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Rob Carter very kindly forwarded me the following article relating to a trip made by supporters (95 of them!!!) and run by the Supporters’ Club to watch Coventry play Plymouth. I’m sure it will back a few memories, even if you were there yourself.

Rob reckons (from his haircut) that it might have been ’83 or ’84 but he’s thinks it could have been even earlier. There are some familiar names and faces even now and Rob though Mick Carter, in particular, might be able to add some details.

I doubt whether many of those involved in the trip will read the blog, but if there is anyone, please do add a comment – it’s very easy to do so and it would be great to hear some of the stories that I’m sure are still talked about relating to either the travelling or the game itself. (Great photo, Mick!).

I remember Ricky Catell – I think he took over running the supporters club for a while at a time when I started travelling by coach rather than car. Dianne Pell sits just in front of me at the ground and a couple of others I recognise by name…

Fantastic memories and if anyone else has anything to share, it would be a pleasure to hear from you…

And the supporters club had 300 plus members…breakfast of Bass and raw eggs…and a £5.50 return fare….those were the days

Once again, thanks, Rob.

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By Tim

15 thought on “For those of a certain age…”
  1. Louis, I remember you being plied with drink by your team mates and Peter Rossborough advising you that you didn’t need to drink it if you didn’t want…as I recall the advice went unheeded.

  2. Yes you never can tell with players from different times. Like for like is very hard to fathom, But certain players with modern times would be even better. This is why even now when people compare Wasps to Coventry it is such a huge gap in skills against a part time outfit like us (Coventry)

  3. Rob Carter thought you’d enjoy that! It’s all opinions I know, but how do you think the Eves side that beat Newcastle back in 1996 would have fared against the side of ’84/’85, even 10 years on the players were bigger and fitter…? I reckon it would have been a close game…

  4. It was a great day out. We took two coaches of fans to that game. Alan Joseph is correct Peter Jackson did make up the balance of the trip. Scribble is not telling the full story he and many others where playing at being racing cyclists at Gordano services on the return journey. Wearing flat caps back to front. One lady with her husband (not in our party) commented very loudly “The youth of today !”. Thanks for the memories. In that seaon Coventry where ranked in the top four. All four semi-finalist where reserved a table at The Rugby World end of season dinner . I still think that this side where the best team since the trophy final wins. Eves team played in a lower league when league rugby commenced.

  5. Louis Hall via Facebook:

    My first ever try for Coventry. Guinness and Port my nemesis for so many years after that night.

  6. Gareth Sykes via Facebook:

    I was on that bus. I recall the abuse I got for needing a pee and asking the bus to stop while we were on the A46 – a good fifteen minutes from Coundon Road – I’d enjoyed the Town Wall Tavern Draught Bass early on. The entire bus followed and emptied on the A46 ditch…I also remember the look in the bar man’s face when Drape’s told him the Hoe was lowering an inch with each pint of Ushers he poured! And I remember Arthur being asked what he wanted in a fish restaurant down on the Hoe, later in the evening – “Bass” was all he could say…after that – no recollection! Oh, and the rugby was good!!

  7. Steve Scribble Evans via Facebook:

    A joy for me that day was sitting in the Plymouth press box next to Richard Sharp, the Cornishman who went on to lead England to the Five Nations title in 1963. He was a contemporary of our own Peter Jackson.

  8. Di, you had the patience of a saint on some of those trips… And got us out of that pub in Monmouth just in time!

  9. From Steve Scribble Evans via Facebook

    Remember that day vividly. My colleague, the late, great Roger Draper (who wrote this article) went down on the supporters’ coach with a photographer. Let’s just say he had the freedom to indulge while I was phoning my match report for the Pink. Drapes was a superb raconteur in drink, brilliant company and a real rugger bugger

  10. From Alan Joseph via Facebook:

    Remember it well !! And a lot of the faces. Sure Stuart Hall scored that day ? I also recall the great Peter Jackson paying for the coach finances shortfall out of his own pocket. Sure Steve Brain played for England the following weekend too ?

  11. Good work Peter. I still have my ticket signed by Neil Kinnock after the London Welsh game. Alluding to my dinner suit story below I remember him asking, ‘why are you boys wearing those lovely suits?’ Nice bloke though!

  12. Please tell me you had to look that up! Otherwise that’s scary! I remember the Moseley and Leicester game but hadn’t connected them with the Plymouth match…did you go? 47 games in a season…not a bad effort.
    Many thanks for leaving the comment, hopefully others will too.
    Great stuff! And as you rightly say…Come on Cov!

  13. Thanks for posting that Tim, it might raise a smile or two seeing some of the old faces…
    My memories are somewhat dim, not helped by the amount of ale consumed, but I do remember there was a disco (can we still call them that?) laid on by Plymouth and the Cov players had silly wigs.
    My mate and I spent a bit of time with the players after the game, Stuart Hall in particular, and Peter Rossborough, said we could bunk down in one of the players’ rooms if we wanted to make a night of it. Come 10.30, however, we were much the worse for wear and decided to sneak out only to be spotted by Graham Robbins who looked rather disappointedly at us and just said, ‘cowards’.
    I think I spent most of the return journey asleep but remember waking up on the outskirts of Coventry feeling a bit sick. It was all worth it though.
    Hopefully there may be other memories from the trip that people are willing to share…

    On another note, I did also have another clipping titled, ‘Twickers, their aim in style’, also written by Roger Draper. He interviewed my friends and I at Moseley as I remember. We had decided to attend the John Player Cup games that year in dinner suits and he was interested enough to write an article.
    It’s a long shot but if anyone has that cutting I would dearly love a scan of it, I lost the cutting I had…

  14. I believe this match was was played on 26th January 1985 in round 3 of the John Player Cup. Plymouth Albion weren’t on our regular fixture list at that time. If this was the occasion Cov won 42 – 6 going on to beat Moseley away 29 – 9 in the next round. In round 5 Cov drew at home 10-10 against Leicester but went through by scoring 2 tries to 1. They were at home to London Welsh in the semi final and again drew 10-10 but this time went out on 2 tries to 1. Altogether that season Cov played 38 games, (47 two seasons before!), winning 17, losing 17 and drawing 4. Leading point scorer was Steve Thomas with 199.
    After all those years Cov are still my club and always will be. Come on Cov!

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