Getting to know you…

With so many players coming into the club over the close season, I’ve really struggled to put names to so many new faces.

To help the learning process, I’ve found a photo of every member of the full squad (I haven’t included the Development Squad, I’m afraid) and added a hyperlink that will take you to a relevant article about the player…more often than not a few lines from the official website announcing the signing/re-signing or from a local paper with some info that includes age and previous clubs.

I’m pretty sure I’ve got the right names against the right faces…but not certain!


The list is now updated and should be 100% accurate!!!!

HUGE thanks to Cov who contacted me quickly to give me a score of 29/32…which if I’d been teaching would have put me in detention with a less than complimentary letter sent to my parents…

Brilliant response from the club…that would never have happened 12 months ago.

Even more impressive, they sent me a couple of better ones across the ether to use (Nick Meredith took them so thanks indirectly to him, too).

Originally managed to get Ali Bone and Olly Povoas the wrong way round (that’s me just be a bit cack-handed in fairness, but I did manage to use another photo of Phil Boulton for Scott Tolmie – so I’m not sure which of the two deserves the most apologies for that one!

Anyway…hope this is useful!

All you need to do is double click on a player’s name…I hope.

Some of the photos aren’t the most flattering, so I’ll try and update them as and when better ones become available.

I know there will be better photos put onto the new website in the near future, but I don’t know whether there will be any added info, so I thought I’d include something in the blog just in case anyone wanted all the information in one central place.

I’ll pin it to the front page on Monday so that it’s easy to access.

Good luck to the team this afternoon…

7 hours to kick off and counting.


Boris Stankovich



Andy Brown


Matt Price


Scott Tolmie











James Litchfield

phil b

Phil Boulton











Brendon Snyman


Tom Poole


Tom Jubb


Rob Conquest


Brett Daynes


Darrell Dyer


Eoghan Grace

sam Harry

Sam Harry

Olly Povoas

Olly Povoas


Ali Bone


Pete White


Sam Grasso


Rhodri Adamson


Tony Fenner


Will Maisey


Callum MacBurnie


Tom Wheatcroft


Rob Knox

On the wing: Corey HircockCorey Hircock


Brendan Burke


Dan Rundle


Jay Heath


Max Trimble


Cliffie Hodgson


James Stokes


James Pritchard

10 thoughts on “Getting to know you…

  1. A great resource for Cov fans to be able to identify the players, brilliant job.

  2. I have to say I’ve taken a fair few kids to Coombe Abbey in a previous life. Thanks so much for leaving a comment…hopefully it won’t be the last.

  3. Thanks Tim, I think this deserves a link of it’s own on the unofficial site, tremendously useful.

    As for your original score of 29/32, that would have got me ice-cream and a the promise of trip to Coombe Abbey in my school days. 🙂

  4. Yes…not so much the pictures but just to remind us where the players have come from, ages and so on. Stopped me getting restless waiting for Bradley Wiggins to win another gold…

  5. It was enjoyable -forgotten half of what I’d read about the players! Grateful to the club, too, for being so supportive!

  6. That’s tremendous work on your part, Tim. Well done and thanks very much.

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