Cov supporters – so just how fickle are we…?

Many a tear has to fall
But it’s all
In the game
All in the wonderful game
That we know as love
You have words with him
And your future’s looking dim
But these things
Your hearts can rise above

Tommy Edwards – It’s All In The Game

Well, if ever a post was going to court some controversy, then it’s this one.

I should begin by admitting that in some respects Fozzie Bear almost got it right when he talked about the poll ‘not being helpful’ and ‘damaging confidence’, it’s just that there was an assumption on his part that it would be the current squad that might feel aggrieved.

Wrongly, as it turns out!

It seems that it’s more a case of those from last year’s squad who weren’t included in the ‘Fantasy Team’ taking umbrage.

Well one, anyway.

In  ‘get(ing) behind the current squad’ it rather looks like I’ve alienated at least one ex-player who went onto Twitter to suggest that players from the Cov team that went on the 18 game unbeaten deserved more loyalty from the fans.

And maybe he has a point…

…which is why I’m throwing this out there for those who follow the blog to have a think about, and maybe respond to, if they feel so inclined.

Maybe it’s something best left ignored…but I struggle with that sometimes, especially when it’s about us supporters. Have a pop at us and it’s fair game I’m afraid. By all means be critical of the poll or of me for running it, but not of the supporters for making considered choices.

I can’t be anything but honest in my own thoughts regarding the following tweet from Dom Lespierre:

I’m sure there will be those who differ in their opinions…by all means come over and share them.

5 thoughts on “Cov supporters – so just how fickle are we…?

  1. Great comment, Phil. Sums it up for me…It was aways going to be tight in terms of selection with Max, Dan and Dom with only two going through. Always thought he gave his best, great finisher, the best we’ve had for some time, although less likely to create a try out of nothing as Dan can. Like you, I’m a bit surprised at his reaction, although he wasn’t happy when he left from a couple of comments he put onto FB at the time…also surprised he dropped a league,certainly would have done a good job for a few National teams.
    As for Cov supporters being fickle…shame he said that…certainly I bit. A lot of supporters did vote for him, and a lot didn’t but it doesn’t meant we don’t respect him as a player. Certainly I do…but like you, I don’t think it makes us fickle if we chose two players who are currently here…that’s loyalty in itself…
    See you on Thurs…?

  2. Tim as regards past players at the cowshed lunch, you would not doubt find many past players would say we could have beaten this lot with ease. The union game has evolved so much over the years. Professionalism has not been the fortune maker for many clubs. just look at this season with Jersey, London Welsh and DMP. The modern day player akin to the hired gunslinger. Goes to the best payer in most cases. When the law makers sent the game open little thought was given to the grass roots of the game. You and I will see many things happen in rugby over the years to come. But when the wealth money backers leave their clubs, they will have no substance to fall back on. This happens to our association football cousins many times.

    Just recently I read of Coventry legend Steve Thomas when he was at Rugby football Club applying to join Coventry F.C. (R.U.) how times have changed. So let us not get too concerned about a few thoughts from a player of recent times.

  3. I was surprised that Dom did not make the “squad”, he was certainly one of my choices and i thought he would have been nailed on, but hey what do i know?
    For Dom to suggest that I along with other Cov fans are fickle is somewhat bemusing, it maybe a knee jerk reaction and if he had been chosen for the squad this comment may not have been made. I had and still do have a lot of respect for Dom, as a player and he was a firm fans favorite when he was with us and was always willing to have a chat if approached, but fickle fans, really? that irks somewhat, were we the same fickle fans that supported and congratulated all the players when they were on the 18 game run, were we fickle when we continued to support them home and away during the slump, were we fickle when in discussion with them that we thought the “cull” was too deep, were we fickle because we had no say so in the sweeping changes that were made? I don’t think so, in fact i know so. We are supporters of Coventry Rugby Club and as such we have a passion and a supporters base that many Clubs in our Division and the Championship would envy, we are loyal to our club and we want and expect our club to succeed, we are young, we are old, we are children, we are male we are female, we are many things, but fickle is not one of them.

Any thoughts:

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