Thu. Feb 25th, 2021

Day 11 of the ‘Coventry’s Most Valuable Player’ poll results and this time it’s the 2nd place that’s published.

And you voted for:


Rob Knox. Well done, Rob

I can still remember quite clearly a remark made by Scott Morgan at the Fans’ Forum back in August when making reference to Rob Knox. He was effusive in his praise of Rob whom he said has ‘got it at any level’. Pretty high praise indeed and perhaps a suggestion, too, that we were fortunate to keep hold of him at the end of last season?

Rob has made 49 starts for Coventry with a further 3 from the bench (a total of 3780 minutes spent on the pitch in total!). He’s scored 27 tries and 135 points in all and received one yellow card…shame on you, Rob! 16 tries last season made him joint top scorer.

Some players just exude class in everything they do and for me Rob is one of them. One-on-one and the smart money is always going to be on him to score. Even from far out, Rob has the pace and balance to beat defenders, as he did when he scored the second of his two tries against Henley Hawks earlier in the season; a 60 metre run in which he beat 5 defenders to score under the posts.

However, Rob’s first try in that game for me was the better…only 25-30 metres out but with less room to play with. It was memorable for me because he beat the Henley defender with the best hand-off I can recall seeing from a Coventry player, something of a ‘champagne moment’. Hand-offs aren’t used a great deal these days with big centres choosing to run through, rather than round, the opposition. Rob’s ability to do both makes him a special player.

Whilst he hasn’t had the best of seasons thus far, there have still been occasions when we’ve seen the Rob Knox of last year. The consequence of injury and a drop in confidence, in the team if not in Rob in himself, has been that Coventry tries have been a little harder to come by. A lack of width to their play has meant the backs have been denied the amount of good ball they feasted on last season, but Rob is still the club’s leading try scorer with 7 from 12 starts, a better average this year than in past seasons…a sure sign of his class.

We have been very lucky to watch Rob develop his rugby with us, but for how much longer remains to be seen.

Clearly given Scott’s comments at the start of the season, Rob Knox is a player who will be in demand come the end of the season and I imagine the club will have to work hard to persuade him that their vision of where the club is going coincides with his own ambitions.

Rob is a match winner, a player who can change the direction of a game in just a few seconds. He is highly regarded by Coventry supporters who recognise both his innate talent and his commitment on and off the pitch.

Rob very much deserves such a position in the MVP poll. Hopefully, he’ll celebrate with a try on Saturday…

Well done, Rob!


Tomorrow will see the winner of the MVP poll announced. A few thoughts on other matters to follow…












By Tim

2 thought on “On the 11th day of Christmas…”
  1. A very good player who is most probably on the way to bigger things. Yes I do remember that hand off Tim. When Rob gets into his stride he is one of the players that makes you look around to see who is following up. Dan Rundle was one who got onto his shoulder to collect a pass from him. A bit of play that has been missing by the team this season.

  2. I thought rob would have been In first place great talent one cov should hold onto. Well done rob.

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