London Welsh and on the 3rd day of Christmas, you voted for…?

Well it’s back to some sort of normality now, until the New Year celebrations of course.

I trust that everyone had another lovely day yesterday and that, for those of you back at work tomorrow, Sunday proves a day of rest and recovery…

Having lived something of an Epicurean lifestyle these past few days, I think a long walk might well be on the cards for me today.


Over three weeks ago now, I mentioned in a post that Scott Morgan had made reference to a proposed move by London Welsh to switch from the English Championship across to the Guinness Pro-League 12 Celtic Competition which includes teams from Wales, Scotland, Ireland and Italy, and that London  Scottish had also expressed interested in doing the same.

It was significant at the time because Coventry were still, just, in touch with the leading two or three teams and:

a move of this nature could mean that two places become available in the Championship, rather than just the one, with an extra promotion place correspondingly available in National 1. With that in mind, Scott is absolutely right in stressing the need for Coventry to ‘be in the hunt’ just in case the this were to happen, unlikely as it is.

No change is all change (2/12/15)

It would appear that Scott Morgan was spot on with his reading of the situation.

The Rugby Paper’s front page story last weekend was entitled, ‘Welsh in RFU talks over switch to Pro 12’.

It would appear that further talks have indeed been held  between the London Welsh and the RFU since that post and that Welsh would be welcomed into the Pro 12 ‘with open arms’, with the article also suggesting that London Scottish could also make the move.

The Chairman of London Welsh appears hopeful of a successful resolution, although it is suggested that there are members of the RFU’s governing body who are not in favour of such a move.

It seems that London Welsh are hoping to make the switch by the start of the 2016/17 season, with the London-based side moving to perhaps Brentford or Fulham football clubs.

No reference in The Rugby Post was made as to just how this would affect National 1 , but with the Championship losing 1, or maybe even 2, teams next September, it could well be that an 1/2 additional promotion places become available.

Such a situation would make what is already likely to be a disappointing season for Coventry, a pretty disastrous one. Given one can sense Scott’s frustration in the original article, you can only guess how he must feel now considering we are unlikely to finish even in the top three.

Another team who must be hoping it goes ahead is Moseley who, after yesterday’s home defeat to Bedford (24-31), now find themselves at the bottom of the Championship. It’s very tight down there with only 6 points separating 7 teams, but should the worst happen, then maybe Welsh’s move could be the lifeline that keeps them in the Championship next season.

I wouldn’t wish relegation on anyone, but…well, Moseley at the Butts next season…????

Ealing Trailfinders are tied on the same number of points but have a better points difference and given their two previous relegations and subsequent promotions from National 1 just 12 months later, they are probably a team we wouldn’t want to see back in our league come next September.

Welsh, Scottish, the Pirates and Rotherham are the other teams who appear to be in most danger at the moment.


Day 3 of the ‘Coventry’s Most Valuable Player’ poll results and this time it’s the 10th place that’s published. And you voted for:



Tom Poole.

Congratulations to Tom.

Tom is another player whom I thought might have ended up a little higher in the final reckoning.

One of the workhorses of the side, a near ever-present having played 14 out of the 15 games this season and never substituted, Tom has had a massive impact on the pitch, and not just in the set pieces.

He’s a player who always gives all and seldom attracts any criticism from Coventry supporters, which is no mean feat in itself!

Well done, Tom.

Tomorrow will see 10th place in the MVP poll announced.




Any thoughts:

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