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Broadstreet are now only 4 points from safety and last week’s win over local rivals Stourbridge must have given them a huge fillip before facing today’s visitor’s, South Leicester (kick off 2.30).

It’s a massive game for ‘Street as the opposition are the team one place in front of them and safe as it stands. A decent win today could see Broadstreet out of the relegation zone for the first time in a long while. Whilst a loss wouldn’t spell the end of their season, it would make survival that much harder, with gap between the teams doubling – the proverbial 8 or 10 pointer.

13 South Leicester 18 6 11 9 35
14 Broadstreet 20 6 14 7 31
15 Luctonians 17 6 10 5 31
16 Huddersfield 20 5 15 6 26


If the partnership between the two teams is to continue, then Coventry also need ‘Street to remain in National 2 North in order to provide any players they might choose to loan out with the appropriate match practice to best prepare them for rigours of National 1.

Just how successful the relationship has been between the two clubs this season isn’t clear, certainly there have been some mutterings of discontent on both sides as I understand it. And the wolves are probably waiting at the door, as I reckon that Wasps must have looked with great interest at the facilities on offer at Binley Woods at some stage during the last 12 months or so – I hope we can persuade ‘Street that what we offer them as part of any partnership is better for them than anything forthcoming from elsewhere.

It might be a tough one, that.

Last week’s game included some notable present and former Cov players. Hurrell, Otutaha and Carpenter for Stourbridge and Murray, Smith, Pearl, Elvers and Molitika for Broadstreet (I think they might have been others who have represented Cov at some point, but I haven’t got the confidence to add their names to the list (Freemantle/Chapman, perhaps). Rob Hurrell, brother of Will, scored a late try for Stourbridge and must be now classed as a ‘veteran’. I enjoyed watching him at Cov.

A report of the game can be found by clicking on the link below the photo…(Rob H still looks exactly the same as he did when he was with us!).

Broadstreet enjoyed one of their larger attendances, 275, against Stourbridge and I hope that with Coventry away again today,  a number of Cov supporters will make the short journey over to the Ivor Preece Fields , ensuring another decent attendance. The two MacNulty brothers are on the bench for ‘Street.

I’ll be looking find out the result as this weekend could prove to be a defining one for the ‘Street.

Fingers crossed.



Clearly something is wrong, but everyone really is making an effort and they need and deserve support in trying to put it right. This Saturday our old friends from Coventry come visiting and provide a timely reminder that we are not the only club to be experiencing an inexplicable dip in form this season. They, too, were expected to be title challengers but are currently two places below ourselves in the table.

Sounds familiar? Replace ‘Coventry’ with ‘Rosslyn Park’ and the ‘below’ with ‘above’ and it’s all too similar…

This extract is taken from is the Rosslyn Park  website…and what a great advert for the club it is! I originally went on to look for directions to the ground, but was soon engrossed in the plethora of information available.

The first thing that impressed me was the opportunity to purchase tickets online…such an easy and straightforward process and whilst I didn’t take up the option, it’s clearly the way forward for many clubs. The cost of entrance is £11, so £4 cheaper than at Coventry, although I don’t know whether that entitles you to access to all parts of the ground – tickets are attached to the confirmation email. Concessions are also available.

With hyperlinks to local hotels immediately underneath, I guess there could be real opportunities for sponsorship (something the Ramada might be interested in?)…anyway, just I think the whole thing is slick and hassle free.

Also on the website is what appears to be a weekly newsletter, including a review of the last game and forthcoming events and stories of interest, running to 6 pages in all. Fixtures and results would be repeated weekly, just updated and the review of the previous results are a shortened version of Tom’s useful summary…but everything is there to hand, almost like a pre-match programme.

It’s certainly very different to Coventry’s web design – I guess it’s all about personal preferences. The only problem with the RP website for me is that you have to download the newsletter as it’s in a pdf format.

Below is this week’s RP offering, although I’m not promising the link will work as I haven’t attached a document to a post before…


It’s a good of example of a different approach to using a website to promote your club…it might well be that others don’t warm to Rosslyn Park’s less formal style – however, for me the big difference between Rosslyn Park’s and our own is that their homepage is geared to the individual supporter and not to sponsors or potential sponsors. I’m mindful of previous remarks I’ve made about the over-emphasis on the corporate side of the club on the website, but RP’s is very much tailored to the interests of supporters.

It’s well worth a look, if only to decide ours is better…

…or vice versa.

Rosslyn Park website


In yesterday’s post. I mentioned that players often produce highlights of their ‘best bits’ which they put on YouTube, presumably to promote themselves – an easily accessible library of clips for any prospective coaches/clubs or just interested parties to access.

And as if by magic, Caolan Ryan added two such videos to his Facebook page (and many thanks to Caolan for agreeing to allow me to use them). I think they’re worth a look for.

They underline the ability Caolan has and whilst he hasn’t had the bet of seasons,  when Coventry have been an attacking force, he has been at the forefront of a lot of what has been good when covering at either full back or fly half. I actually thought he was had a couple of strong games at 15 early on in the season prior to the arrival of Mieres and I’m sure he would have a part to play next season, were he to be offered a contract or indeed if he wants to stay on. He’s always the first out onto the pitch to warm up and clearly is serious about his rugby…opportunities have been fairly limited this season, but he’s never let the team down.

If indeed Caolan is unsure of his future next season, then potential clubs in National 1 might be wise to look at these clips…


Earlier in the day I received a text from my son to remind me that Rosslyn Park play in red, so irrespective of whether the new pink away kit has arrived or not, it’s unlikely that it would make an appearance anyway. I’m sure there was an element of smugness as if to say ‘Derr, Dad, how can you be so stupid?!’.

I should have realised…

D’oh…done over by Sam and still no away kit…

I’d also forgotten that RP now have a 3G pitch!


Struggling this week, I am…








By Tim

2 thought on “Broadstreet, Rosslyn Park, Caolan Ryan’s best bits and a senior moment or two…”
  1. Absolutely agree…they’re no more of a full time outfit than we are yet they’ve clearly prioritised their website as a really effective means of communication and it certainly seems to work. Certainly it’s an alternative that is worth considering…glad someone else sees it that way…

  2. Thanks for drawing attention to the Rosslyn Park website Tim, it is everything ours should be but isn’t. Clear, modern, easy to navigate with a prominent advert for the next match and how to purchase tickets for it.
    I know Coventry have cited a lack of staffing and funding to improve the website but I can’t help but feel they place little emphasis on its importance. A little investment in a new design would surely be money well spent.

Any thoughts:

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