Tue. Apr 13th, 2021

Below are the answers to the ‘Eyes have it…’ quiz posted a couple of days ago:

Anything over 18 is a pretty decent effort!

  1. Peter Weightman
  2. Rob Norman (conditioning coach)
  3. Courtney Roberts
  4. Matt Jones
  5. Jacques Le Roux
  6. Gaston Mieres
  7. Matt Price
  8. Scott Hamilton
  9. Cliffie Hodgson
  10. Tom Poole
  11. Andy Brown
  12. Rob Knox
  13. Phil Maynard
  14. Dan Rundle
  15. Dan Carpo
  16. George Oliver
  17. Sam Baker
  18. Loti Molitka
  19. Wayne Evans
  20. Adam Parkins
  21. Chad Thorne
  22. Callum MacBurnie
  23. Sam Pailor
  24. Alex Woodburn
  25. Devlin Hope
  26. Adam Canning
  27. Danny Wright
  28. Terry Sigley
  29. Rowland Winter (a bit mean, that one)
  30. Scott Morgan



By Tim

4 thought on “The eyes have it – now with 20/20 vision”
  1. I had a little chuckle when I was putting it together, imagining how embarrassing it would be if a parent failed to recognise son or wife/girlfriend their spouse…at least you go the important one right!

  2. I’m glad I got dans did not have a clue about the others bar Scott Morgan (glasses).

Any thoughts:

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