The Rugby Paper: 27th December – Coventry redefine coaching roles to stop rot

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I subscribe to the weekly digital edition of ‘The Rugby Post’ but last weekend, as a result of the post-Christmas festivities, I failed to look through it as I would during the course of a typical Sunday.

I logged on this afternoon and was interested to find, hidden away on the inside back page, an article entitled:

Coventry redefine coaching roles to stop rot

Compare this to the Coventry Telegraph headline on the same story, published on the 22nd December:

Coventry RFC chairman reveals Butts Park Arena development plans as land deal draws closer

and you’re already probably much closer to the truth, having  read nothing of the article itself.

In The Rugby Paper, Neale Harvey quotes Jon Sharp as saying:

Scott and Phil shared responsibility for the rugby side but that wasn’t working

which is certainly news to me, as in May 2013 Scott was appointed Head coach whilst Phil Maynard would concentrate

on building the club’s business interests.

Coventry Telegraph – May 2013

‘That wasn’t working’ – is a euphemism if ever I heard one and might suggest internal rumblings that hadn’t previously been referred to publicly.

Also in Sunday’s ‘The Rugby Paper’, the Chairman is further quoted as saying:

We lost a couple of games and the morale and the spirit within the club went down

after a couple of games?

Blimey, what on earth must it be like now?

I’ve been pretty critical of the Coventry PR machine already this season, but this tops everything. Only a few days after Scott says publicly (as you’d want him to say)

I think we are very fortunate that a lot of the boys we would want to stay on still believe in us and want to put things right

The Chairman says ‘morale and spirit within the club went down’ – with no suggestion that it has improved and says that the ‘results have been pretty abysmal of late’.

Hell might have no fury like a woman scorned, but here on earth it’s chairmen that we need to worry about….

Whilst the two statements aren’t diametrically opposed, Jon Sharp and Scott Morgan aren’t exactly singing off the same hymn or (more appropriately) carol sheet.

Jon Sharp does offer some more encouraging words later, though:

over the second half of the season, we’ll try and do well, get some confidence going and then have another go at wining promotion next season

…confidence in whom?

the players, the coaches or the club itself…?

Public comments that have a pretty different subtext don’t come across well to supporters.

The Chairman reaffirms his desire to install an artificial pitch, and is honest enough to accept that doing so would be for financial gain, allowing the pitch to be used far more than for just 15 National 1 league games.

Sadly, there’s  no comment as to whether profits would be reinvested into the rugby side of Coventry RFC and Jon Sharp freely admits he’s on a  ‘personally held mission to develop the stadium and community side of the club, so we can operate year round, seven days a week’.

A shame that, because it only adds fuel to the burning embers being fanned by those who claim the development of the stadium is more about personal gain than it is about promotion to the Championship.

Anyway, I thought there would be many who read this blog who won’t have access to the article. It certainly adds a little more information about the managerial shuffle and as such is therefore worthy of comment.

Looking forward hugely to tomorrow’s game…





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