Tue. May 11th, 2021

Farewell to the following  who have seen it out until the bitter end…some great players, some great coaches, some great memories and some very appreciative supporters.

Thank you…such a shame the journey couldn’t continue.

You’ll be missed.

It’s either a fine idea or a brilliant mistake.

No need to say anything else…



Now I try hard not to become hysterical
But I’m not sure if I am laughing or crying
I wish that I could push a button
And talk in the past and not the present tense
And watch this hurtin’ feeling disappear
Like it was common sense
It was a fine idea at the time
Now it’s a brilliant mistake

Brilliant Mistake – Elvis Costello


By Tim

11 thought on “A fine idea or a brilliant mistake…?”
  1. Yes…fair point – although you’d hope that supporters would give the team time to bed in…in the long run though, I would expect the new squad to outperform the present one but I just think I’m a bit more realistic second time around!
    Have a great tomorrow and an even better summer watching Dan…if there are sevens in the Midlands I’ll try and get across!

  2. Hi tim I think cliff means the expectations will be there. if you discard so many good players, the players coming in have to be of a much better quality.hence a much better team than you have just had. I know the players have had a bad time of late but came good a bit too late. but we know they can compete at the top end of this league. So with them going the new signings coming in I think the supporters will expect something better.

  3. If that is the case, and it’s a really interesting point, then the expectation isn’t coming from either the club or from RW…the only people guilty of that this time would be the supporters…it’s something we need to steer clear of; next season is all about consolidation at first then and hopefully a decent run after Christmas. If there is expectation, it should be more focused on the players we’re bringing in rather than any short-term targets…at least that’s the way I’m looking at it.

  4. A fantastic achievement – the four of you should get an acknowledgement from the club as that really is devotion above and beyond the call of duty. Have a great trip up…I’m sure the players will appreciate it…

  5. I’m sure you aren’t but I think RW is very much his own man and won’t be swayed unless he sees something he’s missed on the training ground…Thorne is off to Rotherham so that’s definitely a non-starter, I’m afraid…Hope Oliver and Pailor end up at Moseley if not with us…that would make the fixture even more interesting!!!

  6. Hi Mark – if Rowland Winter was to be presented with an instruction booklet on taking over the DoR role in June then everything you’ve written above should be in the opening chapter – you’d hope JS would have learned a salutary lesson from the last 9 months and will ensure the same mistakes aren’t repeated…
    Hope you and the family have a good break and thanks for leaving a comment…

  7. Hi Tim
    It is unquestionably sad, most particularly when you see them all in the pictures you have provided, that those players are being discarded by Cov. Their feelings and their hurt must run pretty deep, combined with a lack of understanding as to why they are being discarded.
    For simple blokes like me, there is an overwhelming feeling of sadness and discontent about the whole thing but, at the same time an sincere hope that it will be justified next season in the performance, results and league position.
    But do you know the worst thing? I am seriously worried as to whether the advent of the RW regime is in itself running the risk of being guilty of creating a level of expectation not unlike at the beginning of this season and which was what, ultimately, became our nemesis.


  9. comes to an end..main lessons learnt….never read much into pre season games…. you tube cvs arent reliable…kicked possession away maybe the thing in the premiership but not in this league, get it out of play….consistency of picking teams, when able does pay off….as a coach let your brain rule the roost not your heart when faced with problems. Never tie yourself to an aim so early in the season, pressure starts before you have begun. Clarity and responsibility of recruitment imperative.

  10. I can’t be the only one holding out for news of a couple more last minute retentions?!

    Has the grapevine suggested anything about where Messrs Oliver, Pailor, Thorne and Lespierre might have committed their services to for next year? Over the moon if any of that quartet suddenly put to paper.

  11. Yes good comments Tim. A very short blog today but the words say it all. I also say a very sad goodbye to the vast amount of coaching staff and players departing on Saturday. Looking at the weather forecast for Saturday we may have a difficult journey up to Thresfield. Rob Moody, Joan and Terry Parsons plus myself complete at being at every game this season.

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