Tue. Apr 13th, 2021

Will the outcome of this blog poll to determine Cov’s Man of the Match against Old Albanian agree with that of the sponsors or will supporters look to award it to someone else?

If you were at the game and would like to take part, all you need to do is click on the circle next to the player who is your choice of Man of the Match. The software only allows one vote, although you can change your mind provided you do so before clicking on the ‘Vote’ button.

The more people who participate, the more accurate an indication it is of who supporters would probably have voted for…

Please give it a go.

Results on Monday.

Many thanks,


By Tim

2 thought on “Cov ‘Man of the Match’ against Old Albanian – 03/12/2016”
  1. Hi Dave…good to see you on here!

    1. Certainly the medical room needs to be made big enough to cope with emergencies such as this one…hadn’t realised that was the reason OA stayed out…UPDATE…thanks to Eric Richardson for confirming the situation. Did think it was strange he wasn’t in the medical room..
    2./3. The chant is the greatest is it…at least Old Albanian’s was a bit more contemporary, although still grating after a while!
    4. Yes, plenty of positives coming out of the game, although a fair few in the deficit column too.

    Great game though…won’t forget that one in a hurry…

  2. #1. should we have offered our changing room to them if their player was still receiving medical attention in theirs?
    #2. Thankfully that awfull celebratory music was cut short after the winning kick. #embarrassing
    #3. Please can we find another more uplifting chant than the maudlin chime of ‘Coooovvvveeennnttry’ ?
    #4. On a positive note, absolutely fantastic character to dig in and grind out a win ! #CmonCov
    (Previously posted on Gallery blog)

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