Sun. Mar 7th, 2021

Given that this is the third week running that the club has appeared far more willing to share its news with supporters and the local community outside that of team news and post match reports, I think it’s fair to say that this now constitutes a real shift in its approach to the marketing of the playing side of the club. It’s not just an occasional one-off article, there’s now a regular flow of news and information coming out of the Butts.

And it’s very, very welcome. Thumbs up to the Butts…

Regular features appearing in the Coventry Telegraph about players currently making an impact on the pitch are particularly welcome. Recently these have included pieces on Devlin Hope, Joe Foreman and Courtney Roberts and all three have provided information previously unavailable to  those of us who have little or no direct contact with the club.

Each player had made a very positive impact on the pitch the game prior to the publishing of the article and so was subject to much interest amongst supporters.

Clever choice of subject. Clever timing. Clever marketing in the build up to the next game.

It seems that the club has listened to the concerns and supplications of individuals posters on the messageboard, as well as addressing their own development need, and is beginning to present a far more effective and consistent coverage of the club through the media, particularly the Coventry Telegraph.

Many on the messageboard and elsewhere have expressed their gratitude to John Wilkinson for all the work he has done to promote the club.

John Butler and Tom Little obviously do a lot as well through their detailed match previews and reviews, but the wider coverage seems to come via John.

I hope there’s a ‘Service to the Club’ award because if there is, John’s name should be on it for 2015/16.

And Cov are benefiting from the increasing use social media too. Each article that appears in the Coventry Telegraph seems to appear on Facebook and Twitter numerous times now, having been retweeted by supporters and players. This must impact positively on the coverage Coventry is receiving, and the more likes, shares and retweets, the more Coventry RFC is widening its potential fan base.

Whilst Jon Sharp must be a little concerned about the way things have gone this season on and off the pitch a times, I would hope he is pleased with what is happening with regard to the manner in which the club is developing it use of all forms of media to reach out to the  local and wider communities, something he did say he would look at the start of the season.

Well done Coventry RFC and well done Jon Sharp.

I’ve had my moans (!) but I’d like to think I’m able to acknowledge the positives too.


As many of the readers of the blog won’t be able to travel down to Plymouth for today’ s game, I thought I’d create a fantasy poll for those who might be glued to their phones, tablets or computer screens awaiting updates this afternoon. It will be something to do to while away the time in between Coventry scores…it might be interesting to see how different the team playing at Brickfields today is to the one readers might pick, were everyone available.

Those playing today are in the driving seat, they are the ones in possession of the shirts and they are the ones that have the opportunity to put their cases forward for selection next week and beyond. And they are the ones who could prevent some of the more experienced players returning once fit.

Good luck to everyone of them.

The team has been ravaged by injury and Scott has been unable to select from the full squad at any stage of the season. I’ve included in the poll all the players who have played so far this season in their usual position, with the exception of Scott Hamilton (full back and wing), Danny Wright (back row and second row) and Cliffie Hodgson (full back and fly half). If you select any of these players, please do so just the once – ie for only one of the two positions I’ve included them in.

I haven’t added Dan Rundle because he hasn’t played as yet, nor have I included players like Rikki Stout and Terry Sigley who have been and gone. Dual reg players who have played are included, those we haven’ seen aren’t. I might have missed the odd one, but in some of the sections there ‘s the opportunity to add a name.

In the back row, please chose 3 players, one of whom needs to be a no 8 and at half backs choose 2, one fly half and one scrum half and in the front row one hooker and two props.

You should only be able to vote once (I hope).

I’ll keep it live for a few days and you can come back to the post and see how it’s looking over time.

Full back – one choice

Wings – two choices

Centres – two choices

Half backs – two choices

Back row – three choices

Second row – two choices

Front row – three choices



By Tim

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