Rosslyn Park, Ampthill

Draws: Darlington Mowden Park

Half Time Win Table: W8 (going on to lose 1)

Half Time Lose Table: L7 (going on to draw one and win one)

Points For: 458 (av per game: 30.53)

Points Against: 374 (av per game: 24.9)

Bonus Points: 8

Tries Scored: 62 (47 at home, 15 away, 35 in 1st half, 27 in 2nd half)

Tries By Position: (36 backs, 23 forwards, of which: fb 7, w 18, c 7, hb 4, fr 7, 2r 3, br 13, pt 3)

Tries Conceded: 51 (24 at home, 27 away, 19 in 1st half, 32 in 2nd half)

Tries Conceded By Position: (27 backs, 23 forwards, of which: fb 5, w 9, c 9, hb 4, fr 11, 2r 5, br 7, pt 1)

Leading Points Scorers: Will Maisey – 99 (Kicking Strike Rate – 73.21%), Tony Fenner – 46 (Kicking Strike Rate – 86.36%) , Owain James -40

Leading Try Scorers: Owain James – 8, Rob Knox – 5, Scott Tolmie – 4, James Stokes – 4

Most Starts: Corey Hircock – 13, Tony Fenner – 12, Eoghan Grace – 12, Brendon Snyman – 12

Most Appearances: Scott Tolmie – 15, Phil Boulton – 14, Darrel Dyer – 14, Corey Hircock – 13

Sin Bins: 11 (Eoghan Grace – 2, Tom Jubb – 2)

Red Cards: 1 (Tom Jubb)

Most Points In A Match (team): 61 (against Macclesfield)

Most Tries In A Match (team):  8 (against Loughborough and Macclesfield)

Most Penalties In A Match (team): 5  (against Plymouth)

Most Conversions (!) In A Match (team): 8 (by Will Maisey against Macclesfield)

Most Points In A Match (player): 19 (by Will Maisey against Plymouth)

Most Tries In A Match (player): 8 players have scored two tries in a match this season

Most Penalties In A Match (player): 5 (by Will Maisey against Plymouth)

Most Conversations In A Match (player): 8 (by Will Maisey against Macclesfield)

Attendance (Home): 1036

Attendance (Away): 638







By Tim

5 thought on “Half-term report…how was it for you? A poll and some numbers…”
  1. Hi Paul/Phil

    I started to doubt myself about Rob Knox so checked again in case I’d made mistake (which wouldn’t be the first time!!!), but he is down as having scored 5 tries…shows what a threat he is when fit. Statbunker has him making 7 starts and 11 appearances in all – more than I would have thought! When I’ve got a bit more time I’ll check.

    The team’s performances have been a bit below par for me, especially having gone to a few of the away games, but in all other aspects I think the club has moved forward some distance on last season. With regard to promotion, Paul, I’ve said something similar in posts before – the thought of promotion itself and the challenges to achieve it, always seems more attractive than the prospect of actually being in the Championship itself – both for the commercial reasons you’ve mentioned and simply for the fact that I have no wish to go up to become cannon fodder for the teams at the top end of the league. If we can, of course we have to take the opportunity BUT, like you, I believe we have to be ready first…another season getting everything in place wouldn’t be a problem for me…if it happens (or rather when it happens) ]then we just need to be ready for it…
    As for the attack…against weaker teams it’s very effective but against teams whose defence is strong we’ve struggled to break them down…not sure what the problem is or the possible answer but it is a bit of a worry at times…

  2. I don’t think it’s wrong to be surprised about Rob Knox as he hasn’t really featured all that much. I would like to see him more but i am not convinced that wing is his position and if in as centre, needs to distribute a little more rather than holding on all of the time.
    I went for a 3 as I expected an end of season finish or around 6th place and therefore we are about on track. In the background however, massive strides have been made.

    Slightly off-topic – I went onto the rolling maul site yesterday (something i rarely do) and read about the plight of London Welsh and as quoted in there, there are approximately 4 teams struggling financially. With that, I wonder whether any promotion would be a good thing until we have built up our off-field activities, commercial business, 3G pitch et al. as by all accounts, the clubs are not getting much support! I guess what I am saying is, i would be happy with a 6-7 finish this year providing we see progress thereafter.
    Question – do we have the players (as a group) of good enough ability/experience to be promoted within the next couple of years? I guess we will always see some come/go but as RW stated, we expect the core to stay…With that in mind, we should hope for a strong finish to the second half of this season…

    Speaking of which: – I appreciate defensively, we have big improvements to make but is our attack good enough? I feel we make too many mistakes, dropped ball, and generally not clinical enough… Not being critical, just observations….

    Looking forward to Saturday to see us put right, all of the wrongs and kick start the season…

    Sorry… too much time on my hands today!

  3. Good blog Tim and some very interesting facts and stats. I was torn between a 3 or 4 but decided on the 4 purely due to what has happened off the field.
    Away form is shocking when you look at it in black and white and remains a big concern and agree attendances are a bit of a worry! A win on Saturday could lead to an increase in 2017.
    Don’t know why but i was surprised to see Rob knox as second highest try scorer, I think Rob is a terrific player but that fact seemed to have slipped me by!
    Anyway counting the hours to Saturday…..head banging to Quo on Friday night in Brum is just the build up in need….Come on Cov!

  4. Hi Paul, hope all is well. Yes, the attendances always worry me…one of the saving graces seems to be that under the new management, individual players aren’t earning the sort of salaries that have been paid in previous seasons. Like you, I think we’re on track, probably more so in some area, the only disappointment is our away form, but it is quite rightly results on the pitch that supporters will judge success by…still relatively early days though…thought I’d mention something on Craig Newby in tomorrow’s post!

  5. Hi Tim.
    Attendances poor. Shame really as i feel sure it will affect the budget next season I suspect.
    Can’t grumble at where we are given we have a completely new squad, management/coaching team etc. I feel we are on track, as expected.
    Was ‘expecting’ something from you on Newby’s arrival this morning… Hopefully a positive influence.

Any thoughts:

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