Switching off the television to concentrate on the game and the 6th day of Christmas…

There’s a fair bit of discussion taking place on the messageboard at the moment about Jon Sharp’s proposed development of the Butts.

One, or possibly two, posters seem to have successfully stirred up something of a hornets’ nest, with others questioning comments they’ve made which only serves to prolong the thread.

I have long since argued that posters should use their real names on the messageboard. If discussions get quite animated and are about really important matters such as the above, when someone new appears making very strong assertions under what is clearly an alias, then it always appears as if there is a hidden agenda.

It does nothing to develop the argument if you don’t know who it is who is causing it in the first place. Or so it seems to me. If you’re going to be contentious, be so openly and honestly.

Maybe it makes me less loyal towards, or passionate about, Coventry but I just can’t get enthused by the subject, even though there is so little else at the moment coming out of the club. Provided everything is legitimate and above board (and presumably the council are well aware of what the plans are) then it doesn’t worry me if someone comes along and makes some money out of developing the site, so long as they have they have the interests of the club at heart as well.

Good luck to Jon Sharp is all I can say. I wish I had the money and the business acumen to do what he is doing…

One of the many topics of discussion I’d have with my son, as we walked another circuit of the pitch pre-kick off on a match day, is how we would develop the ground were we to ever win the National Lottery, or better still, the Euro Lottery. We dreamed the dream.

John Sharp is trying to live it.

And I can only admire that.

Were there evidence that he, or anyone else, was prepared to make Coventry a sacrificial lamb in order to better his own coffers, well that would be entirely different. However, everything the Chairman has said and done publicly leads me to believe that he wants Coventry RFC to thrive and will put a percentage of the profits he makes back into the club.

There are many checks and balances in place to ensure that the club’s interests are put to the fore, not the least of which is the Board of Directors. I can’t believe that the likes of Peter Rossborough, someone who himself played almost 400 times for the club, would oversee anything that might harm the club, either directly or indirectly.

It’s all become personal and almost vindictive  for my liking.

It’s a question of trust, for me. And at the moment Jon Sharp has done nothing to cause me not to trust him.

Sorry about the double negative there, but I’m sure you know what I mean.

It’s now a case of switching off the television to watch the game…


Day 6 of the ‘Coventry’s Most Valuable Player’ poll results and this time it’s the 7th place that’s published.

And you voted for:



Matt Price. Well done, Matt.

Matt joined Coventry RFC in 2008 and has played an impressive 138 games for the club.


133 of those have been in National 1 games, making him comfortably Coventry’s most capped player since joining the league, some 46 ahead of the next highest still playing, Tom Poole, and 29 ahead of Brett Daynes who is now at Cambridge. I’ve known few players as loyal to Coventry as Matt Price.

During this time he’s scored 17 tries, including 6 this season and he seems to be getting better with age. A fine wine, indeed. Matt is passionate about his rugby and passionate about Coventry and exemplifies the ‘Coventry dog’ that is so often talked about amongst supporters of a certain age.

He seems to thrive on the physicality of the scrums and seems to enjoy getting into the faces of the opposition. However, with only 7 yellow cards has been able to temper his aggressive style of play , a sure sign of his maturity and intelligent approach to his game.

This season he has been pushed hard by Devlin Hope and the friendly rivalry between the two players can only be good for the club.

I have made several references to the community work that Matt does off the pitch and there are many, many youngsters across the city who will have been enthused as a result of the many holiday camps and visits to school that he has helped coordinate in his role as Head of Community Rugby, something that tends to be overlooked when talking about Matt.

But not on this occasion. Well done, Matt.


Tomorrow will see 6th place in the MVP poll announced.




Any thoughts:

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