Sat. May 15th, 2021

Something a little different today as we await the announcement of the match day squad later this morning…

When you next have a break, how about grabbing a cup of coffee and settling down to see how many of the below you recognise? Most are fairly straightforward, although the odd one is a bit tricky given the camera angle or lack of facial features to go on.

I reckon a total of 26 out of 31 is good.

Anything less and it’s a bad hair day…

If you hold you mouse (if using a pc) over the picture, the appropriate number will appear (I’m presuming a finger on a touch screen will have the same effect).

I’ll add the answers to Friday’s post.


I’m looking forward to the Supporters’ Club evening later on today…

Rhys Davies, Coventry Rugby club’s 4th official, who has substantial refereeing experience, will use video footage to illustrate sections of play which invoke the laws of the game, and will explain how those laws apply and therefore how the referee is influenced in making a decision. The recent situation in the Hartpury College game in which a series of scrums did not result in Cov being awarded a penalty try (which many Cov supporters thought should have happened)but led instead to uncontested scrums, will underline the relevance and need for such a presentation.
Rhys will be supported by Rowland Winter and Boris, and possibly one or two others – this is still being negotiated.
It is essential that places are booked.

Remember, it is now open to non-members as well, at a cost of £5…hopefully, it’s still not too late to pop along but check with the Supporters Club first!

If you are interested, contact:


(and a bonus question just for the social committee):


By Tim

Any thoughts:

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