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In the weeks leading up to the end of last season, there was much discussion amongst supporters regarding those players the club should be looking to retain and those for whom it was time to move on to ply their trade elsewhere, sad as it was to see them go.

It resulted in some interesting conversations, with some supporters suggesting that as many as 15-20 players should be kept on, whilst others felt that, with the odd exception, it was time to rebuild from scratch.

As it was, Rowland Winter retained lust 6 players (Price, Knox, MacBurnie, Brown, Rundle and Tom Poole), as well as another 2 as part of the newly created Development Squad (Smith and Foreman).

Maybe you agreed with his decision at the time or maybe you felt that there were players in the squad other than those retained who deserved a new contract and another 12 months at least at the Butts. Whatever the response from the supporters, Cov announced the players to be retained and those not on the list had to say their goodbyes, whether for better or for worse.

8 months later, did RW and his team of coaches make the right decisions? Are there players who were released who would have played regularly and made a significant difference this year? Or did they get it just about right?

We’re over a third of the way through the league season already, more than enough time to assess the current squad both individually and collectively.

Put simply, we know the strengths of the current squads now, as well as its areas of weakness and we should be able to compare its present levels of performance with those of last season.

So here’s the thing…

…if you were able to put the two squads side-by-side, how many from each team would be selected a second time around, given what we now know. In your view, does the current squad have the right blend of last year v this year, or does your Fantasy 2016/17 squad look very different to that which currently represents Cov. The only slight caveat to bear in mind is that the current squad is still relatively new and should improve the longer into the season we go.

I’ll announce the results on Monday, in the form of the most popular choices in each position to create an overall squad list, as chosen by those who took part in the poll. I’ve given a couple of days longer than is usually the case as it might be that there will be those who want a little more time to think about this one, given there are more choices to be made.

As there was a lot of unease at the loss of so many players last year, I’m just interested to see if in retrospect there is broad agreement amongst those who read the blog that the coaches got the recruitment pretty much spot on, or is there a feeling that we could have done with retaining rather more than just the 5 from last season.

All projects need to be reviewed by stakeholders every now and again.

This is one such evaluation. It’s not meant to imply criticism one way or another…

I’ve tried to keep the numbers similar to the squad this year, so you will be able to choose:

  • 5 props (Stankovich already included)
  • 2 hookers
  • 3 second rowers (Snyman already selected )
  • 6 back rowers
  • 3 half backs
  • 4 centres (Burke already selected)
  • 4 wings/full backs (Pritchard already included)

for a total playing squad of 31 players in all…players from either the Development Squad or Wasps’ Academy might be called upon to supplement positions where there are injuries or a loss of form, as has been the case already, but they have  not been included in the full squad.

You might wish to look at which players can double up over a range of starting positions and which players are just specific to one.

In short, have you got the right balance…?

Entering your choices couldn’t be easier, just click against the name in the appropriate place and then click ‘Vote’. The software will only allow you to have one completed vote in each category, so please ensure you are happy with your decisions before hitting that ‘Vote’ button.

Some general points:

  • Any dual reg players from last year haven’t been included as they were all attached to a mother club and therefore not available;
  • A couple of positions have little choice as at the end of last season Coventry relied on dual reg players in these areas;
  • Only players who were still at Coventry at the end of last season have been included, so Courtney Roberts and Tom Preece aren’t involved because they had left the club well before April;
  • Sam Smith is included because he was in last year’s squad, even though he’s only in the developmental squad this year;
  • I have included a blank space to type the name of a player should I have left somebody out of the list who ought to be included. Just type in the name;
  • The computer generates the order the players appear in, not me!
  • Players like Cliffie Hodgson, ones capable of playing in two or three positions, I’ve included in what I regard to be their best one, rather than include them in all of them. When selecting your squad you might want to look at cover for key positions when choosing a particular player.

So, here it is…

The Fantasy Squad 2016/17.

For instructions please see above…the number of choice that can be made in each position is indicated in brackets.


By Tim

2 thought on “The Cov 2015/16 squad + the Cov 2016/17 squad = a) poll + b) a bit of fun”
  1. Hi Fozzy…

    It’s a fair point, although not one I share…but if you see it as negative then that’s how it is to you; it certainly wasn’t meant to be.

    I was just asking the question of those who come across to read the blog as to who they’d select as their top 31 players from the two squads, having had a chance to see the current players for 10 league games now.

    A fantasy team…a bit of fun. If others see it differently, that’s a shame but in my defence I have to say that a lot of people have taken part, so it hasn’t caused too much upset, at least not amongst the supporters…

    You probably attach a little too much importance to the blog…it’s just one voice amongst many and I don’t think the players, coaches or management of the club pay a great deal of attention to what I might write!

    However, yours is an opinion that I guess others will support, so I clearly have to take note of it. If you are a regular reader though, you’ll know that
    I am a big admirer of both the team and the management of the club and the vast majority of the posts I’ve written do just what you have advised I do

    ‘get behind the current squad rather than damage their confidence and not make them feel unwelcome’

    Anyway, it’s important your views are expressed on the blog which is why I have copied them over and my response is better made on here than the Messageboard…

    Kind regards,


  2. From the Messageboard…

    Fozzybear wrote:

    Forget the past and move on. This poll in one way or another is not helpful for the current squad, who are already having a difficult time settling.Whatever the result of the poll, there will be Players who some people consider not as good as last years Players. You need to get behind the current squad rather than damage their confidence and not make them feel unwelcome.
    Director of Rugby RW had a clear out of players and recruited some of the best players in the Division, some of whom were the best players at there previous clubs,the question is; what has happened to them at Coventry?
    The answer is not a quick fix of loan players from Wasps, who come and go as Wasps dictate. This is only an admittance that recruitment at Coventry was not as good as people were led to believe.If RW cannot stand by his own recruitment then he is admitting failure on his part.

Any thoughts:

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