Tue. May 11th, 2021
Jessica Elaine Burden

Please excuse this little bit of self-indulgence…

I’ve been more than a little concerned of late about just how old the crowds at The Butts appear these days.

With youngsters attracted to the razzmatazz of the our Premiership neighbours, it seems as if the  average age of the gate on a Saturday is somewhat greater than the total points we’ve accumulated so far this season…

Heeding my worries, our 5 children have been busy trying to redress the balance. As of last Thursday, I was blessed with 5 grandchildren, all beautiful and all wonderful in their own right.

Please now welcome the 6th – Jessica Elaine Burden.

And what a munchkin she is, too.

Wearing the colours with pride…

I’m delighted to say that her mum and dad, Charlie and Brad, have already begun to indoctrinate her into the ways of the Cov and, as you can  see from the picture, she is sporting the latest in Cov babygrows.

Bedtime stories consist of the Chairman’s notes from past programmes and she falls asleep (as we all do) to Paul Ingleston’s commentary of  Newcastle v Coventry, the video of which is projected on to the ceiling above her cot.

Charlie mashes us the chips and pie from the previous home game into a lovely paste which she freezes, ready for stage 2 of Jessica’s conversion (pun intended) in a few months time.

Whilst there is no women’s team at  the moment, in my head she will begin her training aged 5 in the knowledge that somewhere in Jon Sharp’s vision of the club there is one.

And when she becomes captain, shortly before her international call-up, Coventry Godivas will have become the most successful women’s rugby team in the country…

Wishing her a long, successful and, above all, happy life.





By Tim

13 thought on “Keeping it in the family…”
  1. If you are able to make a copy, that would be greatly appreciated. I’d be very happy to buy you pint at the BPA to say thank you.

    I’d start the ‘1996 Kit campaign’ myself if only I could remember my password to the message board!

  2. Brilliant…it begins here! The shirt is almost iconic to those of us who are old enough to remember it and a re-run would be a great. I’m having a copy of the game put on DVD from VHS – if I can, I’ll make another copy for you.

    Many thanks for your kind words, I’ll pas them on to a doting mum and dad

  3. Congratulations. My 2 year old daughter has attended around a dozen matches so far, including 2 away games… Her favourite player is Dom!

    Are copies of said video widely available?

    It’s among my greatest formative memories but I have not watched it since. It’ll be 20 years ago in November.

    I keep meaning to suggest to the club/ Kit Bag that they reprise the kit worn that season next year. It was such a great shirt and such an enjoyable season. My Dad had the foresight to buy mine in XL, despite me being 16, so it still fits today! Fancy starting a campaign… A certain commercial success.

  4. Thanks, Mick…we’re all delighted. It is indeed Mum’s birthday today, so a double celebration this evening!

  5. Congratulations to you and your family great news grandad.

  6. Congratulations to all the Smith family. also to Great grandma who has a birthday on Tuesday.

  7. Congratulations to all, perhaps my latent insomnia could be cured if I got my copy of Cov v Newcastle back from John O’Hara (Foot-up!) He has only had it for 18 months or so. Best wishes once again.

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