Sat. May 15th, 2021
I thought those readers who took part in the ‘Coventry RFC’s Most Valuable Player Poll – 2015’ would be interested in the following photo and message from Jacques.
Many thanks, Jacques and hope the injury today isn’t  serious.
Hi Tim,
Thank you very much for the trophy and all the support. It is kind gestures like these that makes us as players proud to be on that field and play for our supporters.
I am truly grateful and honoured and will continue to play the best I can for the club and supporters I love.
It is truly a privilege to be part of such a community.
Thank you
Best Regards

By Tim

5 thought on “Jacques Le Roux – MVP winner update”
  1. Given that I voted for him I’m bound to say that he is a deserved winner aren’t I? It’s true that he is prone to losing the ball in the tackle, but what makes him a crowd pleaser is the fact that he makes such searing runs and therefore almost inevitably takes the ball at pace, which in turn means that he can be relied upon to break the gainline and to make those oh so very important hard yards. And on the evidence of yesterday’s game, his defence is pretty rock solid too.
    Well done Jacques and congratulations.

  2. Fair point about the ball retention, at times he does tend to lose the ball in the tackle, but he is the best number 8 we’ve had for sometime and a real crowd pleaser. Not sure about the ‘unopposed’ runs….more often than not, Jacques bursts through the opposition having taken the ball of the shoulder one of our half backs or centres…leadership is sometimes missing, but that should also be coming from the scrum half as well, who happens to be captain. A deserved winner for me.

  3. Classy touch.

    However, I’m a little surprised he won the poll. Whilst his breaks appear dynamic, far too often he runs too upright, gets isolated and has very poor ball retention in my opinion. It is easy to be dazzled by unopposed 20 yard sprints when fielding opposition punts.

    I’d like to see far more leadership and decision making at the base of the scrum, which has been lacking this season.

  4. I’m very much the same, Warren, keeping my own company (with my son – whoops!) and not being a great one for the pre and post match craic, so I don’t know the players or staff either, but all have been supportive if I’ve contacted them for permission to use a photo or mention something I’ve come across elsewhere. I must say a big thanks to Lucie for sorting out the photo for me and, as you say, Jacques for being…well Jacques really. A true gentleman…

  5. I don’t know any of the players or staff at the club, and have never spoken to them either – but from what I’ve seen/heard, JLR does seem like a class act off the pitch as well as on.

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