Sun. Apr 18th, 2021

Another loss.

It would be easy to offer excuses. This was a makeshift side put together from a squad ravaged by injuries, down to the bare bones and playing away from home in difficult playing conditions with 8 changes from the previous week.

However, it would be wrong to do so.

When the squad was put together back in the summer, it was done so in the belief that everyone within in it was able to perform at this level – those who were newly recruited and those who remained from the previous season. Anyone coming into the side on a match day was at least of the same standard as the player they were replacing.

So it extremely demeaning of anyone to offer excuses. Any team Coventry puts out this season, with any combination of players, should be good enough to perform at this level. Yes, we have had a terrible of injuries, far worse than the coaches probably ever envisaged back in September, but that’s why we have such a large squad.

And rather than blame the new recruits (as was then) for not being up to the job, as was done pretty much done from the end of October, and publicly too, it’s clear that if blame is to be apportioned, then it is in truth the squad that isn’t competitive at this level…not individual players.

We’ve lost 10 out of 19 games.

10 games lost already and still another 11 to go. That has to a problem with the whole squad.

Or with the coaches.

Clearly something has to give. A previous post was entitled ‘I’ve been down so goddam long it looks like up to me’ and was done so for a reason. The Richmond result was a fantastic effort, but it was only a draw. But a draw given the position we’re currently in seemed like a victory.

Talk about of successful second half of the season now seems a long time ago. Hull next week should be a banker, given that we’ve beaten every team below us in the league so far and Hull are in 11th place. Anything but the win would have to be seen as unacceptable, surely?

But then we face Fylde, Rosslyn Park and Esher…

And I think that’s where I leave, for the time being at least.


I’m on holiday for a while. A bit of summer sun. The benefit of retirement and a chance to take your holidays when the children are still at school. And where am I going?

Irony of ironies…


An island in the Caribbean. The one where ‘Death In Paradise’ is filmed – you know, BBC series, the original series of which involved a British detective being sent to the Sainte-Marie, originally on a temporary basis, to do a job at the ramshackle police station before returning back to the real world. His reward obviously was to stay on a beautifully sun-drenched island, something that turned out to be his hell on earth.

Death in Paradise.

Coventry this season.

It all started off so well…a couple of wins in the first two games and it was beginning to a bit like paradise too…

…but how the dream has died since.

All my bags are packed
I’m ready to go
I’m standin’ here outside your door
I hate to wake you up to say goodbye
But the dawn is breakin’
It’s early morn
The taxi’s waitin’
He’s blowin’ his horn
Already I’m so lonesome
I could die

….I’m leavin’ on a jet plane
Don’t know when I’ll be back again

I’m Leaving On A Jet Plan – John Denver


On a final note, I ask readers to vote for their dream team.

…this how the poll was looking after the day’s voting. A few talking points there…but that’s for another day.

15 Gaston Mieres

14 Dom Lespierre

13 Callum MacBurnie

12 Rob Knox

11 Peter Weightman

10 Cliffie Hodgson

9 George Tresidder

1 Andy Brown

2 Devlin Hope

3 Adam Parkins

4 Tom Poole

5 Courtney Roberts

6 Tom Preece

7 George Oliver ©

8 Jacques le Roux


16 Joe Foreman

17 Matt Price

18 Sam Pailor

19 James Tincknell

20 Wayne Evans


By Tim

6 thought on “Death in Paradise”
  1. Hi, Paul…hope all is well. More highlights than lowlights is a damning indictment of the season though, isn’t it? You’d hope they’d be regrouping now, in terms of next season I mean. They must have looked at the mistakes they’ve made and be building on a strategy that eliminates many of the errors that have been made on and off the field in the last 4 or 5 months.

    See you soon…

  2. Brother Tim – all I can say may your Paradise be found, not lost like Cov’s this season.
    What started as a season of hope, fuelled by words of encouragement from, almost Hale and Pace like , The Management , is ending on a very low note. Are there still 11 games left? All, I can say is , I hope for more highlights than lowlights for the rest of the season. A few wins, doubtless a few losses as well, whatever , let’s get to the end of the season then re-group, hopefully, with more realism than as was shown pre-season.
    Have a good flight, see you next month.

  3. And there’s the worry for me, Mick. Whatever team Cov have sent out onto the pitch, there’s been an inability to produce an 80 minute performances. Some good 40 minute spells, a couple of 60, but then we just aren’t able to finish the job. And I’m not convinced that’s down to the squad and a lack of depth. Game plan, coaches, lack of fitness and time spent on the training ground…there must be other factors as well.
    Can’t see us losing next week…would be real shock if we did. I think the manner of the win is what will be of interest.

  4. You’re back! I was worried that we might not see you again. Delighted to hear from you again!

    Interesting that Plymouth only retained 4 players from last year, yet are now on a fantastic winning streak, one that we can only dream of at the moment. Says a lot about the coaches who have worked hard to integrate everyone and end up with such success. They’ll be a real force next season…
    Dan wasn’t included in the list of players for the poll as he hasn’t yet appeared this season, and the vote only included those that have, hence his absence.
    I’m a big Matt Jones fan, so I am disappointed but not surprised. However, I would have been more disappointed had Cliffie not got into the side…



  5. Tim I brought that comment up to Rob Moody at the game yesterday. Yes The one where all players are good enough for the starting XV. Yesterday errors and penalties again was a downfall. The conditions where the same for both sides. Plymouth themselves made many errors but they was able to capitalise on ours.

    Another false dawn. Thinking back over the seasons we have been told many things pre-season. I have to admit Rob did say that this was going to be our season. I myself said lets wait and see, but after the second game at Loughborough I was expecting and did not think that Cov would have much trouble. In my view we have not put a full game together like that since. But turn up for next week thinking our season must have an upturn soon rather than later

  6. Hi Tim
    It’s a horrible thing to accept but I’m afraid it’s the truth, isn’t it, that our season has simply imploded. That fact is eased only be the fact that RP, who were touted as being our promotion rivals at the start of the season, have also had a very bad season. It seems as if there is an agreement between them and us, that we both loose on the same day! And now we’re together in mid-table mediocrity.
    But your point about replacement players being the equal of those they replace is absolutely right, not least because a great thing was made of this by the management in the build up to the season. The reality, however, is that anything other than the “select” 15 is a scratch composition which, at best, can only be to make up the numbers. That’s poor. So comments about the number of injuries we’ve suffered may be true, but the results when we’ve been forced to play replacements have shown that the “reserves” simply aren’t up to it.
    Oh well, next season, huh?
    Do you find it interesting that Matt Jones doesn’t figure in your poll? Or Dan Rundle?
    Have a great trip to Guadeloupe.
    Cheers, Cliff.

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